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We at No Conclusion know ALL about High Places. Unfortunately, we can’t share that knowledge with you. The footage of our detailed interview is now forever lost thanks to a really crappy recording. We kept them hostage in the backstage for an hour for nothing, and yet Mary and Rob were kind enough to put together a little something for our guest mix series. And boy are we glad they did!
ICP’s ‘Can’t Feel My Knees’ makes for a perfect intro, followed by a little bit of everything. The mix is a compact blend of experimental and electronic music, some obscurities plus an occasional dance gem, spiced with a slight touch of the eighties and a few discoveries (How did I miss out on that Invisible Conga People 12“? Also, those folks from Chile are pretty chill). Just the way we like it! Mixed Places:

NC GUEST MIX#41: High Places

01. Invisible Conga PeopleCan’t Feel My Knees
02. Hype WilliamsWarlord
03. K AlexiShelby
04. Silver ApplesOcscillations
05. MKRNIhumedad
06. Skinny PuppyTomorrow
07. KamasutraRunning
08. Johnny Dynell & New York 88 – Jam Hot
09. Black DiceCone Toaster
10. SemyaEarthworm
11. MartynMiniluv
12. New Order5 8 6
13. BlawanBohla
14. ShannonGive Me Tonight
15. Augustus Pablo - Blacka Black Dub
16. Lucky Dragonsno reason

The band’s new album Original Colors is out now on Thrill Jockey. We’ve already posted both new videos. Because we like High Places. Can’t help it.
High online Places.
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