• Patapon

    Feb 29 2008, 22:34

    Is a psp game from the makers of the dizzying dreamy pop journey game LocoRoco, except this one is wickedly sick tribal beats, and involves more half cutesy evil creatures that bounce and dance aroudn to fight to crazy tribal beats, in a control setup similar to ddr/guitar hero type controls based around pressing buttons to beats and shit.
    can't wait to get my hands on it.
  • Song of the Day

    Feb 23 2008, 1:02

    I have to admit, I stole this idea from a user with a more inspiring story of how he would write a song name on the outside of his college dorm room door. The song of the day conveys how one feels on that day, or somethin one has stuck in his head that day, or, whatever.
    Anyway, stop by
    my small website, I update everyday, the sogs are free to keep, and with your expressed (hopefully) interest, I can keep this going with the enthusiasm I had when it was started about a week or two ago, thanks.
  • Not in the charts... your history before scrobbling,

    Gen 25 2008, 1:42

    It's interesting to look from the point you discovered music, till today. It's nostalgic, it's funny, etc.
    I tried writing about the times before i got into, but it was too much to write, and like a novel useless to everyone, and even me, because I wouldn't want to read my own ranting later on, I just needed a reference. Feel free to copy the idea.. post your own.
  • Recommended Articles ( relating to music & its industry)

    Gen 24 2008, 23:55

    Wired - The Long Tail article about the market shifting from sales of hits, to sales of obscure music, video, books, due to the internet and digital age.

    When Pigs Fly article about the death of the industry, due to its ignoring and unprofessional handling of file-sharing.

    these may require some slight musical knowledge:

    Wired Science Episode - Audiophiles A simple introduction to some ideas behind Digital Vs. Analog, and a very un-scientific experiment, still interesting.

    Evolutionary Musicology - Wiki Wikipedia article suggesting origins of music & language. A book I have actually argues that music precedes language, as a mating tool used to attract mates. Obviously, can't link you, sorry.

    Tubes Vs. analog vs. digital study a scientifically-tinged journal proving that although digital music can mimmic analog very well, psychoacoustics may prove that analog is truly preferrable. (Digital mimicking of Analog is measured by computers different than it is perceived by the imperfect human ear)

    --recommended wikis: Digital Age, Y-Generation, various histories of genres, Indie Music Scenes, filesharing, musicology, and various geopolitics to better understand how & why some genres are what they are.