Best Soundtracks of all Time??


Gen 14 2007, 7:10

I was recalling a Top 5 conversation recently with a group of friends talking about the best soundtracks of all time. Me, being a list person, put it to a top five situation. I don't recall what they said, because I am a music snob and they were all probably "wrong." However, knowing that I am in good company of music snobbery, I will put down what are in my personal top 5, in no particular order, and welcome your top 5's, critiques of mine, and so on...

1. The Harder They Come...what can you say about Jimmy Cliff. The guy is a Jamaican angel. His voice trumps Bob Marley's.

2. Pulp Fiction...I'm sorry, but this collection of hodge podge gels so well. Chocked with some great surf rock, coupled with other classics, and some killer dialogue.

3. Garden State...easily the best soundtrack of the last 2 to 3 years, and has set the standard for many would be indie movies as far as track selection. Say what you want about Zach Braff, but he's got a great ear.

4. Almost Famous...for those of you not into 70's rock, here is a great starting point. Forget about the Dazed and Confused shit, we've heard it all before. This has a few Giants from the time, but a lot of hard to find, and deep cuts that remind us that there are still great gems to find from the much-dissed "Have A Nice Decade" decade.

5. The Big Chill...Seriously, NOT! I almost got you you gullable fuck!


5. Rushmore OR Life Aquatic OR The Royal Tenanbaums...Really, Mark Mothersbaugh does a tremendous job with this trilogy, I couldn't pick one. The Harder They Come


  • firstladymb

    I have been highly addicted to top five lists since Nick Hornby wrote that book! I would love to argue my top five, but it would probably take me all night to narrow it down and select the winners. I really just wanted to say that I LOVE top five lists and I LOVE your photoshopping (it took me a minute to see you in that picture). I do know that I would absolutely include the Clueless soundtrack; Counting Crow Ghost in You, Radiohead Fake Plastic changed my life...

    Gen 14 2007, 7:27
  • DeaconBlues311

    How can you skip a great side one track one. You're Gonna Miss Me make a very solid beginning to the High Fidelity album. It's hard to argue your #1 when I haven't even listened to it, the rest of your list is quite solid though.

    Gen 15 2007, 0:32
  • Pi_Puppids

    I'd include Blow-Up and A Hard Day's Night...

    Apr 1 2008, 23:22
  • Hanthcan

    Two outsiders for your list (and mine ;>): Heavy Metal (1981) Jacob's Ladder (1990) "The Harder They Come"? Never seen nor heard. Rush to search for it! Bye

    Mag 31 2008, 11:06
  • mutinyonark

    curtis mayfield's "superfly" ost ..hands down

    Mag 1 2012, 14:42
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