• Herbie Hancock jams with his Fairlight CMI

    Nov 26 2008, 10:48

  • Future Boogie

    Ago 21 2008, 8:09

    Fri 15 Aug – Futureboogie

    Bristol based promoter/agency/collective has made it to London for a night of disco rumbling, and you know that when it come to those big punchy basssline there is really nowhere like the Cargo.

    First in a double heavy weight line up were Crazy P , another moniker to multi-toned, Nottingham based Crazy Penis. Their line up was a mix of pa and DJ with the highlight of the show was an amazing acid disco meltdown with Danielle Moore working out the mic, jumping on the decks and keeping the vibe up.The Penis seemed to have evolved their sound (again) and with new releases on 20/20 and high profile compilations appearances, things are going the right way for them.

    The 2nd part of the headline was Thomas Bullock of the notorious NYC DJ duo rub n tug, aka ‘Map of Africa’(great band, take note). Thomas was invited for a dj set and with such a reputation I was really looking forward to hearing him play.

    He started off amazing with some rare Caribbean disco and funk , some proper original dance floor stuff, the kid of obscurity he is known for but half an hour into his set he was determined to get the floor full and went too strong, too hard..

    all in all , a very good night, but perhaps a smaller venue with a similar sound system could prove a smarter pick for the more obscure headliners.
  • SCI FI LO FI - Compiled by Damian Lazarus

    Ago 6 2008, 7:36

    (Clash review)
    SCI FI LO FI - Compiled by Damian Lazarus - soma - DARLING PR

    Damian has been a long running underground DJ and involved in record labels, first co running City Rockers and then in conducting Crosstown rebels. As one of the leading characters in the London scene, his sound is constantly evolving.That said, in the last few years he has really taken on the minimal sound, in its purest manner, some might say.
    I had little expectations that i would click with his latest mix for Soma, having drifted away from clicks and clacks but i am glad to say that i was proved wrong.
    Damian really stepped out his comfort zone for this one,mixing soft rock, old skool house and minimal in a seamless yet engaging way.
    Love his or hate him he is truly one of the forward thinking minds in the london underground scene.

    Best 3 tracks:

    Q - The Voice of Q
    Kassem Mosse - Untitled
    Solomun and Stimming - Ghostdog

    Like This ? Dig Deeper...

    In The Mix - Green and Blue - Cocoon - 2005
  • Love Box Review(For Clash)

    Lug 27 2008, 14:26

    [event=]Love box Weekender[/event] review/Nitzan Hermon/www.nitzan.co.uk

    Love box, oh dear old love box.

    After the great time I had last year, when cosmos, beer and disco all aligned in the Greg Wilson set in the Rizzla stage, I was really curios to one would turn out to be.

    The weatherman was apprehensive and the possibility was a wet day was over our head but nonetheless we decided to keep the spirits high and headed out east.

    As we were heading down to the park the excitement was building up, excitement that had to be paused for some long queues, queues that extended into the festival.
    It seems that the organizers over did them selves and the park was absolutely packed.

    Good for them, not so good for anyone else.
    Just to make my point, getting a drink in the bar would take anything between 40 min to eternity.
    Staring at the bar I decided that a change of plan is in order.

    A quick look in the program informed me that Wilson was playing the NYC Downlow stage.

    Map n front of me and I’m trying to locate myself, noticing that my target is just behind the big vert ramp(an awesome feature in my opinion)...getting closer i could see drag-queens standing on the balcony, observing the crowd and working out the people with the use of megaphone and a bunch sticked on mustaches (we’ll get to them later). that odd, i thought to myself, nonetheless that was my best chance of having fun this side of the afternoon I told myself.

    As we were waiting to go in, every time someone would open the door to go in or out, big funky basslines sneak out and then disappear.

    In we are and sound is sweet! It was so loud you could not not dance.

    The crowd was friendly, the bar was good and the DJs rocked it, this was promising to be the best place to be in love box 08.

    We had some other shows we planned to watch but ended up staying there for most of the day.

    sun down, sun up, a little hangover later and back on the train east.

    A quick look in the program and noticed that one of my favorite drum n bass was playing the main stage.

    The sun was shinning and Roni came on.
    His crew was consisted of an mc, a female singer, a laptop, synth and an amazing drummer.

    This was a show I was waiting for in particular as I, for one, feel completely alienated by the new style of drum n bass, a style that even once soulful producers have now seem to be engaging in.

    Not this one though.Roni always seems to be giving music its own edge, melting hip hop, urban and fresh sounds into a superb show .

    As the day past by the overall vibe on the Sunday was much more of a...err... a Sunday.
    Relaxed, not as many crowded and more wind down.
    and what better place to that than in the Clash stage with uber dubsters Trojan Sound System. They attracted loads of people and the tent was packed. The subs were going wild and the vibes were high, very high. A perfect ending to the a great weekender.
  • Prins Thomas Presnets greatest tits

    Giu 29 2008, 11:19

    (taken from a review i did for clash)

    Everyone’s favorite Nordic DJ, Thomas Moen Hermansen aka Prins Thomas, is back with a rudely named double cd, encompassing the very best of solar groove and disko melodika.

    There seem to be a strong yet overlooked, connection between and when it comes to that obscure cosmic disco sound and Thomas has capsulated that nicely, really melting down that sound, with a variety of angles.
    Sandoz, by Blackbelt Andersen, the opening of the second cd, is a high point as well as Thomas’s edit to Takras by Jarle Bråthen.
    Although the DJ mix is pushing the club take just a bit too far the 2nd , unmixed cd, makes up for it with its loads of gems and a truly original compilation of fresh sounds.
  • Disco Italia

    Giu 29 2008, 11:17

    VA - Disco Italia
    Strut Records

    (taken from a review i did for clash)

    Cool has slowed down to 110 BPM. Forget about those grabby Parisians, big resonating bass, that is for the kids, the new disco sound is on the rise, for a house movement promised too many times that minimal has finished.
    k7's recently introduced, Strut records, is serving a new compilation, ‘Disco Italia’ - a celebration of everything .
    Back in the 80’s italo was the underground, it was practically unknown to the mainstream crowd, and in those non internet times, obscurity was the name of the game. As time passed record collections are the only place to find gems from that time.
    Morgan Geist, an disco enthusiast and half of Metro Area, once said , that out of all of the italo disco out there , 90% was shit, but that the remaining 10 make up for the rest.
    got 12%.
  • Air - Moon Safari

    Apr 29 2008, 10:01

    I was pleasantly surprised to find a classic in my promo list.

    Air - Moon Safari.

    such a superb album, so much fun to fall in love with it again, and realize that good albums are so hard to find.
  • Kuniyuki Takahashi - All These Things

    Apr 29 2008, 7:18

    here is a little review i wrote for clash - this is really a superb album


    All These Things is a magical journey through the deeper regions of house music, ambience and the fine line between those.

    Kuniyuki Takahashi is a producer and sound engineer Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan and has produced music since 1994, partly under the Koss , Frr Hive and Forth monikers.

    This album is a unique one, partly due to the great merging of genres, deep house,electronica and Jazz, but also because of the fact that unlike other deep house productions where lot of the sounds and melodies come from the progressive (house)angle, Kuniyuki’s productions originate from jazz and africanos and the combination is both beautiful and addictive...Think Joe Claussell, Moddymann and Carl Craig after-hours;
    Its great coming across an album that balances deep house,downtempo and African rhythm without the house album cliche.
  • Lee Holman Interview

    Feb 22 2008, 22:28

  • Krush at Koko London

    Gen 20 2008, 20:26

    Sat 19 Jan – DJ Krush, The Herbaliser, DJ Vadim, The Shadow Orchestra, Memory9

    A night of high expectations, Krush , the all might Japanese beat assassin, along side the Russian Maverick, Vadim and UK innovators, Herbaliser.

    The night proved to be a great success from the firs minute, the sound was phat, the MC was rhyming and the groove was building.

    Shadow orchestra were an amazing opening, humble, not fussy but utterly promising, far more then a group of harp, cello and a powerbook night sound. Definitely ones to look out for.

    Next on was Memory 9, quite an enlightening experience in any standard, he is fresh and raw as ###k!.

    Krush was well accepted and left a strong impression from his last visit.

    It seems his fan base were not about to be dissapointed.

    Unfortunately around the same time that Krush went on the hype of this event was well notices, 360 degrees , with no rooms to move let alone dance.

    spot on night from the sound crash crew, looking forward for things to come.