• Fixed

    Mar 28 2012, 18:41

    Okay, so the last few scrobbles I got up here were on 15 Dec 2011.
    I am way too addicted to music to just stop listening to it. There were some HDD corruption issues and the inability to scrobble directly from my ipod (afaik). Anyway I didn't care enough to fix it until now. Since I could still listen to music. But now I've fixed everything so yay!
  • double journal entry

    Mar 7 2007, 20:05

    Title: double journal extraordinare
    Date: March 7th, 2007
    Mood: wanna dance, excited, rave, bored
    Tags: rave, work, responsability, mall

    The reason I'm posting two today is because I never got around to posting the older one yesterday so I'm gonna post it backdated. I always wanted to try that.

    Title: r4v3r
    Date: March 6th, 2007
    Mood: craving glowsticks and your warm embrace
    Tags: rave, clubbing, writing, music, backdated

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    "# unzip ; strip ; touch ; finger ; mount ; fsck ; more ; yes ; umount ; sleep"
    -author unknown

  • my first last.fm journal

    Feb 28 2007, 19:55

    Title: feeling somewhat better
    Date: February 28th, 2007
    Mood: happy to be alive, affectionate.
    Tags: laplace, being ignored, pain, school, myspace, art


    Because this is about music and thus it belongs on last.fm

    "11:26PM. January 22, 2007

    I went to see the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra tonight. I guess I wasn't sure exactly what to expect as they were to be playing video game music.
    Nothing could have prepared me for the site that greeted me once I stepped through the doors into the building.
    In jarring contrast to outside, it was absolutely packed with people. Some bright colors caught my eyes and I turned and saw a girl cosplaying as KOS-MOS. Her costume was great and she looked really hot. Another girl was cosplaying as Eva from MGS3, she was so hot. One girl had a fullbody Red XIII costume. This was my favorite costume of all of them. I wanted to hug her, she looked so cuddly. There were vendors and displays set up. I watched some noobs play guitar hero II.
    Anyway, it was time for the performance to start so I took my seat.
    The orchestra filled the stage, and a large screen was set up for video playback. They started with Pong and Space Invaders. The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra did a superb job the entire night, backed by Kokopelli & Oran Chamber Choir. Lee Ann Leung did two piano solos. I've never seen anyone move their hands that fast before.
    I apologize for my poor description, but... this is something that has to be experienced, I just can't do justice to it with words. To me, the most memorable parts of the night were when they played the music from Metal Gear Solid. That particular song always makes my heart swell with pride. (they also had a guy in a box on the stage which was totally awesome and a guard with a exclamation mark). The Myst and Sonic the Hedgehog music really brought back memories. Liberi Fatali and One Winged Angel and the Halo songs were absolutely perfect.
    There is simply no substitute for seeing something like this live. The power and emotion of it is simply astounding. It is one thing to listen to music on speakers while playing a game, but this was so much more. And the lightshow was fantastic too.
    It was a magical and wonderful night and I'd like to thank all involved for the awesome show.
    http://www.videogameslive.com/video/vglpromo2.wmv (about half way through you get to see some of the performance)

    There is so much more I could say, but I should get some rest because I have class in the morning."

    That was from a while ago, but I strongly recommend going to see it.