Nick D. Clements, 28, Maschio, Stati Uniti
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“Who are you, do you know, I don’t think you do. Perhaps you forgotten, perhaps you never knew.” -me

To know who you are that’s a wonderful thing. To understand yourself that’s something truly special. Most of my life I avoided defining myself as much as possible. I was never willing to check the little box, to set in stone what I liked or didn’t like, what I thought about, dreamed about. I never wanted to choose, to be categorized. How could a piece of paper tell me who I am or what I should be, it doesn’t know me, it doesn’t know anything. And while I hope to never loose that mentality, I have accepted that there are things that I don’t like, and that there are things that I can’t get enough of… even if I’m not always clear on what those thing are a part of me always know for sure.

I am conflicted, and contradicted. I am simple complexity. I am different just like everyone else. I like oxymorons, but not jumbo shrimp.

I can’t worry about the world, about the less fortunate, about the sick and abused - but I do. Every time I get upset, I know I truly have know right, as there is someone much worse off this night. And I get up set for being upset – a mind trap, so I can’t worry about the world, but I do.

I give thanks for what I have, I acknowledge my fortunate, my life rich in love, health and safety. But I know who I am and I am far from perfect and I will take it for granite. I will do what I can to help my fellow man, in fact I fell guilty when I don’t. I should have held the door for you, I believe in chivalry through and though.

I have been waiting, afraid, of what to do if you came, would I see you, know you remember your name. I think about you, I worry if you’re all right, if I’m lucky I’ll see you in my dreams tonight.

Who are you? You are beautiful, you are kind, you are strong, and you are smart – so you understand that inanimate objects have no intelligence, their just moving parts. You don’t smoke, you don’t drink, and have strong beliefs, in yourself at least. You like film and movies, you can act, you can sing, you like red roses, and perhaps a small diamond ring. You laugh at every stupid little joke I ever make, I say that, like that because it’s a quote. You make me a better person, you make me happy, you make me care, and without you I feel lost, invisible as thin air.

Who am I? I am everything I want you to be, but you have to be you and I have to be me.

I can love you without knowing you because you are all I have ever had. But to have lived all these years without you I can’t help but be sad. I’m sure this seems silly, but it’s who I am, it’s not what I meant to do, it’s not what I planed. But it’s what I did, so some part of it must be right, for that’s how I have always lived my life. So consider my boxes checked, conceder myself defined, but know that I could never truly express the who that I am in my mind.

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