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Ott 11 2011, 20:21

Mon 10 Oct – Kids In Glass Houses, Save Your Breath, Francesqa, Blitz Kids

As i was not a massive fan of KiGH (I liked some songs, namely 'Gimme What I Want') I didn't really know what to expect from this gig.
Managed to catch the last few songs of the last support act, Francesqa, who i'd seen before. Unfortunately they had already played, or didn't play at all, the one song of theirs that i knew, 'Ghosts'.
KiGH came on and the lead singer to me looked like he could have been the identical twin of the guy from You Me At Six... Or at least they both shop at Topman and have the same hairdresser...
The stage was pretty cool, with the logo in glowing UV-pain on the backdrop. They dropped the lights and the used the UV-lights to illuminates the band, which was pretty cool.
The songs were OK. A lot of pop-y tunes in there with WOOOAHH's and OOOOOHH's in the choruses, which my friend Gary tells me are all the songs from the newest album, 'In Gold Blood'.
Incidentally, i actually really liked the song 'Gold Blood', which was completely different from the rest of their songs. A lot more rock-y.
The songs which definitely blew me away the most were 'Youngblood' and 'Saturday', which was played second-to-last. It was brilliant and i found myself singing along by the end of the track despite never having heard it before.

The only major slip-up that they made with the setlist is NOT putting 'Saturday' last. Everyone in the crowd assumed this would be the last song, and showed this by starting to leave the venue as the last chords of the song rang out. The band then began to play a sort of 2-minute screamo gig-outro, which was completely uncharacteristic and really didn't fit in with the rest of the gig! If they wanted to put this little experiment in the setlist, it should have been moved to somewhere other than the last song, in my opinion...

Despite this, it was a lot of fun!

The singer seemed genuinely thankful for the reaction he received, rather than the standard 'Thanks, Manchester, you've been great!' and i left the venue (after the ACTUAL last song...) thinking 'That was pretty good!'

I've definitely listened to the album 'Dirt' a lot more recently. The gig made me realise how good the songs actually were!

I'd probably go and see this band again.



  • cerys_lane

    'Saturday' was brilliant, and the set as a whole was a lot better than their set at Sonisphere

    Ott 17 2011, 19:36
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