• Happy New Year

    Gen 16 2013, 17:03

    Happy new year to all who swing by!
    Whether you are near or yonderandfar now I hope you are treated, tempted, tickled or even trembled by my
    towering 13.
    I wish everyone a spectacular and tuneful 2013 (2012 was a bit pants for me but there you go..). Enjoy listening & feel free to shout out N ;)

    P.s What would you ask a campfire anyway??

    1. Hodgeston's Hallelujah (Gorky's Zygotic Myncini)
    2. Literature is Fluff (The High Llamas)
    3. A Candle's Fire (Beirut)
    4. Wonder (Soap&Skin)
    5. Palms (Jana Hunter)
    6. In an Aeroplane Over The Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel)
    7. I Have Been Floated (The Olivia Tremor Control Band)
    8. Moon River (The Honey Trees)
    9. 3D Spherical Dice (Logan Whitehurst)
    10. Sleeping At last (Turning Page)
    11. Anthem (Deep Purple)
    12. Where The Universes Are (The Clientele)
    13. The Bird in The Thyme (Little Ruins)

    Encore: The Red Telephone (Love)