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Set 28 2008, 15:59

First time I heard The Cosmos Rocks I was like 'It's good, but not good enough that I honestly would have bought it if it wasn't Q+PR', but then I got hooked! I’m writing this as I’m listening through once again, and reflecting my current feelings.

Cosmos Rockin’
A very interesting beginning, sort of like whale song. Not sure if I like it or not.
Then a bit of speech which reminds me of One Vision. I find this enticing as ‘One Vision’ is one of my favourite songs.
The lyrics are quite basic (unusually I’ve already learnt them all without really trying), but that’s OK for this sort of song.
Bit of a tacky ending in my opinion- starts well which Brian’s guitar crescendo, but then stops too abruptly for my liking (sort of how I would end a song if I didn’t know how to)
It rather shocked me the first play through, but now I’m used to it I quite like it. It seems to make a great live song from what I’ve seen on YouTube. It certainly gets me rockin’!

Time To Shine
This song seems to show off Paul’s voice well.
In my opinion an opportunity is missed for a great guitar solo in the middle (however would probably have made track too long, lol)
Can’t say it particularly stands out for me.

Still Burnin’
The beginning reminds me of something, not sure what though.
I like the guitar during verses, but my mind can’t cope with it and the lyrics at the same time for some reason.
I like the chorus and the contrast created with the verses.
Finally, some sort of guitar solo! Not sure it’s in league with Brian’s previous ones mind you.
Overall I think it’s OK.

I usually like ballads, but after the previous songs this seems awfully slow at first.
Quite like the guitar solo in this one, somehow it manages to be relaxing and yet different. Unfortunately by the point we get to it I’m already so relaxed that I’m in danger of falling asleep.
I like the sentiments in this song, but otherwise it’s a little bland.

One of my favourite songs on the album.
I love the drums in this one!
Brian’s guitar playing compliments the song really well, although the brief solo bit is still too basic for my liking.
Great at creating a feeling of fighting and war in general with its sound effects and increasing intensity.
Unfortunately the ending seems to let this song down again.

We Believe
Very thought provoking (mainly trying to work out who in the group believes what, lol).
Has a distinct feeling of improvisation to me. Sort of “I’ll sing and you just sort of build it up as we go”.
Don’t like the slow first bit, but slowly grows on me as goes on (for a while at least). Can’t say I get as far as loving it though. In fact I even found myself wandering off to explore QOL whilst writing about this song. Maybe it’s ‘cos I feel like I’ve heard it all by the time I get to about 4.30!

Call Me
OK, so this is actually my favourite song, lol. I can’t help but sway when I listen to this one (makes it very hard to type). Completely different to anything else I would ever listen to, can’t help but love it though. Singing along by the end.
I love the way the ending just seems so natural. To me it reflects the fun that the guys probably had making this album and I start smiling at the thought.

Sort of forgot this one was here until another listen through. I’m afraid this is a skipper for me.

Some Things That Glitter
The opening line hooks me- despite Paul asking me not to wonder why I can’t help but start thinking about what that could mean, forcing me to listen to the rest of the song.
Basic, but I like its hopeful nature. It feels sort of like its asking me to dare to be more positive.

When I first heard this on Al Murray I can’t say that I was very impressed. This rather shocked me at the time as I thought I would love anything Brian and Roger were involved in. I prefer the album version, but I don’t exactly love it. Guitar keeps me going on this one. Like it, but can only stand so many plays at a time.

Through The Night
Still trying to make my mind up on this one. When it’s on I will listen and enjoy, but I don’t really remember it between listenings.

Say It’s Not True
Well placed in the album. It calms my mind between louder songs.
I always get quite emotional when I hear this song as I remember back to hearing it live. I also love the fact that we finally get to hear Brian and Roger sing- I would personally have liked a few more songs featuring their vocals more.
Will always be a beautiful song in my mind.

Surf’s Up... School’s Out
Another intriguing beginning. What is the news reporter saying?
I love the loud instrumental/ screaming bits, but I can’t say I like when the singing is actually going on. This song seems rather like a battlefield between the different members’ natural music styles to me.
One small redeeming point for me is the section starting “In the towns and the country”. I could imagine bit being a beautiful ballad expanded on its own.
Not to my liking I’m afraid.

small reprise
I have loved some reprise things on other albums, but this one is so small that I’m not quite sure I see the point in it.

Overall, despite some not very brilliant tracks, I feel that this is a decent album. It’s got some good classic rock qualities to it, even if it’s not as appealing to me as some other work by its musicians. There are certain songs which I love and some which I would skip, but I certainly have no problem adding it to my collection.
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  • KalinaZ

    Yeah, decent is probably the right word for the album. I must admit I expected it to be worse :) As for this part of your review regarding We Believe: "Very thought provoking (mainly trying to work out who in the group believes what, lol)" - no need to, it's all just Brian! :))

    Nov 7 2008, 12:01
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