A good song's not only about the words


Set 27 2006, 2:30

I consider myself an addict, when it comes to music. I listen to it 24/7 if I can, but just a few songs have just stuck to my brain. What makes a hit for me? A good song must tell me something. It can be a pace that makes it impossible for me to stand still. When I have to concentrate hard because my body just craves for some movement, specially in public. Or it's a guitar riff that becomes a part of me. It's when I'm feeling low and those 15 seconds make me smile for no reason at all. To me that's the best thing.

Death on the Stairs - 2min 30 secs into the song
Last Post on the Bugle
Different Taste
You Probably Couldn't See The Lights- 1min 40 secsinto the song
My Little Brother]- 1 min 47 secs into the song
Good Weekend- 1 min 28 secs into the song
Faz Parte Do Meu Show
On And On- 2 min 51 secs - this band can be found at myspace
Hé-hé - the first 6 secs
Jason's Basement - the first eight secs
Blank Generation- the whole song

So far that's all!!


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