• oceans and islands (FINALLY)

    Nov 2 2007, 21:29

    alright bodie, before i get a smart-a comment from you- i'm just as busy as you are. so i don't expect a review of my cd any time soon (though that would be pretttty sweet). overall i liked this cd- it was wild. hope you're loving california, but i also hope that i get to see you over thanksgiving break. (for )

    01. My Old Ways When I first heard the piano on this song, I was kind of unsure. But the vocals and lyrics tied it all together. I want to hear more of this! Even the electric guitar brought in towards the end doesn't bother me. All in all, this is a sweet track. 4.5/5

    02. The Engine Driver I'm a fan of the Decemberists. I know, you've finally won me over, Bodie. I'm really excited to hear more of them. My current favorite is 'The Infanta', just for its Old World feel. I've grown to love the quirky voice of the Decemberists' lead singer, and I now know that it really does mesh well with their style of music. They also write really amazing lyrics. Love it. 4.5/5

    03. Moorea This is a really sweet instrumental. It plants an image in my mind of cruising the streets of Spain or Mexico on a bicycle or something of that sort. I like that it sounds more tropical than mariachi band. Oh, Gipsy Kings. I need to get more of their stuff. Good pick! 4/5

    04. A king and a queen Not gonna lie, the horn in the beginning almost made it a skip for me, but when it faded out and gave way to the sweet vocals of the lead singer, I was more inclined to listen. Good thing I did, because I really like this song. You should totally send me more Okkervill River, because this might have been their winning song for me. 5/5

    05. The Guns of Brixton The Clash? Seriously Bodie. It's got an okay rhythm to it, but I am definitely not a fan of old punk/rock music. It reminds me kind of a reggae-ish beat, but I'm over it. The vocals grew on me a bit, but maybe I'll have to hear more stuff for the entire band to be a hit with me. 2/5

    06. Game for Fools This song is sad! The lyrics are really deep and well throughout. I like the soul sound of his voice. It kind of reminds me of 'Home' by Marc Broussard. I was so focused on the vocals that I had to actually look up the lyrics. It's a bit slow (enough so that I get just a touch impatient). But otherwise, good! 3.5/5

    07. This Will Never Happen I like the guitar sound paired with the clapping- it makes for a very happy sound. The vocals and lyrics, however, are not so happy. The vocals are just a touch off-key (to me, at least), and the lyrics are pretty depressing. Hearing the girl harmony, though, this song gives me a bit more hope. I like it. 4.5/5

    08. Northern Whale I'm kind of digging the electronica-type beat this song has going on. I wasn't quite sure what to think of this song at first. I feel like it's a good background music song- I can't listen to it flat out, because then I am tempted to switch it. But I've found myself listening to it while doing my homework and it doesn't bother me. For that, 3/5

    09. Out Through the Curtain The Hush Sound really hit it off with me at first, and then, for certain reasons, they were kind of ruined for me. I can still deal with songs like The Artist, and /maybe/ We Intertwined, but that's about it, sadly. Maybe one day I'll re-recognize their brilliance. 2.5/5

    10. Rodeo Clowns I think I already told you this, but I really love this song. It's a nice change to the hip-hop version by G. Love. Oh, Jack. I hope he comes out with a new album sound. I just love the way his voice rolls over the guitar and tropical-esque percussion. 5/5

    11. Wet dog Afternoon Another horn song! Stop teasing me! I'm kidding. This one seems much more subdued, and then it faded out. So I'm fine. I like the guitar and background percussion a lot. The quirky vocals are actually a hit with me. I've heard about Page France a lot, and I've decided that I need some more, for sure. 4/5

    12. Oh Amy! This is really Beatle-esque. Truthfully, I'm not much of a Beatles fan (I'm probably the only person ever). However, this song started to redeem itself after I heard some Shin-like qualities. Almost a skip, but decidedly not. 3.5/5

    13. Henry Greene I'm really sad that I didn't buy you that Ghosty shirt that I saw at that thrift store awhile back. Ever since I've been keeping an eye out for it. The song was alright, but I didn't hear anything that was really special about it- nothing really drew me to it. When it was over, it was just over. 3/5

    14. Mardy Bum Arctic Monkeys are quickly rising to my top faves. I like the reggae-ish beat and vocals. I need more of their music! Just listening to this song makes me want to go buy a CD. 4.5/5

    15. The Mistress Witch from McClure (or, The Mind That Knows Itself) Sufjan is still really great. I just realized that I've been neglecting him as of late, and I miss him. :( Maybe he'll be my artist for the winter. The thing that I love about his tracks are that they are all meaningful- they all tell some sort of story, and almost all of them are true. Good one- 4.5/5

    16. Magic Kweller is still really hit or miss with me. I need to find a song that I'm absolutely in love with, that way I can overlook the rest of the ones I don't really care for. The lyrics in this are really awkwardly written one liners, but I like them. It's kind of repetitive, but I feel like I could get used to his sound. 4/5

    17. Water Stop The lyrics for this Dispatch song are among my favorites, but musically, it is still lacking. I feel like the song isn't equal in those two parts, but because I'm sometimes more of a lyrical person rather than musical, I still really like this song. Plus, all Dispatch songs are a hit with me at one time or another. 4.5/5

    18. Angeles I really like the beginning to this- it's kind of ethereal, the faded, instrumental guitar. This song really makes me appreciate Elliot Smith- the vocals, lyrics, and melody are all spot on. Love it. I need to listen to him more often. 5/5

    19. Djuna! This song reminds me of a song that would be on a commercial, for some reason (ie the Old Navy sweater commercial, the Regina Spektor JC Penney commercial, etc). I really like the plucky piano and light, airy vocals, though. I have no idea what the song is about, but I like it! 4.5/5

    20. The Last Song (Tullcraft Cover) The little electronica beginning with the guy talking is actually kind of cute. I'm a fan of this song. Maybe I should hear more of BOAT, preferably original songs. I don't know the song that they covered, but hopefully this is their original style carried over to an already-written song. 4.5/5
  • i hate music.

    Lug 30 2007, 20:07

    henry Buggy Band - Surprisingly, I've never heard this song before. I stole all of my Sufjan collection from Becky, and I thought she had it all. Usually I'm not very partial to a brass section (I hate ska), but it works here, and it's Sufjan, so I can forgive him. 3.5/5

    Big Surrender - Are you trying to tell me something? "You don't have to be a pessimist.." Whatev. Anyways, I really liked this track. I want more by this artist. The vocals remind me of Herman Dune or Jens. 4/5

    La strada nel bosco (Cesare Andrea Bixio cover) - I like Jens, and I like this song (you know my taste for foreign vocals). Is that Italian? Anyhow, I like it, and it makes me want to snag the original version as well. 3.5/5

    Nickel Chrome - This one seemed a little bit relaxed to me. Perhaps it was just my mood when listening to it. The lyrics seemed a bit mumble-jumble (I think I made that up) to me, but perhaps it'll grow on me. 2.5/5

    Give Judy My Notice - Truth be told, I'm a bit sick of Ben Folds. Loved him, but it seems that the novelty has worn off for me. There are some classics that I can't get rid of, but it's kind of hit or miss with me nowadays. I have to be in the mood for it. 2/5

    Don't Panic - Repeat? I gave you enough crap for this, so I'm not going to repeat myself. I like this song. I like more of Coldplay's acoustic-y stuff, not particularly all of X&Y. 3.5/5

    Riot Van - I really really like this track. The vocals remind me of Nas, for some reason. I had a few of their tracks already in my library, but this song makes me want more. So anything you have, you can send my way. 4/5

    When She Believes - I really liked this one. I stole alot of his stuff from my dad, but I hadn't yet heard this. I need to listen to more of his stuff- he's not quite a "love it" with me, yet. But good song choice. 4/5

    On My Way - I'm a fan of Kweller, and the lyrics of this song made me laugh. It's kind of creepy, but not as much as Jens Lekman's "Arms Around Me". Something about his voice doesn't really mesh well with the music here, though. 4/5

    Heart it Races - A very welcome upbeat song after the last one. I really liked the song up until it had about two minutes left, when it just seemed to drag on forever. I kept expecting it to end, but oh no- it just played itself out. 3.5/5

    Crazy - Ha, I liked this cover. I really like Ray, so you need to give me some more! After a few play throughs, though, this version of the song got just as old as the original one. A nice, fresh rendition of the song, though. 4/5

    Song of our so-called friend - I've seen this band appear on your scrobbler for awhile, and I've always been kind of curious about them. I couldn't find anywhere to listen to them, or if I did, there weren't any good tracks. But I'm glad you've found a way to change my initial impression! 4/5

    A Soldier's Tale - Not really a fan of this. Seems like a bad mix between Iron & Wine and Simon & Garfunkel or Belle & Sebastian. Not a particularly healthy mix. It was bearable, at least, but a bit slow. 2/5

    Sea Wolf - This one didn't really reach out and grab me. It was pretty generic all around (vocals, music, lyrics, etc). There didn't seem to be a big turning point in the song, so it wasn't one of my favorites. 3/5

    Won't Be Long - I like Joe Purdy, but after awhile a lot of his stuff starts to sound similar. I think I like his self-titled album the best out of all of the ones he's done. It kind of keeps to the folk genre more truly than the others, which tend to mix country (gag) and other elements. But still, it's Joe Purdy. 3.5/5

    Alameda - Of the Elliot Smith tracks that I have, this one is the weirdest. I don't know if I like it or not (I suppose it will grow on me), but I was really surprised by this one. As a whole, though, I like Elliot Smith. 3.5/5

    My Right Versus Yours - Sounds like a good track, it just didn't click with me. A little too old school, probably. Maybe a different song by them would be better? 2.5/5

    Tsuxiit - Eh, not a fan. It may be the lack of vocals, or even the wierd, psychedelic synthesizer in the background. But whatever it is, I don't care for it. Islands still has to grow on me a bit more for me to appreciate their wilder tracks.

    Imitosis - I'm a big fan of Andrew Bird and his Eastern European sound. I don't have this track, but I like it, so props! 4/5

    Elephant Gun - This song reminds me of Jens, alot. In fact, before I had the track list, I thought it was Jens. Obviously I was stupid, but I like this one. Beirut is tight, and his musical style reminds me a lot of Andrew Bird, so naturally, I enjoy them both. 4/5

    Wild Packs Of Family Dogs - I've never been a big fan of Modest Mouse, but this song is nice. The odd, spoken lyrics actually mesh well with the melody, which is something that I find hard to believe. 4.5/5

    Unfamiliar Faces - New album track? Stealing it already? I'm interested to hear more of his stuff. I'm more partial to Matt's faster stuff, though. This one's alright, but not one of my favorites. 3.5/5

    Sorry it took so long, Bodie. I'm still enduring my post-camp hangover, so some of these reviews might not make sense. Hopefully you enjoyed my CD as much as I enjoyed yours!
  • This CD Is Rap, Pause, Not

    Apr 24 2007, 3:21

    Float On - I really like this cover. Probably even better than the original, just becuase Modest Mouse hasn't impressed me (yet). This one seems a lot more upbeat, but still remains a bit similar to the original. 5/5

    Down At The 303 - I like the reggae feeling of this one. Unfortunately, the Cat Empire hasn't really hit it off with me yet. If more of their songs were reggae-ish, and with less brass section, I might like them a bit more. But for right now, they're a bit too ecclectic. 3/5

    The Heart of Life - Oh, man. This song was adorable. I love it, especially because it's not so cliche-I'm John Mayer-type. The vocals are really pretty, and I like the simple guitar accompanying them. This makes me more excited about blowing $30 on his show with Ben Folds in June. 5/5

    Darling please come home - This one reminds me of someone, I just can't place who. Maybe the vocals remind me of Belle & Sebastian? Anyways, it's nice, but not "wow!". Cute guitar, and the vocals are good as well. 4/5

    My Boyfriend Writes Plays - Instrumental? Alright. Reminds me of the Tad (Williams Quartet), sort of. I never was a huge fan of just the lyric-less instrumentals (however, I do like scores). This one didn't do it for me. 3/5

    St. Lawrence Spits - Joe Purdy is awesome. Have you heard his new CD? I haven't gotten around to listening, but I hope it's just as good as his other stuff. Definitely a diamond in the rough. I like him. If you find anymore of his stuff, send some my way. 4/5

    Hold You in My Arms - In this track, LaMontagne sounds almost girly. I don't know why, it's just odd. But I like the music, and so far, what I've heard by him, I've been impressed. Got an album you can share? 4/5

    White Shadows - Definately one of my favorites from X&Y. Overall, though, I didn't really like the album as a whole. This song, "Fix You", "Kingdom Come", and "Swallowed in the Sea" were my top favorites. Good choice. 4/5

    Knight Rider - I've heard so many good things about Of Montreal, but from what I've heard, I don't have a good impression. If all of their music is like this, I probably won't like it. I'd need to hear some lyrics and vocals before I made my final judgement, though. 2/5

    Happy Birthday Dear Friend Lisa - The more I hear of him, the more I like. Really cute with the steel drums in the background- kind of reminds me of Islands. Maybe? I generally like most of Lekman's stuff, though. I'd like an album sometime. 5/5

    White Daisy Passing - When I heard this, I knew that I'd heard it before, but I couldn't quite place it. This is one my favorite RV tracks. They generally have nice vocals and melodies, so they win a gold star in my book. 5/5

    Blue Bird - Something about the synthesized drums in the background kind of turned me off to this one. And the odd vocals, too. Just kind of weird. But not entirely horrendous, don't worry. I'll give it a 3/5.

    Piazza, New York Catcher - I'm a fan, definitely. I like the upbeat riff and vocals a lot. A nice, drive with the windows down song. 4/5

    The Captain - I was surprised by this track when I first listened to their new CD. It's definitely one of the best on there (along with Manifest Destiny). I'm sick of their mellow-streak, it's just getting ridiculous. However, I do seem to think it's kind of a rip off of Dispatch's "The General". That's just me though. 5/5

    Junior Kickstart - Again, not too fond of band instrumentals, nor brass sections. This one is alright, but it sounds like it came from a movie trailer or a commercial or something similar. 2/5

    Hey - Honestly, I don't see what's so great about the RHCP. All of this hype over 'album of the year' or whatever award it was that they won awhile back. I wasn't too impressed. The vocals are alright, but they sound wayyyy too 90's for me. Like Our Lady Peace or Nine Days, they've just faded. 3/5

    Casimir Pulaski Day - I've always been a fan of Sufjan, and the fact that he plays all of the instruments and does most of the vocals on his albums makes him ten times better. I would marry him. Anyways, I love this song- good choice. 5/5

    I Drive My Friend - I think I have a track by this girl on my computer already. I like this though, it kind of reminds me of Regina Spektor, only less vocal, and more musically-centered. Top notch. 4/5

    This Charming Man - This one is alright. The musical part of it reminds me a lot of the Bhundu Boys, but the voice reminds me more of Jens Lekman. I'd probably have to hear more by this band to fully decide on whether I approve or not, so for now 3/5.

    Etienne d'Aout - I liked this one. Nothing really spectacular, though. Vocals...kind of creepy, but not bad. 3/5.

    Overall, you did really well, Bodie. I liked the majority of the tracks, and wasn't completely appalled by off-the-wall, we're-too-underground-for-you-to-understand bands. Nice work! I hope mine lives up to these standards.

  • I (used to) Hate Your Guts

    Gen 22 2007, 1:18

    Belle - A nice little intro track for this album. Relaxing. I wish elevator music sounded like this. Plus, Jack is tight. 4/5

    Walk in the Park - The vocals sound a bit whiny. I get enough of that when Beeta's around. I like the lyrics and melody, though. Maybe if I heard more of their stuff it would grow on me? 3/5

    When I Goose step - I want to hear more of this guy. Even live he sounds pretty good. The vocals remind me slightly of The Format? A+ find. 4.5/5

    Sway - I really like this one, even though it's sad. The musical style reminds me of The Shins. The string ensemble in the second minute sealed the deal for me. 5/5

    Of Angels and Angles - You endorse the Decemberists, Bodie, but they just don't seem to be growing on me! I don't really like the seemingly off-key vocals in this one. It becomes bearable at some points, but the sudden bursts of singing makes me jump out of my chair. 2.5/5

    Air - Surprisingly enough, I don't have this one, but I like it. It's hard for me to find a Ben Folds song I /don't/ like. 4/5

    Ventricle - I like the ethnic feel to the guitar in this one (you know me and my Spanish music), and the vocals. Plus, the band name is kind of cute too. 4.5/5

    Stationary Love - I didn't have this one either! But as I was listening to the CD, I could recognize the band. I really like their sound. 5/5

    You Can Bring Me Flowers - I really enjoy the blues-y sound to this guy's voice. It sounds familiar, and I don't have a doubt I've heard something by him before. I'd like to hear more though, he reminds me of Marc Broussard. 5/5

    Our Turf - You and your exclamation point band names, Bodie! I like this one a lot better than the last one you put on my CD, though. It took me a few listen-throughs to realize that there were no words. That's okay, I don't mind a good instrumental here and there! 4/5

    I Summon You - Nice, rhythmic guitar, and good vocals. I like the band name, too! 4/5

    Pages - I like this band. I downloaded SoulSeek, but I have to configure my firewall or something to make it work. I'm not that computer literate to figure that out, so I just gave up. But I want more of this? 4/5

    Australia - I'm so excited to see The Shins in concert. Apparently this is their popular track from the album? I've personally been listening to Sea Legs and Red Rabbits. Still, I like this one. 5/5

    Crack the Whip - A little bit techno-y for me, but it's not unbearable. The vocals are pleasing. The remind me a lot of The Killers. 3.5/5

    I Am Warm and Powerful - Alot of these bands start to blend together because their vocals sound so similar. So many bands I have never heard of! Still, this one is nice, but not one of my faves. 3.75/5

    Spark - I've never heard this Coldplay song before. But at first I didn't know if this was Blue Merle or Coldplay. So confusing! I didn't think you'd have heard of Blue Merle though. I like Colplay. Quality. 4.5/5

    Cinderella & The "A" Train - I'm in love with Joe Purdy. Can you burn me all the albums you have? I can only find so many songs with Limewire, and I want tons of his music. Did you know he came to KC in October? That was just after I found out about him, too, so I didn't want to waste money by going to see him. DANG IT. 5/5

    Crooked Teeth - I was on a Death Cab kick for awhile, but now I just find them slightly annoying. No offense. I still like/have respect for this song. 3.75/5

    The Weakest Part - For awhile I couldn't tell if they had a guy or girl on vocals here. Finally, I figured it out. Kind of a repetitive beat, but it's alright. 3/5

    Wait, Wait, Wait (Acoustic) - I love the Format's acoustic stuff. I wish I would've gone to Jingle Jam to see them, even if they were just the opening act. 5/5

    Jig A Jag - I like this. I like this band in general. Can you burn me their CD(s) as well? 4.75/5

    Basically, Bodie, I'm really impressed with the improved quality of your CD! The music is way more my style, which is awesome. I'm glad that you were able to make that transition for me. I really enjoy the CD, and no, it does not put me to sleep.
  • Hello, Gypsy

    Gen 9 2007, 2:47

    Young Pilgrims - I really like The Shins, so this one was an automatic A+ for me. I really need more of their music, so this track was a welcome addition to my library. 5/5

    Jesus, Etc. - I acutally already had this one in my library, and it's one of my favorite Wilco tracks (of the seven or so that I have). Spot on. 4/5

    Insistor - As you know, Bodie, I'm really into more acoustic-y type songs, so at first, I was tempted to skip this one. After awhile, though, it grew on me, and it reminds me of the song played at the beginning of Pulp Fiction. I like it. 3/5

    Little Boys in the Ghetto - This one threw me off with the beginning with the strange noises and beatboxing. The guitar melody is nice, but the vocals could use some work. 2/5

    Brass Digger - For some reason the beginning of this song reminds me of Guster, so I was hooked from there. Vocals are a bit rusty, but I can forgive them for having good music. 4/5

    The Proxy - A little too "poppish" for me. And it's instrumental. I like instrumentals, but this one is a bit off for me. 2/5

    Onward, Sailboat - Again, I like the musical aspect of this song, it's just the vocals that turn me off to it. I'm a big vocal melody-person, so off-key singers are hard to forgive, even if their music is that great. 3/5

    Wuthering Heights - Weird choral beginning. It reminds me of that Disney movie, Brother Bear, with the Bulgarian choir in the background. Yuck. 1/5

    You or Your Memory - At first I didn't like the vocals in this one either, but I like the chord progression and the build up of the lyrics to the refrain. Maybe some more of their stuff is needed? 3/5

    The King Of Carrot Flowers, Part I - What an obscure band name and lyrics. The guitar is kind of repetitive. Not a bad one, though. 3/5

    Seven - Again, vocals could take some getting used to, but otherwise, I'm curious about this band. 3/5

    Yea Yeah - Weird accordion and repetitive techno beat. No thanks. 2/5

    Where There's a Will There's a Whalebone - I've had this one on my computer, but it's not my favorite track by Islands. I definitely prefer Jogging Gorgeous Summer to this one. 2/5

    I'm A Cuckoo - I've got some Belle & Sebastian on my computer already, but I've never really given them much a listen. Reminds me of Billy Joel. Maybe I'll try more of them sometime. 3/5

    My Foolish Heart - I like this one. It has a really exotic feel to it, and I love foreign music. Kind of reminds me of the Lion King for some reason. 4/5

    The Sporting Life - A little bit too much pop for me. Synthesizers = :( 2/5

    Guess It Would Be Nice - Reminds me of some music that would be on a commerical. Eh, so-so. 2/5

    The View - I like Modest Mouse, I need more of them. I think all I have is Float On. Lame, right? Overall, I like this one though. Good sound. 4/5

    Your Arms Around Me - Bodie. This song. I'm sure you've heard me complain so much about it, but seriously! Who writes a song about CUTTING OFF THEIR FINGER?! That is so disgusting. And espeically when he makes it into a LOVE SONG. So weird. I like the ukelele. It is deceptive, becuase when I hear it, I think the song is good (which it is), but then I realize what it really is. Lyrical content = 0. Song rating? 4/5

    They Can Run - I like this because it's really simple. I think the chord progression is something ridiculously elementary, like G C G or something. I like it, and the vocals are decent. 3/5

    Overall, Bodie, your CD had to grow on me. But I think I like it, now having listened intently to the vocals and pored over the lyrics. I hope you like your new CD!