So, hi there!


Apr 19 2012, 21:38

I've been using for under a month and IT'S AWESOME!
I think I'll only get the benefits when I look back to a certain date and see exactly what I was listening to then! I'm sentimental like that, ok?! :)
Right now I guess I'll add what I'm enjoying as really:

We Are Young - fun. feat. Janelle Monáe (brilliant song, I literally cannot stop listening to it, plus the lead singer is kind of cute <3)

No One Does It Better - You Me At Six (bloody great, wished that YMAS' stuff was more often in the Top 10, they are excellent. However I regret not knowing the words to this song when I saw them live at the start of the month, would have been one to belt out I think!!!)

Believe Me Natalie - The Killers (a bit late, my obsession with this song's died down slightly, yet I still love it. Not because my name's Natalie, but I dunno I just love Brandon's voice in this.)

That'll do, off to bed now!


We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe)
No One Does It Better
Believe Me Natalie


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