• My open mind..

    Ott 16 2007, 15:18

    See? I always knew it..*giggles*
    Stolen from some asian boy living in australia..
  • googlism

    Lug 20 2006, 20:58

    it's stolen again...saw it on b1ackroses' journal.

    Take your top 10 artists and find their Googlism.

    Laura Pausini is capable of singing (ooooh yes)
    laura pausini is the coolest italian singer in the world (:DDD)
    laura pausini is one of the most beautiful women i have ever had the chance to meet and actually hold a conversation with (you lucky bastard)
    laura pausini is listened by only teenage girls (that's so wrong :( )

    The Gathering is a band that has gone through a lot of changes over the years (*nods*)
    the gathering is new zealand's most popular outdoor dance event (hahaha)
    damn cardgame

    Mika Nakashima is the cinderella girl of the new era (aww)
    mika nakashima is just beautiful (so right)

    Sugababes is not your average pop group
    sugababes is exactly what we all need in our life's

    Way Out West is a very appropriate name for this musical trio
    way out west is referred to as 'wow' on this website
    way out west is full of tunes about love

    Hooverphonic is so perfect for these moods (yeah, "these" moods)
    hooverphonic is excellent fuckmusic (*laughs*)
    hooverphonic is good music for 5 am when you've been up all night in another universe

    Hitomi Yaida is a japanese female singer song writer
    hitomi yaida is called yaiko

    Imogen Heap is a striking six footer with great brown bambi eyes (haha)
    imogen heap is ripe for comparisons to other

    there were no sidewalker and kaela kimura-quotes, i take two other artists instead

    BONNIE PINK is one of the women who make my panties sweat (*laughs*)
    bonnie pink is the only singer who can sing about fish

    Air is sick
    air is human
    air is hard is hard is hard is hard is hard to bear to bear to bear to bear to bear (o_O;)
  • the winamp-shuffle-game part #2

    Giu 16 2006, 23:12

    41. Do I have a Secret Admirer?
    Song: Good Morning
    Artist: Jaurim
    Comments: I guess thats a no :/

    42. Will I ever become manically depressed in my life?
    Song: Storm
    Artist: Luna Sea
    Comments: is this a yes and it will become as horrible as a storm? o_O

    43. How will I die?
    Song: High Pressure
    Artist: T.M. Revolution
    Comments: haha

    44. Is someone trying to kill me?
    Song: Antarctic
    Artist: Emilie Simon
    Comments: yes and i will freeze to death? o_o

    45. What is my sexual preference?
    Song: Gone
    Artist: Misachi Kyushima
    Comments: HAHAHA you could say that

    46. What am I afraid of?
    Song: Sister
    Artist: Janne Da Arc
    Comments: Well, i don't have one...hmm...maybe that my parents are going to have a baby again?!?!? AHHHHHHHH thank god, they're too old

    47. What will I be doing in a few years?
    Song: Snatcher
    Artist: Clazziquai
    Comments: LOL omg....

    48. What's my birthday song?
    Song: Rain
    Artist: mantra feat. Robina
    Comments: sounds not that happy, right? oO

    49. What should I do instead of this quiz?
    Song: Wanna be your Idol
    Artist: Tommy heavenly6
    Comments: uhm i'd rather do this quiz though

    50. What is a bad habit that i should try to stop?
    Song: Live Life (Interlude)
    Artist: BONNIE PINK
    Comments: stop living? o_o

    51. What's for dinner tonight?
    Song: Desire
    Artist: Do As Infinity
    Comments: hahaha I don't have to eat I just live from desire, yay ;D

    52. What's my mood like right now?
    Song: Falco
    Artist: Hitomi Shimatani
    Comments: uhm yeah, its undefinable

    53. What kind of person am I?
    Song: Into the escape
    Artist: Conjure One
    Comments: it speaks for itself

    54. Am I loved?
    Song: White Wind from Mr. Martin
    Artist: Tokyo Academic Chamber Orchestra
    Comments: i don't know a mister martin and i DON'T wanna be loved by him ><

    55. How can I achieve my highest potential?
    Song: Eve
    Artist: Annet Louisan
    Comments: *waves to eva*laughs* that's great and true in some way *g*

    56. What song best represents my personality?
    Song: You had time
    Artist: Ani DiFranco
    Comments: that i always think about former times? uhm right

    57. Is everything really going to be alright in the end?
    Song: Big Sand
    Artist: Hard Kandy
    Comments: haha that's definitely a no

    58. What is my best quality?
    Song: Blue Flower White Butterfly
    Artist: Cherry Filter
    Comments: o_O;

    59. How does my sex life look?
    Song: Robotomy
    Artist: BONNIE PINK
    Comments: LOL NO, just DON'T ASK!!

    60. What's the meaning of life?
    Song: Everything
    Artist: Lifehouse
    Comments: wow, how specific

    61. What do people think of me?
    Song: I can't see why
    Artist: Baxter
    Comments: ...I'm such a strange person? *g*

    62. Would I make a good lover?
    Song: Rest In Peace
    Artist: MERRY
    Comments: OMG that's a nooooo xDD OR i'm so good that the other person dies ;P

    63. How crazy am I?
    Song: Imagination
    Artist: Kristy Thirsk
    Comments: haha that's pretty crazy i think

    64. Will I have a good life in general?
    Song: Der Tag...du bist erwacht
    Artist: Schiller
    Comments: uhm yes?

    65. Can (insert name here) ever really love me?
    Song: I know
    Artist: YUI
    Comments: then tell me :D

    66. Can me and (insert name here) ever be more than friends?
    Song: Rake it in
    Artist: Imogen Heap
    Comments: aye aye, sir

    67. What's going to happen to me this week?
    Song: G.P.T.
    Artist: Martha Wainwright
    Comments: what does it mean? gross physical torture? ;D

    68. Where will I be a year from now?
    Song: Sketch For Summer
    Artist: Eri Nobuchika
    Comments: oh wow, it will be summer again? O_O

    69. What is my fondest wish?
    Song: All night
    Artist: Sam Phillips
    Comments: oO i don't wanna talk about it

    70. What is the love of my life doing at this very moment?
    Song: Second Fiddle
    Artist: Rose Chronicles
    Comments: uhm alright

    71. How did my parents meet?
    Song: Weeds
    Artist: Do As Infinity
    Comments: lol, okay, they were high? xD

    72. What will happen after I die?
    Song: Beautiful Collision
    Artist: Bic Runga
    Comments: the car with my coffin will crash? lol yeah that's beautiful ;D

    73. What will I dream about tonight?
    Song: Jungle Drums
    Artist: Xavier Cugat
    Comments: YES xD

    74. How does my media player feel about me?
    Song: Black black heart
    Artist: David Usher
    Comments: *laughs* i love you too, winamp

    75. What do I most idolize?
    Song: Don't forget me
    Artist: Way Out West
    Comments: hmm uhm right

    76. Do I have lots of enemies?
    Song: Wytches 2002
    Artist: Inkubus Sukkubus
    Comments: 2002 witches hate me? omg I'm dead already o_O

    77. How's my love life?
    Song: Lullabye
    Artist: Cafe Del Mar
    Comments: boring? lol

    78. What will be my girlfriend's name?
    Song: And then, the story concluded
    Artist: Key
    Comments: winamp, does it mean that there won't be one? :(

    79. If I win the lottery, what will I get?
    Song: Bachelorette
    Artist: Björk
    Comments: HAHAHA YEAH!!

    the end
  • the winamp-shuffle-game part #1

    Giu 16 2006, 23:11

    Set the music player of your choice to shuffle and ask these questions aloud and press play.

    1. What do you think of me, Winamp?
    Song: Flame
    Artist: Penicillin
    Comment: I'm hot? ;P

    2. Will I have a happy life?
    Song: Native Place
    Artist: Omni Trio
    Comment: I guess thats yes

    3. What do my friends really think of me?
    Song: 24th cylinder GRENADE LUNCH MIX ^16 kippuri mix
    Artist: DIR EN GREY
    Comment: *laughs* nice trackname

    4. Do people secretly lust after me?
    Song: Under the sun
    Artist: Do As Infinity
    Comment: hmm only in summer? oô

    5. What does [insert significant other] think of me?
    Song: Brand new colony
    Artist: Coldplay
    Comment: lol okay

    6. How can I make myself happy?
    Song: Reverse
    Artist: La'cryma Christi
    Comment: to go back in time? no that won't help winamp :/

    7. What should I do with my life?
    Song: Power of the orange knickers
    Artist: Tori Amos
    Comment: rofl i should seduce people? you want me to be a whore? O__o;

    8. Why must life be so full of pain?
    Song: Call me
    Artist: Way Out West
    Comment: ok :)

    9. How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
    Song: Dark signs
    Artist: In Flames
    Comment: I don't wanna know

    10. Will I ever have children?
    Song: Always Remember To Respect Your Mother Part 1 (Bent Remix)
    Artist: Dusted
    Comment: haha xD i will, winamp!!

    11. Will I die happy?
    Song: Alpha
    Artist: Airlock
    Comment: beta, gamma, delta...hm

    12. Can you give me some advice?
    Song: New Day
    Artist: Miz
    Comment: Tomorrow? Ok, i'll wait

    13. What do you think happiness is?
    Song: Never say never
    Artist: Melanie C
    Comment: omg theres melanie c in my playlist

    14. What's your favourite fetish?
    Song: Stop the sun
    Artist: Elysian Fields
    Comment: Oh what a sexy fetish o_O

    15. Will I get far in life?
    Song: Last Love Song
    Artist: GARNET CROW
    Comment: I won't when I don't stop loving? okay, that sounds quite right ;P

    16. How do my friends see me?
    Song: Weak and powerless
    Artist: A Perfect Circle
    Comment: haha that suits i guess xD

    17. Where will i get married?
    Song: Fly to rainbow ray
    Artist: Aikawa Nanase
    Comment: aww on the rainbow :D

    18. What is my best friend's theme song?
    Song: Sky
    Artist: BENNIE K
    Comment: hm um maybe oO

    19. What is the story of my life?
    Song: Legend
    Artist: Mika Nakashima
    Comment: *laughs* I did not fake it xD

    20. What is/was high school like?
    Song: Sleepwalker
    Artist: Nightwish
    Comment: haha

    21. How can i get ahead in life?
    Song: Riot Generation
    Artist: Move
    Comment: haha yeah i will try that *destroys her room and burns the house down*

    22. What is the best thing about me?
    Song: Miss you night and day
    Artist: Faye Wong
    Comment: nah i dont think thats too good :')

    23. How is today going to be?
    Song: The world is mine
    Artist: Hooverphonic
    Comment: yeah ~_~

    24. What song describes my parents?
    Song: should've been could've been
    Artist: Moloko
    Comment: Uh...lol

    25. my grandparents?
    Song: circuit breaker
    Artist: Röyksopp
    Comment: mäh o_O okay

    26. How is my life going?
    Song: Nothing's Real
    Artist: Rose Chronicles
    Comment: And we're living in the matrix

    27. What song will they play at my funeral?
    Song: The Christmas
    Artist: BENNIE K
    Comment: LOOL omg don't!! (i don't think that there is a song like this *looks at the "the"*)

    28. How does the world see me?
    Song: Take me s.i.m.
    Artist: Lavantgarde
    Comment: hehe nice

    29. What is my signature dancing song?
    Song: Murder freaks
    Artist: D'espairsRay
    Comment: haha *headbangs*

    30. What do I think my current theme song is?
    Song: Fear of the Dark
    Artist: from some Silent Hill-Game OST
    Comment: HA! awesome ;D

    31. What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
    Song: In motion #1
    Artist: The Gathering
    Comment: haha that is just GREAT xD

    32. What do I really want from life?
    Song: Nu Chic
    Artist: De-Phazz
    Comment: ......a new chick? *gg*

    33. What should I do to help others?
    Song: Life Burns!
    Artist: Apocalyptica
    Comment: um now its obvious that i'm unable to help others

    34. What should i do to help myself?
    Song: Stepping out
    Artist: Clazziquai
    Comment: that's quite good o_O thanks for this advice, winny

    35. What should I do to succeed in life?
    Song: Another Year
    Artist: K's Choice
    Comment: wait another year? O_o

    36. What is my one most important goal in life?
    Song: Another 'Myself'
    Artist: YeLLOW Generation
    Comment: haha winamp is a genius

    37. What do I get the most pleasure from?
    Song: Crossover interlude
    Artist: Utada
    Comment: let's leave this for interpretation...

    38. What do people assume when they first look at me?
    Song: A Joy
    Artist: Four Tet
    Comments: that its a joy to look at me? well, i guess winamp is wrong xD

    39. What Will be a big challenge in life for me?
    Song: Gypsy Sunday
    Artist: Thee Michelle Gun Elephant
    Comments: hmm uhm okay O_o

    40. Am I a good boyfriend/girlfriend?
    Song: These R the Thoughts
    Artist: Alanis Morissette
    Comments: Ah it means that i THINK i am...hm well, that's enough :|

    end of part 1
  • The first song/fall in love/current fav-survey

    Apr 24 2006, 17:34


    Post your top fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.

    01. Mika Nakashima
    First song heard: Sakurairo Maukoro
    Fell In Love With: Fed Up
    Current Favorite: Cry no more

    02. The Gathering
    First song heard: Strange Machines
    Fell In Love With: Strange Machines
    Current Favorite: Frail (live)

    03. Sugababes
    First song heard: Overload
    Fell In Love With: Too lost in You
    Current Favorite: none

    04. Hooverphonic
    First song heard: Mad about you
    Fell In Love With: Wake up
    Current Favorite: Eden

    05. Kaela Kimura
    First song heard: Real Life Real Heart
    Fell In Love With: Real Life Real Heart
    Current Favorite: Thrill Thrill Licker

    06. Hitomi Yaida
    First song heard: Zeitaku na Sekai
    Fell In Love With: Life's like a Love Song
    Current Favorite: Te To Namida

    07. Imogen Heap
    First song heard: Headlock
    Fell In Love With: Hide & Seek
    Current Favorite: Goodnight and Go

    08. Sidewalker
    First song heard: Another Kind of Snow
    Fell In Love With: Another Kind of Snow
    Current Favortie: Salvation come

    First song heard: Senaka
    Fell In Love With: Building a castle
    Current Favortie: So wonderful

    10. Air
    First song heard: All I need
    Fell In Love With: All I need
    Current Favortie: Run

    11. Rachael Yamagata
    First song heard: Collide
    Fell In Love With: Letter read
    Current Favorite: Worn me down

    12. Rose Chronicles
    First song heard: Dwelling
    Fell In Love With: Dwelling
    Current Favorite: Spill

    13. Elysian Fields
    First song heard: When
    Fell In Love With: Passing on the Stairs
    Current Favorite: Lady in the Lake

    14. Utada
    First song heard: Opening
    Fell In Love With: Hotel Lobby
    Current Favorite: Hotel Lobby

    15. fra-foa
    First song heard: Light of Sorrow
    Fell In Love With: Crystal Life
    Current Favorite: Aojiroi Tsuki
  • i like to steal surveys

    Apr 24 2006, 2:12

    I've stolen this one from kokaine and i even steal the two question he has added..i'll add two more

    List the top 10 of your overall most played artists on Last.fm:

    1 Mika Nakashima
    2 The Gathering
    3 Sugababes
    4 Hooverphonic
    5 Kaela Kimura
    6 Hitomi Yaida
    7 Imogen Heap
    8 Sidewalker
    10 Air

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    1. What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    "Zeitaku na sekai" (in may '03)

    2. What is your favourite album of 2?

    3. What is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung?
    well, i guess i take "You know you love me?" and just because it is her only english song (is there an english song on the new album? oO) and i understand what she sings xD I guess she has not so many "under-my-skin-shivering-and-shaking"-lyrics

    4. How many times have you seen 4 live?
    0 times

    5. What is your favourite song by 7?
    "Goodnight and Go", just so

    6. What is a good memory you have considering the music of 10?
    Hmm my best memory considering the music of Air is their song "Run" *laugh* No i pretty don't know anything made by Air except "Run" and "All I need" (that's a lie, but don't tell anyone)..hmm okay i loved the "All I need" Video..I think thats my good memory.

    7. Is there a song by 3 that makes you sad?
    Why don't you ask that for 2?! Sugababes, hmm their song "Too lost in you" kinda makes me sad i guess..

    8. What is your favourite lyric that 2 has sung?
    yay, good question..that's easy. The whole lyrics from "In Motion #2" are so beautiful..I want to tattoo them on my back!

    "I see him turn away
    Although my eyes are shut with emptiness
    And again the rain falls down
    Together with me

    This blood in my body runs for you
    Drink my tears as I cry

    My heart and my mind crave for you
    Drink my tears as I cry

    It is sad how the rain falls down

    Make me cry in vain
    Leave one tear
    Touch my face with your sigh
    Leave me against the stream
    A hundred worlds will see me
    Passing by..."

    9. What is your favourite song by 9?
    "Building a castle" i guess

    10. How did you get in to 3?
    MTRLE..she is the one to blame :|

    11. What was the first song you heard by 1?
    It actually was "Sakurairo Maukoro", but I hardly listen to it. So I call "Fed up" my real first one now.

    12. What is your favourite song by 4?

    13. How many times have you seen 9 live?
    zero times

    14. What is a good memory you have concerning 2?
    A good? Hm, of course NOT the last week *laugh* I think my most beautiful memory was the first concert I attended.

    15. Is there a song by 8 that makes you sad?
    Not really, but "fall into" is pretty hard.

    16. What is your favourite album of 5?
    Wow what a big choice *laugh* I guess I take the first one, which is called "Kaela"

    17. What is your favourite lyric that 3 has sung?
    wtf? why always 3? Hrrm it's "Too lost in you" of course.

    18. What is your favourite song of 1?
    Love no cry, my Tracklist says

    19. What is your favourite song of 10?
    *laugh* Run

    20. How many times have you seen 8 live?
    O times, which is pretty sad

    21. What is your favourite album of 1?
    "Music", it was "Love" once

    22. What is a great memory you have considering 9?
    Last summer *g*

    23. What was the first song you heard by 8?
    "Another Kind of Snow"

    24. If you could add an artist to this list who would that be?

    25. Would you sex anyone in your Top Ten?
    Definitely *laugh*

    26. Do you wish that one song from your Top Ten artists was written by you?
    hm it's my own question but i don't even have an answer (maybe i'll edit this)

    27. Do you think that 6 is sexy? (When there is a band, choose a member)
    cute (extremely), but not sexy..there is a difference

    the end
    *alex poke* ;O