ROCK REVIEWS: Brand New Breed


Gen 30 2012, 14:58

The hard rock “scene” in recent years seems to be dominated with bands who all sound the same. Sure, they can fill arenas and stadiums and sell millions of albums but do we really need another Nickelback? One was bad enough.

Luckily, Peep Show do things a little different. There’s glam in there, there’s metal and there’s a whole tonne of killer rock tracks to get your adrenaline pumping through your veins as you pump your fists to their brand new album, Brand New Breed. Opening track (excluding the Intro, of course) Let Go comes packed with 80s inspired glam mixed with some metal and to top it all off a superb guitar solo. Things don’t slow down and the band don’t sit back throughout the album. Carrying on the epic rock anthems that the album comes packed with, Live Free Or Die and Trouble follow suit – making all the other bands jealous of what they wish they were.

Of course, no real rock album would be a real rock album without the almighty ballad and Brand New Breed comes with Irriversible. It might not be the greatest ballad ever (it’s hard to ever live up to the likes of Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Guns N’ Roses etc.) but it does certainly try and contend with them. Although Irriversible might be a bit of a dull point on the album, it’s not a bad song – it’s just not a great one. No need to worry though as the heavy rock tunes carry on, coming in thick and fast. The title track claims “Now you’re living for the weekend…” and even on a dull Monday morning, with a bit of Peep Show you will feel compelled to take on anything and work towards the weekend.

Closing track Follow Your Instincts may not be the best on the album, but it certainly does it’s job of ending on a high note. Brand New Breed is a rock album to be proud of, while others can only look up to Peep Show in the hope of what they could be. If you do plan to listen to Peep Show though, get ready to let your hair down, shred on an imaginary guitar and fist pump until your veins explode. It’s one hell of a ride and the finish line is Brand New Breed.

Warning: Peep Show does not feature anybody called Mark Corrigan or Jeremy “Jez” Osborne.

For fans of: Guns N’ Roses, 80s rock.


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