No-Budget Homemade Shirts


Giu 16 2009, 7:55

How ISFP of me, eh Steffi? ^_^

This is probably standard practice with underground music fans (?) but since I had no idea how do do it (originally I thought using a projector might be a good idea), I figured I'd share this since it worked for me. :-P I decorated three shirts for Ichthus, mainly because I was volunteering with the recycling team and wanted to use that project a positive image of metalheads or goffs or posers or whatever it was I went looking like, I wouldn't know. Failing that I would at least project a positive image of MYSELF. :-P

I used:

Cheap black t-shirts with paint splatter on them from 2006
A terrible Dell printer which ran out of black ink supafast (they do that) and is printing from the color cartridge only
Notebook filler paper, cuz the stuff in the printer is thick & expensive
Old fabric paint I found under my bed, where it's been for five years
A plastic soup spoon and a metal table knife
Cardboard I found by the trash at school

For the patterns I used the edge-finding effect in Photoshop and inverted it to use minimal ink. This is the Evroklidon logo pattern I made:

I printed it backwards and also forwards on four sheets and stuck them together with tape. I traced on the backwards print-out and pressed it on the shirt to create the pattern to follow.

I used both the backward and the normal printouts as reference. The backwards one was useful as a mirror image on the part of the design that didn't transfer well:

I wore that shirt on Saturday (Becoming the Archetype, Project 86) and was EXTREMELY GRATIFIED when, near the BTA merch booth, the members of Bellor, a Christian folk metal band from Kentucky which I'd never heard of and who are not allowed to play at Ichthus because Ichthus isn't amazing enough to let them, asked me which black metal band the logo was of and ACTUALLY KNEW WHO I WAS TALKING ABOUT when I told them! At first they thought it might be Deborah's logo (the all-girl unblack metal band from South America, which I'd heard of as well). They seemed to think homemade black metal shirts are perfectly normal. All right then! ^_^

Second shirt I made was of Within Temptation, a logo I made by combining their old WT icon with "Within Temptation" as typed in the Mother Earth era. :-P

The outer part didn't transfer because the paint was too old and dry, so I just filled in the middle.

Partway through doing the back:

The back, finished (I found out having fabric paint on the back itches, by the way):

I wore that shirt on Thursday (Fireflight, random other concerts). Disappointingly, zero women were like OMG YOU LIKE WITHIN TEMPTATION?!? I'm guessing either because there weren't any there who did, or there were and they thought I didn't look worth talking to. Option 2 is somewhat preferable, I suppose.

The last shirt I started (and finished before the WT one was done) was made from this photo of myself:

I wore it on Wednesday.

A reenactment of me emptying bottles for recycling in the vendors' area. :-P

It did kinda come out looking like Disturbed's "Indestructible" album cover. Oh well. :-P

And on Friday (Fireflight again, various other concerts, and Skillet) I wore my Leaves' Eyes shirt. ^_^


  • the_gray_fox

    My friend is good at stencils. Maybe I'll get a Project 86 stencil, don't know. :D

    Giu 16 2009, 13:00
  • nDroae

    Stencil? Why bother with that? :-P Well I suppose Project's logo often is stenciled, so... yeah, apparently they shipped my octopus shirt already but I'm not even going to be here to receive it. :-P

    Giu 16 2009, 18:47
  • tryingtofly

    Very ISFP of you. ^_^ This is spiffy. I'd actually try it if my mother didn't insist I wear...other things. <.< Thanks for finally putting up another journal entry though.

    Giu 17 2009, 23:02
  • nDroae

    Thanks :-D Yeah... happy to oblige. :-D

    Giu 29 2009, 17:21
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