arcana and sol invictus


Ott 5 2008, 10:52


Bleeding Heart Narrative, Arcana, and Sol Invictus: while from the first band i never heard before, my knowledge of arcana and sol invictus is not so extensive either, but i had been listening a lot to arcana when i play the Dead Can Dance similar artists' radio station in and i really enjoy their music. Sol Invictus is more on the side, while arcana belongs more to the so-called music.

The first band, Bleeding heart narrative, seems to me as a group of young friends that just has started to put thier musical ideas together. No doubt there is some talent, but they still have a long way to go. The last song was mostly noise which i couldn't stand and i had to leave the stage... and believe me, i am quiet fond of "noisy" music...

The night really started with Arcana, they gave a great show last night. Their music is mature yet very energetic. All the three singers were in great shape, and the percussionist was pouring passion and energy in the music like few I had seen before. Their set went perfectly and at the end everyone was clapping and cheering so much that they came back a gave us one more song, which i think was really "extra" because their set time was gone and it was time for Sol Invictus. But most of the audience (including me) were ecstatic. After they finished I had the luck to find some of the band members outside the venue and congratulate them for what was a superb performance. I hope the come again to London soon!!

Then I came back for Sol Invictus. It was also good, but I was so impressed by Arcana that I could not really switch from their majestic ethereal sound to the neo-folk style of Sol Invictus. However I really enjoyed most of their songs, with the two main singers putting passion in their words, as well as the violinist, and even if hidden a little bit on the back, I think the flautist was doing an excellent contribution. They gave a good concert, but imho, as headliners they had difficult time after Arcana's impressive act.

Arcana 10/10
Sol Invictus 8/10



  • j00z76

    Mmmm... Don't really know. I wasn't too impressed by Arcana, to me too much of a DCD tribute band. BHN weren't very experienced (they had significant embarrassing-silence kind of moments), but I think they were very accomplished musicians, and I enjoyed their set, and found it a bit more repetitive than Arcana. Sol Invictus were very good in general, and to me they were the best of the day. I think that most people probably enjoyed Arcana best, but I think that the combination of good singing, and good instrumentalists that Sol Invictus had. Enjoyable gig tho'...

    Ott 5 2008, 17:21
  • darkbu

    A los primeros tampoco los conozco :$ Yo, en cambio, he escuchado más a Sol Invictus. De Arcana debería conseguir los discos que me faltan porque es un buen grupo y por lo que has escrito tienen un buen directo :D

    Ott 6 2008, 15:08
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