September Chart Toppers: Chez Musinum Artists, Albums, and Tracks


Nov 9 2008, 7:30

Each week I list the top 15 Chez Musinum connected artists who appear on our group charts, extending the list to include any ties. The bottom tier is given one point for the week, and each additional listener counts as an additional point.

Let's say there is a six-way tie for 13th place one week, at four listeners. Since the next tier would start at 19th place, those 6 artists are the bottom tier and get one point apiece. Those with five listeners would get 2 points, and those with ten listeners would get 7 points. If the bottom tier is at three listeners the following week, that tier would get 1 point and ten listeners would be worth 8 points.

The monthly score is just the sum of the weekly scores. (Note that even though an artist who gets points one week may have one or more listeners in another week, those won't count unless the rank is 15 or higher.)

Two more lists are produced, one for albums and one for tracks, following similar rules, with one difference:

Instead of including the entire last tier when it would extend past 15 items, I omit that tier. In other words, rather than at least 15, I use at most 15. In the example above, with a 6-way tie for 13th place among albums or tracks, I would include only the top 12. The reason for this is that with albums and tracks, the list flattens out very quickly, so you can have something like a thirty-way tie for 11th place... compounding that is the fact that there's not as much consistency from week to week in album and especially track plays, so that each week tends to add a lot of new items. Thus with the rules the same, we end up with perhaps 30 artists, 50 albums, and 100 tracks. This change keeps the lists manageable and meaningful.


40 points

28 points
Phillip Wilkerson

22 points

19 points

17 points

16 points

12 points

10 points

8 points
Aaron Marshall, VFSix

7 points
Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts

6 points
Corrientes, Krackatoa

5 points
Terry Springford, Ben Barden

4 points
Dementio13, Solid Electro, Corrado Rossi

3 points
M. Persson: Sounds, The Peach Tree

2 points
Akashic Crow's Nest, Streams of Europe, inn3rflow, Milo Moesche, Tim Doyle, Friends of redhalo

1 point
Kellplanet, Koobakoop, Serkan Süleymaniye, Mr.Smiff, Hyperborea, 4c3, Ana Gori, Max Waves, Dual Echelon


11 points
Pixieguts - Walking on Mercury

9 points
Pixieguts - evolution

6 points
Metricks - Roots 98

5 points
HealeyIsland - West Of Here Is West Of Here;
Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts - Pixiegraf

4 points
Terry Springford - Trust

3 points
Aaron Marshall - Noir Ambiance

2 points
Phillip Wilkerson - Collection I;
Deepspace - The Barometric Sea;
VFSix - vfsecret;
Implicit Audio Frequency - EP

1 point
Phillip Wilkerson - The Dream Beneath;
HealeyIsland - Temporary Demonstration One;
Northcape - Detach EP;
VFSix - VF's World;
Aleksandr Shubin - First;
M. Persson: Sounds - Strange skies;
Friends of redhalo - Friends of redhalo;
Kellplanet - Continua;
Mr.Smiff - "This is not an Album!Don't try to mix Me!!!"


9 points
Pixieguts - Sunshine (with Mario Dujic)

4 points
Pixieguts - One Moment (w Dementio13 + TRavvy)

3 points
Friends of redhalo - It's Getting Thick

2 points
Pixieguts - Pacific Highway (Northcape version);
Deepspace - Arctic Sun and Weather Experiment;
Aaron Marshall - The Salt Flats;
Terry Springford - When I Need To, Hairclip, and Green & Blue

1 point
Pixieguts - I'm Gonna Fly (with Corrientes) and Shot After Midnight (with Crimson Death);
HealeyIsland - the desert chorus vx, Why So Miserable, and You are my nemesis;
Deepspace - Slow Moving Lifeform 2;
Northcape - So Many and On The Hill;
Aaron Marshall - Peace and Gravity;
Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts - Prahran;
Ben Barden - Moon Eclipse;
Friends of redhalo - kcihT gnitteG s'tI;
Herrera - Wurly One;
Pilot of the Future - Loadscreen;
Dadala - night of the squid;
Streams of Europe - Emergence

Congrats everybody! Don't touch that dial!
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  • northcape

    Thanks for doing this :-)

    Nov 10 2008, 12:56
  • Creativeuphoria

    This is great! Thanks to all that made it happen! :) :) :)

    Nov 12 2008, 2:31
  • HealeyIsland

    Yeah - thanks for doing this. Looking forward to getting back on line soon. Cheers. :-)

    Nov 13 2008, 13:23
  • Otaika

    10xTHANKS for adding Mr.Smiff !!!

    Nov 25 2008, 19:09
  • 136

    thanks for mentioning Implicit Audio Frequency :)

    Dic 8 2008, 21:01
  • Ekzo555

    Hi from Russia!!! Thanks!!!

    Dic 20 2008, 7:10
  • GodLord0

    nice :d

    Ott 11 2012, 22:37
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