May Chart toppers: Chez Musinum Artists, Albums, and Tracks


Giu 6 2008, 13:17

Each week I list the top 15 Chez Musinum connected artists who appear on our group charts, extending the list to include any ties. The bottom tier is given one point for the week, and each additional listener counts as an additional point.

Let's say there is a six-way tie for 13th place one week, at four listeners. Since the next tier would start at 19th place, those 6 artists are the bottom tier and get one point apiece. Those with five listeners would get 2 points, and those with ten listeners would get 7 points. If the bottom tier is at three listeners the following week, that tier would get 1 point and ten listeners would be worth 8 points.

The monthly score is just the sum of the weekly scores. (Note that even though an artist who gets points one week may have one or more listeners in another week, those won't count unless the rank is 15 or higher.)

Two more lists are produced, one for albums and one for tracks, following similar rules, with one difference:

Instead of including the entire last tier when it would extend past 15 items, I omit that tier. In other words, rather than at least 15, I use at most 15. In the example above, with a 6-way tie for 13th place among albums or tracks, I would include only the top 12. The reason for this is that with albums and tracks, the list flattens out very quickly, so you can have something like a thirty-way tie for 11th place... compounding that is the fact that there's not as much consistency from week to week in album and especially track plays, so that each week tends to add a lot of new items. Thus with the rules the same, we end up with perhaps 30 artists, 50 albums, and 100 tracks. This change keeps the lists manageable and meaningful.


34 points

29 points

28 points
The Peach Tree

21 points

19 points

17 points

12 points
Phillip Wilkerson, Corrientes

11 points

10 points

9 points
Aaron Marshall

8 points
HealeyIsland, timpixi

5 points
Titee & Pixieguts, Renato Ventura

4 points
Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts

2 points
HipGnosis, Djinnestan, Justin Robert, Corrado Rossi, Jukeen, Koobakoop

1 points
Saluki Regicide, M. Persson: Sounds, Max Waves, Tim Doyle, Tree Helicopter


12 points
Deepspace - The Barometric Sea

10 points
Pixieguts - Walking on Mercury;

8 points
Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts - Pixiegraf;

7 points
Metricks - Roots 98;
timpixi - Our Sleepwalking Hearts

6 points
Deepspace - The Barometric Sun;

5 points
Pixieguts - Pixieguts!;
HealeyIsland - West Of Here Is West Of Here;

4 points
Northcape - Red Panda Remixed;
The Peach Tree - The Ghost Of Muses Past;
Aaron Marshall - Noir Ambiance

3 points
Northcape - Detach EP;

2 points
Northcape - New Tracks;
Deepspace - Subantarctic Sessions (EP);
Corrientes - Corrientes Collaborative II;
Titee & Pixieguts - Titee and Pixieguts too;

1 point
Northcape - Letter To Nowhere;
Deepspace - Slow Moving Lifeforms Volume 1
The Peach Tree - The Gus Sessions;
Felixdroid - Soundscape3;
Metricks - Outside Cine;
Phillip Wilkerson - Collection II;
Justin Robert - Alone and Justin Robert - Manasota;
Corrado Rossi - Corrado Rossi;
Tree Helicopter - Moon Calf [Webbed Hand wh014];
Note: the code won't accept the above album link (perhaps confused by the brackets)
Streams of Europe - Meanders


7 points
timpixi - Our Sleepwalking Hearts

3 points
Northcape - Red Panda (4C3's Bamboo Night Remix);
Pixieguts - Line (with Adrian Carter);
Corrientes - ¡Óyeme tiburón!;
Titee & Pixieguts - Trumpet Flowers

2 points
Northcape - Red Panda (Titee's Crazy Panda Remix);
Deepspace - The Barometric Sea;
The Peach Tree - Hold On, Absorbtion, All The Perfume Of Arabia, and The Dark Side;
Metricks - Waterfoam

1 point
Northcape - Red Panda (Dee Mond Remix), Shikanzen To Kyoto, and Red Panda (The Peach Tree's Black Possum Mix);
Deepspace - Euphandemonium;
The Peach Tree - Drink It In, Reflection, Leaves You Needing More, and Mirages;
Pixieguts - Brothers and Sisters (with Titee);
Metricks - Pearl;
HealeyIsland - Saint Anthony's Dream;
Renato Ventura - Don't Forget Africa;
Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts - Currawong Rise

Congrats everybody! Don't touch that dial!
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  • Pixieguts

    Thanks for keeping up the chart reports Tim, interesting seeing them over a month rather than just weekly snapshots. Thanks heaps to everyone listening to projects I'm involved with and congratz to all the other artists in the charts at Chez Musinum!

    Giu 7 2008, 9:32
  • gamoneterik

    wow i'm in there a lot. thanks to all my listeners and kudos to all the other artists up there. great work producing the lists too tim!

    Giu 7 2008, 15:36
  • northcape

    This is the first time ever I think I've beaten Deepspace on one of these charts ;-) Thanks for the update!

    Giu 7 2008, 18:06
  • Deepspace_

    (in an evil voice, with one finger on escape button...) "next time mr. cape, next time....but wait! NOOOOO!!!" (escape button fails, deepspace's spaceship explodes, leaving behind nothing but toasty bits)

    Giu 7 2008, 22:26
  • northcape

    Muwahahahaahaaa!!!! [its all just healthy musical competition]

    Giu 7 2008, 22:42
  • musinum

    All I know is Tim Doyle used to head up this list every now and then before he foolishly invited all you powerhouses in so he could hold your hats and watch you duke it out like Godzilla and Rodan... Well, Our Sleepwalking Hearts was a warning shot (even if I had to enlist Pixieguts vocals and a cast of thousands of found noises to do it!) I'm plotting a comeback from my fortress beneath the Marianas trench...

    Giu 7 2008, 23:39
  • Corrientesmusic

    Excellent job Tim! It's nice to see Corrientes on here doing well :) Congratulations to all the artists that are also here on the charts! -ev

    Giu 8 2008, 14:53
  • Deepspace_

    hahaha! That was a very funny comment Tim!

    Giu 9 2008, 11:40
  • Deepspace_

    (Overlord Deepspace notes the location of Dastardly Doyle's hideout in the Marianas trench, and presses the "Insanely dangerous torpedo" button). click. (Deepspace's spaceship explodes again)

    Giu 9 2008, 11:45
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