Beijing Midi Music Festival Is Coming!


Apr 13 2012, 18:41

2012 Beijing Midi Music Festival will be hosted at Haidian Park from April 29th to May 1st. This is the first time since 2005 that Beijing Midi Music Festival returns to the park with the support of the Haidian government.

The theme this year is "PM 2.5," focusing attention on a growing environmental problem in China. PM 2.5, also called "fine particles," is an air pollutant with less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter. Avant-guarde artist Zhu Wei designed this year's poster, describing a future scene where all people care about environment. Zhu Wei also designed the poster for 2006 Midi Music Festival, as well as directing the music video for Miserable Faith's famous song, "Bloom."

There will be four stages at 2012 Beijing Midi Music Festival: "Tang", "Song", "Yuan" and "Qing" (names of four Chinese dynasties). Almost a hundred musicians and bands, both local and foreign, will be performing in the festival. "Tang" and "Song" will bring performances of famous local and foreign bands. The Beijing electronic music label "Yen" will continue their tradition to create an electronic music theme "Yuan" stage. In addition, the winners of the Midi campus competition and the Weibo competition will perform on the brand new "Qing" stage.

U.S. extreme sports apparel company, Vans, will cooperate with Midi this year. It is the only clothing sponsor for 2012 Beijing Midi Music Festival. Ever since the 70s, Vans has become a symbol of rock music. The brand has been supporting rock bands for years, from the garage to the big stages. Vans has also been a sponsor for Warped Tour Music Festival in U.S. since 1995. This year, Vans will bring live events with elements from music, skateboarding and hip-hop to Beijing Midi Music Festival. They will also sponsor a special event featuring a celebrity musician from the U.S.!


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