Rise Against LIVE in Groningen, 20th June 2008


Giu 22 2008, 18:33

Fri 20 Jun – Rise Against, Antillectual

Fuck yeah, what an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. concert of Rise Against 2 days ago in Groningen!
It was my first Rise Against concert and I couldn't hope for a better show!
In March I told my Mum that Rise Against are coming to the Hurricane Festival, and that I really wanna go there for one day. I was hoping until May that they would have tickets for just one day, but they didn't because it was almost sold out. So I had to ask my brother if he would like to come with me to the Netherlands to see Rise Against live. Haha, and he said yes!!!
So our journey could begin :)
It was about 12 o'clock when we left home to drive to Groningen. This should be a looong journey, it took almost 4 hours to arrive there.
I told my brother "Come on, let's see if we find the tourbus of Rise, I wanna meet them." Okay, so we went to the backdoor of that huge building, but there was no tourbus. "Not good, we should go back to the entrance hall", I said and we left the backdoor.
We were watching on the street if any bicycles are coming...and of course, there were some bicycle driver.
I took a look at them and I noticed that the bicycle drivers were RISE AGAINST! Omg, what a shock! *lol*
I was like...almost screaming and I said Hi to them. They were so nice, they dropped off their bicycles and shaked our hands.
After that I asked for a photograph and here it is:

Well, at 7pm was entrance and we got into the tiny hall.
Yeah, we were standing in the first row again! And there were no barriers so we were as close as possible to the stage! :)
I don't know the time yet, when the first band started their show. They were okay, but for me nothing special.
Then after a while the second band Antillectual started their show. Woah, they really freaked out on stage and it was fun to see the others moshing to their music! But still, they're not even as cool as Rise Against are.
We were waiting until 10:15, when Rise Against entered the stage. That was so exciting!
They started with Drones , followed by Give It All where really EVERYONE in the hall was dancing, moshing, screaming and stuff. Fuck yeah, what an awesome start for a concert.
I never had so much fun at a concert, but well, it is Rise Against... who are playing with so much power & passion. Woohoo! And I really didn't think that we could be so close to the band, especially to Tim who was totally rocking the house. He hold the microphone very often to the fans, we all were screaming and yeah, I never felt so fucking great :D *lol*
They were performing about 70 minutes I think, the playlist was just amazing and I couldn't hope for better songs. But there was one song missing:
Swing Life Away !!!
Maybe they play it at their next concert, Tim said that they will come back in 6 months when their new album is out.
I'm sure that this wasn't my last Rise Against concert. :)

Now here's the playlist of Groningen:
1. Drones
2. Give It All
3. State of the Union
4. Ready To Fall
5. Injection
6. Like the Angel
7. Blood To Bleed
8. Heaven Knows
9. Chamber the Cartridge
10. Last Chance Blueprint
11. Bricks
12. Dancing for Rain
13. Behind Closed Doors
14. The Good Left Undone
15. Intro
16. Survive
17. Minor Threat
18. Under The Knife
19. Prayer of the Refugee

I hope you liked my journal, comments are welcome ;)
Byebye, Julia
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Rise Against


  • Woutva

    Awesome show! ^^

    Giu 22 2008, 20:01
  • nacrakadu

    Awesome comment! Wo kommst du eigendlich her?! nächtesmal gehen wir zusammen aufs nächste konzert XD Ich hoffe dann wieder in deu...muss man nicht soweit fahren^^ Ich fand, es war das beste konzert das ich jemanls gesehen hab... habe letztews jahr im april schonmal rise against gesehen in bremen... von der größe der halle her fast gleich...aber irgendwie war es in groningen ein kleines bisschen besser^^

    Giu 23 2008, 18:34
  • Edge44

    OMG ich glaubs ja nicht, soviel Glück muß man erstmal haben *gg* xDD Die Jungs von Rise Against machen sich eigentlich immer sowas von rar und reisen meistens immer erst kurz vorher und "still und heimlich" an. Obwohl ich sie nun schon ein paar mal gesehen hab, hatte ich bisher nie das Glück sie zu treffen :( Ließt sich wirklich nach einer tollen Show, wäre ich sehr gerne auch da gewesen. Rise Against sind einfach Götter und Live kaum zu toppen <33 Kann die nächste Tour gar nicht abwarten. Danke für den tollen Comment, macht total Spaß ihn zu lesen. Hast du zufällig auch Fotos/ Videos von der Show gemacht? =)

    Giu 24 2008, 13:19
  • nudel90

    klingt nach nem echt tollen konzert :) schön, dass du spaß hattest und wiedermal ne band getroffen hast *mannmann was hast du für ein glück* aber schade, dass roadside nicht dabei war, das is doch soo cool. würd gern irgendwann mal mehr pics sehn ;) tschühüss

    Giu 28 2008, 20:42
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