• Life: Complete

    Lug 30 2008, 15:39

    It's been a while.
    Last night I accomplished one of my life's many goals and I saw Fear Before The March Of Flames.
    Dave is the coolest. He was just sitting at the bar the whole time, and just conversed with Cris and I for a while. Couple of hugs and a picture. I was just too excited, but not annoying excited. That needs to be made perfectly clear.
    They had these crazy light things, and Dave got a little creepy, but I melted when Mouth was their last song. It was pretty perfect.
    All in all, one of the very best nights of ma LYFE.
  • Fuck you, Sydney

    Ott 9 2006, 16:18

    Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Naturally, I was forced to go visit the family that doesn't REALLY like me, but pretends to, and asks too many questions.
    I'd made plans for later that day to go to Sydney and Rosesdead. I forget who else was playing.
    I told my mom that we would have to leave my aunt and uncle's at 7:30 for me to get there at 8:30. An hour and a half late, but I'd be there nonetheless.

    We leave the house at 3, go get my grandma and a family friend, and get to my aunt's about 4.
    I endure the tipsy and uninteresting conversation of my relatives after they've all had about 5 glasses of wine, and my uncle is on his 4th beer. Jokingly asking me if I want any. No, I don't.

    7 rolls around, and I'm asked to make the gravy. Apparently it was very good. Something to add to my resume I suppose. FINALLY, we eat. Everyone finishes around 7:30. TIME TO GO. BUT NO. "We can't leave until grandma says so". FUCK YOU MOM. So I sit there, unhappy, and live through dessert. My aunt says she's going to go make coffee, but does that half an hour later. 8:00. Everyone keeps talking, half-drunk by now for sure. Coffee comes. Still talking. I'm pissed.
    AT LAST, 8:30. I can't take it anymore, get up and leave the table. Grandma says let's go. We leave. I'm beyond angry.
    I fall asleep in the car a) so the car ride doesn't seem to long, b) I'm tired. Drop grandma off about 9:30 and mom takes me to L3.
    I get out of the car and call Haley to come outside and meet me. I apologize for being so damn late, and announce "I'm pissed, ugly, and I need to pee".

    So far, the day had been terrible. It could only get better now that I'm out, right? WRONG. I go in, Sydney's playing. They're doing a good job. I look around and realize I recognize a lot of people from Myspace. Sad. Haley and Amanda are drooling over the vocalist. He had a huge wart thing in the middle of his forehead.
    After the first song, the bassist is talking, and making NO sense. They continue playing. When they finished, we were having fun, then went outside for a bit while Rosesdead set up. Drama started. I ignored it, then I saw Melissa and her new boyfriend. She came and gave me a hug and we talked for a few minutes. A lot of people were smoking, so me and a friend of Amanda's were standing out trying not to breathe it in.
    We go back in, and Rosesdead starts. We all decide to pretend we can dance like we always do. I see Marissa and Lyla come in. Ew. Someone spin kick them in the face, please.

    Mike 1 runs into a guy by accident. I'd been watching this guy all night, he looked so dumb. He was wearing a hood, and the hood came off when Mike hit him and they yelled at each other. Sam and I laughed uncontrollably when they guy put his hood back on. The look on his face. I had to imitate him a few times later on. A friend of Haley's is in the pit, and accidently hits another guy. A different guy still, comes up and grabs him. He looks like security. He's not. They yell at each other for a bit, Haley jumps in. This guy is ready to fight her, and she's ready to take it. Amanda goes and takes her out of it. I'm left watching with Sam and a guy who looks like Sean Wilkin. Amanda comes back and Mike 2 accidently knocks a guy, who knocks into her, and she hits her knee on a corner of a stair. Sam says "I wish I could go to ONE show, where no one starts shit" and I agree.

    Too late it seems, Rosesdead finishes. I hardly got to watch them. I don't know where Haley is. Show's over, we go outside and mingle. I'm with Sam and Amanda. Haley is gone, no one knows where. Amanda sees her fighting again with that guy. She goes to break it up again. Sam and I follow and I end up standing next to Sean Wilkin look-alike once more. All I see is Rich push Haley. Noooooot goooooood. Sam again:
    "Why can't we all just be happy? I want ONE SHOW, where there is NO drama."
    "I know, I do too. Why can't WEEEEE be friiiiiends"
    "I wish there were just rainbows and sunshine..... And lots of sex"
    Amanda comes out and announces the fact that she can't feel her leg. Sam and I take her to sit down on on the edge of the curb, she's crying because her knee hurts so much. Mike 1 comes and sits next to Amanda. Haley finally comes back and squeezes between Mike and Amanda. She starts crying on Amanda. When she sits up, she repeats Sam's now popular phrase. Everyone agrees.

    Mike 2 comes out. We're all standing now. Haley's gone. We make jokes and talk about what happened. I think we all feel better by now. Haley comes back and we venture to Pizza Pizza to forget about everything. Sam holds Amanda up while she limps. We walk past a bar playing Sean Paul so I dance, by nature. Sam said it cheered her up and Amanda laughed. We saw a lot of people we knew in there, even though it was almost empty. So we all just forgot about everything and had fun. I told Sam the story of my famous left ear. 11:30, I call my mom because I just wanted to go home. 12 and she's there. I hug Haley, Sam, and Amanda and leave. Haley yells "EYE ELL WHY" as I go out the door, so I laughed.

    In bed by 12:30. Final verdict: The day was shit. So was the night, but at the same time, I had a lot of fun. Right now, I just need breakfast.
  • And the Aftermath...

    Lug 13 2006, 15:45

    I meant to do this a couple days ago. Actually 4.
    But I'm doing it now, so deal.
    So SCENE... wasn't AS good as I expected it to be, but still a good time.
    I ended up going to City and Colour, I Hate Sally, Two Knives, Johnny Truant, Ion Dissonance, Rosesdead, Boys Night Out, and Alexisonfire. (Yay artist tags)
    First: City and Colour, very disappointing. Of course there were about 847589435 billion people there, so I got stuck watching from inside. Not only that, but he didn't play very well. He seemed tired, or something. And his beard made it look like he hadn't slept in about a week. Which might've been entirely possible.
    Second: I Hate Sally. This set made my life just a little happier. Dee is probably the cutest thing ever. Aside from the fact that she was humping just about everyone in sight. They put on a good show, she didn't even spend any time on the stage. And the bassist, well of course no one was REEEEEALLY paying attention to him, but he was pretty cool too. All in all, worth it.
    Third: Two Knives. I was tired, so I was standing at the back for this, right behind the pit. So I ended up not even watching them, but more the idiots who thought they knew how to hardcore dance. So I'll talk about them. One guy wearing a "The Gorgeous" shirt and a sweat band in his hair (gay) was blatantly an asshole, he kept pushing people over for no reason. And his pants just kept falling down.
    And some guy in red gym shorts and a Keep It Up shirt (pretty much everyone was wearing a Keep It Up shirt) with an afro was a dick too. Ok so they were all dicks. This is evident because they kept me from watching the band on stage. Idiots.
    Fourth: JOHNNY TRUANT(!!!!!!!). Uuuum. Greatest thing of my life. My body is still sore from it. I was pretty excited for this, and I was standing at the front of the stage, in front of the speaker... for about a minute. As soon as they started the first song, everyone shoved to the front, and Olly stepped on my head. Mm*. Then his water drenched hair went in my mouth. Double mm*. I also basically had my face in his stomach/crotchal area. Oh, yeah*. Some jerk in a white t-shirt pushed me out of the way, so I pushed him out of the way, then about 2 minutes later, he decided to start windmilling, and winmilling into ME. So he was basically pushing me out of the way and I fell into the pit. Thankfully some guy at the edge picked me up. So being as stupid as I am, I went back to the shoving. All the nice sweaty boys... WHAT fun*. Despite all of that, I enjoyed myself. A lot.
    Fifth: Ion Dissonance, I didn't really see. I was dead from JT, so I sat down downstairs and watched them on a TV above my head. Halfway through, we left and went across town to Rosesded.
    Sixth: Rosesdead was very disappointing. Not only because I only got to see them play 1 and half of a song, but they had no energy :( Blah.
    Seventh: BNO was all disappointing. We waited after Rosesdead for them, then got hungry and left for about 15 minutes. When we got back, they should've started, but they weren't even on the stage. So we waited another 15 minutes. Finally they came out and started. Connor seemed like he died and came back to life just when he had to go on. He was trying to put everything he had into it, but it didn't work. And it wasn't much. His face was beat red the whole time. Needless to say, because of my disappointment, we left after 3 songs. Since we didn't get to eat the last time, we ate this time. Good thing too. We had an hour until Alexis, and this was obviously not enough time to get a good spot.
    Eigth and final: Alexisonfire, they were good, the crowd was not. I felt like I was at a Fall Out Boy concert. 11 year olds were everywhere. Literally. They weren't just 16 year olds acting 11, they were 11. When they first started, 2 girls lit up a joint. Now oddly enough, I am allergic to weed, so we moved. Far far away.
    I found myself unable to enjoy the set no matter what we did. It smelled like weed and B.O. everywhere. The whole time.
    By the time they were done, I was done. It was 10:30. My feet killed and I needed sleep. A, LOT. So I bought an Ion Dissonance hoodie and we went to Pizza Pizza to wait for our ride home.
    And I loooooooove coming home after a show in sweaty clothes*. Mm mm mm*.
    When all is said and done, I guess the good outweighed the bad, and I got to spend the day with a lot of cool people. 3 Thumbs up.

  • SCENE Fest.

    Giu 24 2006, 14:54

    I'm pretty stoked on SCENE in 15 days.
    Definitely looking forward to seeing Johnny Truant
    How they got Johnny Truant to play is absolutely beyond me, but whatever. I'm not complaining.

    Speaking of Johnny Truant, I've listened to Footprints in the Thunder roughly 730 times over the course of about a week. This, is sad. I know. I live a petty existence. That's all there is to it.

    Rosesdead should be good too. But stupid schedulers put Ion Dissonance in the same time frame with a difference of 5 minutes (set starting at 7:10 as opposed to Rosesdead at 7:15) so that means I'll have to watch half of each set.
    Maybe I'll just go to Ion, I already saw Roses once a week ago or so. Meh.
  • Yay!

    Giu 1 2006, 22:32

    So last night, I went to see The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Between the Buried and Me, and August Burns Red. I didn't actually have a ticket, neither did Lyla, because I'm stupid and waited until the day before thinking it would NOT be sold out. Then the greasy lesbian says "OH THEY'VE BEEN SOLD OUT FOR WEEKS!!1" Yeah. Great. ANYWAY. All the people who went for Chiodos I'm guessing refunded their tickets or sold them because Chiodos took themselves off the tour. Lyla and I waited outside, and it started raining, and the guy said we could go in.
    We got in just in time for TNTLLY. Phew. It was a total scene fest in there, and oh man it was sweaty; "The Underground" is right. Sheesh. I loved the 300 pound Dave Navarro lookalike drenched in his own sweat trying to launch himself off my shoulder to crowd surf.
    I'm 110 pounds buddy, let's take it easy. Srsly.
    August Burns Red, I didn't expect this, was fucking INSANE. Everyone went nutsses, fo real fo real. I was standing in front of a speaker that came up to my waist and I had another one above my head. I now cannot hear very well out of my right ear. Shit, eh?
    Aside from the loud drums, BTBAM sounds just like they do recorded, hypothetically.
    I'm going to be completely honest hurr: this was my first (big/real/non-gay) show. I was pretty excited. Them drunk moshaz ain't got nuttin' on me.
    Afterwards, we saw Jase from TNTLLY standing outside the door and I hugged him. He's so sweet.
    All in all, intense sesh, roflol.