8-bit atmospheric loligaze band that tynan used to be in beasteality better than radiohead bewbs breakfastcore brocore brutal death metal burgercore butt funk car commercial indie carnivalcore cerealcore chaotic cohesion chex mix claudiocore cleveland comedy crab core crabcore cream corn dance deathgrind dinosaur brocore discocore djent electronic elite as fuck epic viking death metal euro8bitdance everyone high-fiving everyone experi-metal cartoon-core experimental experimental acoustic avant-garde free jazz mangumcore progressive grindcore sea… fail fat guy folk fratcore fun fun fun fun gay gospel guitarmageddon hampstercore hardcore as crabs herman cain hip-hop hulkcore humor-core hygienecore i wanna meet that dad instrumental jazz josh prigge lulz mallcore marc m maroon 5-ish masterpiece mathpop mershaq messgasm music at its finest music that makes me want to grow a soulpatch nerdcore new crack swing nintendocore pitbull grindcore pizzacore poop pop post-crab post-hardcore progressive progressive death metal with vocoder progressive metal radiohead repetitive drum beats rickroll sagancore satanic black metal scamcore screamo seen live sex with guys shit your pants metal slamming guttural brutal death metal sounds really good once you get over how bad it sounds sputnikcore t-rexxx tech death technical progressive brutal death metal technical progressive death metal terrorist organization theme music twee as fuck ultra brutal death metal unafraid of getting shit on dicks unicore wart metal wart rock