The Whenever I Feels Like It Nathie Awards


Dic 19 2005, 8:24

N.B - If they aren't linked, it's generally because they've earned a "pay-out", if you will, award (except I'd Liked You Before...)

Best International Newcomer: Arctic Monkeys
Best Australian Newcomer: The Vasco Era (Not because they're from Apollo Bay, more because I'm discluding Wolfmother because I'm very sure their EP was released last year).
Best International Album: N.A. Only one album I have from this year.
Best Australian Album:Wolfmother.
Best International Single: Smoke It
Best Australian Single: Gamble Everything For Love
Worst International Single - Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna Live. I'm sorry, was it not long ago you were complaing (funnily enough) about the rich and famous complaining. Grow up, Take off the make-up, get a job where you have to wear a suit, rather than doing it to look "punk" alternitive tren-die but most of all, fuck off and stop churning garbage from what you call your instruments and singing when it actual fact, it come out like the inner bowels of Hell. I'd seroiusly rather listen to Crazy Frog. At least the Beverly Hills Cop theme tune was good, "it" just wrecked it by putting in more na na na's then that Black Sorrows songs.
Worst Australian Single - Tamara Jaber - Ooh Ahh. If the fat chauvinist wasn't fucking you on the side, he'd say 'at least you're not as bad as Tamara Jaber' to console the rubbish of the rubbish acts on Idol.

Special Awards.

The 'I Liked You Before You Were Big and/Or Known' award: [drumroll please] Ben Lee
What Is All The Fuss About (Most Overrated or Overhyped New Artist) Award: [drumroll] Supersport Utd....

Okay then, Kaiser Cheifs.

Best Newly Owned Album:
3. Interpol - Antics
2. The Libertines - Up The Bracket
1. The Dandy Warhols - Odditorium or Warlords of Mars.

The Music World Would Be Better Without... - Natalie Bassingthwaite of Rouge Traders. Hun, your pathetic attempt to look punk in your shitty big name brand clothes with tiresome slogans of "Punk's Not Dead" etc. leaves you looking like a Bangkok Whore after a cheap fuck. Stick to the poppie dressing style you know you prefer, which would far more suit your mainstream dance band.
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  • cheapdrinks

    So much hype from Arctic Monkeys, they deserve it! Ooh I'm seeing The Vasco Era soon supporting The Zutons. I agree with Tamara and Natalie but eventually they will die out.

    Dic 20 2005, 14:13
  • mrjoe

    I was looking forward to see both The Vasco Era andThe Zutons at the Falls Festival (Lorne), I thought they'd sold all the tickets and spent the money on CD's and then they put up 500 more tickets for sale. Bah!

    Dic 21 2005, 0:56
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