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65kid ***

Faced With Complete Failure
Utter Defiance Is The Only Response

Somebody stole my soul
and threw it with the rubbish
I couldn't stop it
I couldn't turn it off...
[Birdpen - Off]

Live == Life
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2010: 63 / 58 / 32 / 8
2011: 67 / 63 / 36 / 5
2012: 100 / 91 / 59 / 5
2013: 123 / 112 / 62 / 7

[Retreat! Retreat!]
This negative energy just makes me stronger
We will not retreat, this band is unstoppable!
I look outside and see that everything is perfect
except for me, I'll always be
the one who sits and stares
[Even Less]
I had a stupid dream, that I could change things
but I'm a martyr to even less
[Leaving Eden]
The cost of innocence is the loss of innocence
Some may pass away but some die screaming
And when it came to my time, oh it took me by surprise
Was it my mistake, or am I born for giving in?
[Wie Weit]
Mein Leben ist einsam,
ich bin zu schwach um aufzustehen
Gestreckt auf dem Boden, wie gelähmt
der Himmel ist zu schwer
Gravedigger, when you dig my grave
could you make it shallow? so that I could feel the rain
[Fuck U]
There's a space kept in hell with your name on the seat
with a spike in the chair, just to make it complete
When you look at yourself, do you see what I see?
if you do, why the fuck are you looking at me?!
[We Forgotten Who We Are]
So let's raise this bitter glass to us never getting through
when I look into your eyes, I can see you see it too
[Hope in the Air]
There is no hope ever of winning,
so why fear death? Be scared of living
You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake,
you're the same decaying organic matter as everything else
we are all parts of the same compost heap
we're the all singing, all dancing crap of the world...

i am nothing but a Music listener. . .