• Feeder in Newcastle

    Ott 24 2008, 11:39

    I'm no good at writing reviews, so this goes here, not in the gig reviews thing. :)

    Went and saw Feeder last night doon the Toon (in Newcastle), Fightstar supporting who were OK at best, didn't like them that much.

    Feeder were on top form, Grant was getting the crowd up for it, Taka with his usual springs in his feet, Mark and Dean pulling faces at each other as they usually do.

    The set list was spot on - I'd have swapped 'Fires' for 'Who's the Enemy' as that was awesome when they did the warm-up shows, but can't have them all really.

    Set list was:

    We Are the People
    Feeling a Moment
    Come Back Around
    We Can't Rewind
    Pushing the Senses
    Just the Way I'm Feeling
    Tracing Lines
    Buck Rogers
    Comfort in Sound
    Lost and Found (+ All My Life)

    Silent Cry (Acoustic - Grant and Dean only)
    Seven Days in the Sun
    Just a Day

    We got a rendition of Foo Fighters - All My Life in the middle of Lost and Found, was funny as hell when Grant went into it he said "everybody sing along... all my life I've been..." then let the crowd do the rest - we were the best yet apparently, so good we finished off the song!!

    The crowd was the most violent I've ever been in, a hell of alot worse than the Foo Fighters crowd last year which I was pretty much right in the middle for. I was squashed, crushed, stood on, elbowed, couldn't breathe, almost thrown into the mosh pit (mosh pit for Feeder!?!?!!!??), I thought I'd move towards the right of the stage infront of Taka, found some space to breathe, But eventually people started filtering from the middle out to the sides because of the nature of it! So i was soon to be squashed again, but not as badly as before.... but it was well worth it!!!

    Fightstar - 7/10 - average, not good, not bad.
    Feeder - 10/10 - amazing set, all of them on top form, would have played Who's the Enemy, but can't have them all I guess!
    Crowd - 9/10 - great atmosphere that you can only get in Newcastle, but a few there just to make trouble I think.
  • 50,000

    Feb 23 2007, 16:41

    yes folks it's true, I have scrobbled 50,000 songs on here since the 28th of May 2005.

    I'd like to thank the bands I've listened to for their songs, the people who come and see this profile and post in my shoutbox comment it couldn't have been done without you! My sponsors..... yeah right, what a load of rubbish these thanking speaches are, i'm only taking the mick before anyone thinks i'm being serious ;)

    the 50,000th track was: Muse - Stockholm Syndrome as can be seen by this screenshot:

    To celebrate, Katie has forced me to listen to The New York Fund for the first time (currently ripping from CD to computer now).

    So I shall now go and listen,

    Happy Listening,

  • MUSE @ Newcastle

    Nov 20 2006, 11:55

    I went to see Muse in Newcastle last night, and my god they were absolutely amazing!

    The stage set-up was superb, the lightshow was amazing, Muse couldn't have been better, but I'm afraid the Noisettes sucked.

    All I can remember is the Muse setlist started with Take a Bow and ended with Knights of Cydonia... I can remember all the songs in the middle, but not the order! :P

    I remember during Take A Bow wondering where the hell Dom was... then this huge light Diamond(ish) shaped thing split in 2 and the top half lifted up to show Dom hidden under it.

    An amazing performance (NOT a gig) and for my first ever it was almost perfect. Would have been perfect if the support was different, and if Katie was there too! Anyway here's my ratings for last night...

    Noisettes - 4/10 - Guitarist and drummer were good, singing was terrible.
    Muse - 10/10 - Couldn't have been better, made up for the Noisettes more than 10 times over the best part of the night by far!!
    Stage Setup - 9/10 - only way it could have been better would be if Dom was in the middle instead of the left side of the stage
    Lights - 10/10 - Absolutely superb. Describing them can't tell you how good they were

    I don't think I'll ever see anything as amazing as that ever again! Can't wait for the next one now! I would be absolutely amazed if ANY band could beat that!

    EDIT: Here's the set-list for Newcastle
    01. Take a Bow
    02. Hysteria
    03. New Born
    04. Butterflies & Hurricanes
    05. Assassin (extended)
    06. Map of the Problematique + Riff
    07. Starlight
    08. Invincible
    09. Forced In
    10. Time is Running Out
    11. Supermassive Black Hole
    12. Plug in Baby
    13. Stockholm Syndrome + Riff
    14. Apocalypse Please
    15. Bliss (extended) + Balloons
    ***Encore 2***
    16. Hoodoo
    17. Knights of Cydonia + Riff

    My list of bands to see is now looks like this
    Foo Fighters
    Franz Ferdinand
    Tenacious D
    The Futureheads
    The Strokes
  • the Music videos on my computer

    Apr 1 2006, 21:50

    yeah i'm bored so i thought i would make a list of all of the music videos i have on my computer, i dont really care if you are interested or not :D

    i also have alot of live versions of the same song, they are not repeats of the same live version (applies to Muse only)

    songs without Live tags on are the actual music video


    Buck Rogers
    Come Back Around (Live at Glastonbury 2003)
    Feeling A Moment
    Find the Colour
    Just a Day
    Oxygen (Live at V2000)
    Pushing the Senses
    Seven Days in the Sun
    Waiting for Changes (Live at Glastonbury 2003)
    We Can't Rewind (Live at Glastonbury 2003)

    Foo Fighters
    All My Life
    Best of You
    Big Me
    Learn to Fly
    Monkey Wrench
    My Hero
    Times Like These

    Apocalypse Please (Live)
    Blackout (Live in Milan 2003)
    Bliss (Live @ Leeds)
    Bliss (Live @ Pinkpop 2004)
    Bliss (Live in Milan 2003)
    Bliss (Live)
    Butterflies and Hurricanes
    Butterflies and Hurricanes (Live at Glastonbury 2004)
    Butterflies and Hurricanes (Live in Milan 2003)
    Butterflies and Hurricanes (Live)
    Citizen Erased (Live in Milan 2003)
    Dead Star
    Feeling Good
    Feeling Good (Live @ Leeds)
    Hyper Music
    Hyper Music (Live @ Leeds)
    Hysteria (Live at Glastonbury 2004)
    Hysteria (Live in Milan 2003)
    Hysteria (Live)
    In Your World
    Micro Cuts (Live @ Leeds)
    Muscle Museum
    Muscle Museum (Live @ Leeds)
    Muscle Museum (US Version)
    New Born
    New Born (Live @ Leeds)
    New Born (Live at Glastonbury 2004)
    New Born (Live BDO 2004)
    New Born (Live in Milan 2003)
    Plug in Baby
    Plug In Baby (Live @ Leeds)
    Plug in Baby (Live at Glastonbury
    Plug in Baby (Live in Milan 2003)
    Plug in Baby (Live)
    Screenager (Live @ Leeds)
    Showbiz (Live)
    Sing for Absolution
    Stockholm Syndrome
    Stockholm Syndrome (Live at Glastonbury 2004)
    Stockholm Syndrome (Live BDO 2004)
    Stockholm Syndrome (Live in Milan 2003)
    Stockholm Syndrome (Live)
    Sunburn (Live @ Leeds)
    Thoughts of a Dying Athiest (Live BDO 2004)
    Time Is Running Out
    Time Is Running Out (Live in Milan 2003)
    Time is Running Out (Live)
    Unintended (Live @ Leeds)
    Uno (Live @ Leeds)
    Yes Please (Live at Glastonbury 2000)

    Smells Like Teen Spirit
    You Know You're Right

    Queens of the Stone Age
    No One Knows
    No One Knows (Live)
    Regular John (Live)

    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Can't Stop

    System of a Down
    Chop Suey

    Tenacious D

    The Strokes
    Last Nite (Live)
    The End Has No End (Live)

    The Vines
    Get Free
    Highly Evolved

    Hash Pipe
  • a random thing

    Mar 27 2006, 19:06

    List your top ten last.fm artists, then list your favorite three songs by each.

    1. Feeder
    Buck Rogers
    Pushing the Senses

    2. Muse
    Plug in Baby
    The Groove

    3. Foo Fighters
    All My Life
    Free Me

    4. Queens of the Stone Age
    No One Knows
    Hispanic Impressions
    Burn the Witch

    5. Nirvana
    Smells Like Teen Spirit
    You Know You're Right

    6. Oasis
    The Importance of Being Idle
    Roll With It

    7. Ash
    Burn Baby Burn

    8. Tenacious D
    Jesus Ranch

    9. The Strokes
    Last Nite

    10. The Vines
    Get Free
    Highly Evolved