Feeder in Newcastle


Ott 24 2008, 11:39

I'm no good at writing reviews, so this goes here, not in the gig reviews thing. :)

Went and saw Feeder last night doon the Toon (in Newcastle), Fightstar supporting who were OK at best, didn't like them that much.

Feeder were on top form, Grant was getting the crowd up for it, Taka with his usual springs in his feet, Mark and Dean pulling faces at each other as they usually do.

The set list was spot on - I'd have swapped 'Fires' for 'Who's the Enemy' as that was awesome when they did the warm-up shows, but can't have them all really.

Set list was:

We Are the People
Feeling a Moment
Come Back Around
We Can't Rewind
Pushing the Senses
Just the Way I'm Feeling
Tracing Lines
Buck Rogers
Comfort in Sound
Lost and Found (+ All My Life)

Silent Cry (Acoustic - Grant and Dean only)
Seven Days in the Sun
Just a Day

We got a rendition of Foo Fighters - All My Life in the middle of Lost and Found, was funny as hell when Grant went into it he said "everybody sing along... all my life I've been..." then let the crowd do the rest - we were the best yet apparently, so good we finished off the song!!

The crowd was the most violent I've ever been in, a hell of alot worse than the Foo Fighters crowd last year which I was pretty much right in the middle for. I was squashed, crushed, stood on, elbowed, couldn't breathe, almost thrown into the mosh pit (mosh pit for Feeder!?!?!!!??), I thought I'd move towards the right of the stage infront of Taka, found some space to breathe, But eventually people started filtering from the middle out to the sides because of the nature of it! So i was soon to be squashed again, but not as badly as before.... but it was well worth it!!!

Fightstar - 7/10 - average, not good, not bad.
Feeder - 10/10 - amazing set, all of them on top form, would have played Who's the Enemy, but can't have them all I guess!
Crowd - 9/10 - great atmosphere that you can only get in Newcastle, but a few there just to make trouble I think.


  • ragooligan

    Cheers, been looking for a setlist from this tour for ages! Bring on Bristol on Saturday.

    Nov 6 2008, 13:20
  • ragooligan

    Disappointed that Piece by Piece and Guided By a Voice aren't in there though.

    Nov 6 2008, 13:25
  • mr_x

    I don't think Piece by Piece would ever make it into a live set again unfortunately, with it being quite an old song and not widely known. Guided By a Voice has been played elsewhere in the tour as has Who's The Enemy. We Can't Rewind was a nice suprise, and Descend was worth the money for the ticket and more just in that 1 song! Enjoy it on saturday! :)

    Nov 6 2008, 13:30
  • Mattauger

    Bristol needed Turn...

    Dic 6 2008, 0:44
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