• 22nd November 2005. Music before Music

    Nov 22 2005, 9:23

    I had a very interesting conversation yesterday which pretty much sums up the current musical climate, or the mentality of a good proportion of the so called alternative youth. The idea i put forward was that with the rise and rise of emo and post hardcore pop 'the kids' were forgetting about real issues and becoming self obsessed and narrcisitc. Of course we expect the average 14 year old girl to like my chemical romance, thats the time of their lives that they are in. However the more worrying aspect for me is when people who have been through that stage of musical development stay there or go back and don't branch out into all the avenues that they could and then lecture me about my music taste! The thing for me is that it all seems to be completely lacking substance beyond the politics of the 'scene' itself, i.e. how many myspace friends you have. The whole idea of scene started off as far as i can tell with a completely self aware ironic tone but this is beginning to be lost and it seems some people are actually believeing their own hype. (Which goes against the very ethos of the supposed emo genre, the whole point is to be an outcast and moan about it.)
    Anyway my conversation basically entailed my opinions that music and politics should go hand in hand that music should have some sort of substance beyond trying to make a nice tune. Obviously a lot of people will not agree with that and im not saying that all music should be like that, but im not a musician, im a punk and the whole punk ethos was lost years ago. I talked to my friend about this point, we decided the last band to have any major form of success and actually have substance to it was Rage Against the Machine. Some people may argue System of a Down, which i would agree with. However my friend argued that with all the millions they earn and especially this releasing of a double album at two different times, which stinks of cash in to me. In fact i was once near a kid wearing a My Chemical Romance hoody who said exactly the same thing, even emo kids have a sense of injustice!
    The original point of this rant was to try and get down on paper the problems with todays scene, the problem is its got too fucking loved up with its own inside joke for its own good. For a scene with no substance other than trying to be fashionable surely it can't last that long. It can be argued even that Emo is going back to some god awful hardcore 18 Visions, Bring Me the Horizon for example which has even less substance to it. Of course im now going to be the moody old punk rocker and say music should go back to 77 and we start taking an interest in the world around us. But that just seem ridiculous, so many bands tried to fly the political flag in the mainstream and failed and just made themsevles seem ideotic NOFX for example. Old school punk has become a charactuer of itself and even new punk bands they try and bring politics to the table even in a thoughtful and amazingly articulate way such as Dillinger Four are ignored by the majority of kids, not that D4 would care that much anyway. Anyway i was going to rant about Anti Flag but heres a joke QHowmanypunksdoesittaketochangealightbulb
    A: None Punks can't change anything.

    oh even after saying all that listen to A Whilhelm Scream and obviously Against Me
    Laters Homes.