• Seeing shining for the first time

    Dic 9 2013, 12:57

    Tue 3 Dec – Razors Across Europe 2013

    Two things I think to myself as I get older is firstly that the bands I used to like as a teenager and in my early 20s I'm starting to think were a bit naff and embarrassing. The other thing is that I never really have that passion for bands like those ones from the old days. However Shining serves to me as an exception to that.

    The run up bands to the Shining set were mixed. The less said about some of them the better. However the latter two were awesome and they clearly had brought some fire from Sweden with them.

    Shining's set was ...intense. It was like nothing I've ever seen and I suspect like nothing I'll ever see again. Kvarforth once said that he is reluctant about the term 'suicidal black metal' or even 'black metal', but just prefers 'black' to describe his music. I think black covers it very well. I was also really impressed at how many people came to see Shining. I discovered them through blogs and just my own listening around and didn't know much about what kind of following they had.

    Mind was blown. Not sure if I'll ever see a gig like that again, although that's probably a good thing. That level of intensity isn't for everyone.