Indie Asshats. Journal #7: Feburary(ish) 2008; in review.


Mar 20 2008, 2:31

This starts with live reviews, sorta:

Went to San Francisco two weekends ago with my lovely girlfriend and had the opportunity to crash in on a few excellent shows. The first was The OhSees (or maybe being called Thee Oh Sees according to Tomlab) and The Dodos, who just released an album on FrenchKiss yesterday. Thee Oh Sees new album doesn't come out officially until April, but they had a few copies at the show, and I'd recommend it without hesitation. It's called "The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In," and it finally translates all the energy the group has on stage onto disc.

The second show was Atlas Sound, White Rainbow, and Valet. All amazing; an amazing show, as Bradford had a couple drinks and continued to entertain the crowd as for a good 20 minutes after the show, as people slowly exited the venue. And I'd say most of us have heard about "Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel," so yeah, most excellent. I haven't had a chance to hear the new Valet album yet, though.


Currently, I'm listening to Why?'s "Alopecia," which has haunted my iPod now since I first listened to it on imeem nearly two weeks ago. One of those albums that would sound like shit if you tried to describe it to someone, but listening to it portrays all it has to offer.

The Mountain Goats' "Heretic Pride" was solid, but not anything outstanding...doesn't hold a candle to "The Sunset Tree," and I'm still partial to the older, super lo-fi offerings. About the same I'd say for Nada Surf and their new album "Lucky," which has a handful of songs that get stuck in my head for a day, but on the whole is another solid offering from the band...and not much more.

Okay, two more albums to talk about:

This one is an comes out proper in April, but you can get it now on eMusic, and I suggest you do: "Plunder, Beg, and Curse" by Colour Revolt. I don't know how to describe this band... Their debut EP was my #2 album of 2006. They have an energy and anger that isn't expressed (necessarily) by over-aggressive vocals or instrumentals...don't get me wrong, they sure as hell rock out...but with an indie temperament mixed with the hard edge of Americana, CR builds so much tension and terror that when they explode, it's more than proper and it's always breathtaking.

And then: Bon Iver. I know "For Emma, Forever Ago" was first self-released last year, but Jagjaguar re-released it this year, and my God is it a thing of beauty. I've been listening to it just about once a day...for being so sparse, there is so much energy and passion in each pause, break, and pull of breath. My plan it to see him perform in Visalia this upcoming Saturday (I hear, according to reports on his SXSW performance) that he travels with a legit band, and amps things up live, so I'll be excited to share the experience, provided it occurs.

so: my top list of the first two months of 2008:

11. The Mountain Goats
10. Vampire Weekend
9. Nada Surf
8. Times New Viking
7. Xiu Xiu
6. Atlas Sound
5. The Magnetic Fields
4. Why?
3. Colour Revolt
2. Thee Oh Sees
1. Bon Iver


  • RufflesOLeary

    bon iver fucking rules. good call.

    Mar 20 2008, 6:12
  • R_Kamidees

    Alopecia is already on my tentative best of 2008 list.

    Mar 22 2008, 4:47
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