• morr music news Nov. 12th 2006

    Nov 16 2006, 12:17

    :: new album by contriva

    it took a while, but it was worth waiting! ''separate chambers'' has become contrivas most light-footed album. a swinging nonchalance of the instrumental virtuosos, alwayscloser to a pop-song than to instrumental concept music. and it's out in the shops soon: november 10th (gas/row) & november 28 (usa).

    they'll present their new material live right away within the same month, germany to start with. please have a look at the tourdate section to find out, where they are going to play (together with electric president).

    and what does the press say?

    popnews.com ''...tout dans cet album est elegant en diable. the divine comedy, adam green (son versant classe, pas celui de ''carolina''), belle & sebastian et jonathan richman(pas son versant neuneu s'entrechoquent et se rejoignent ici...''

    boomkat.com ''contriva have produced an album that never underestimates the power of pop - but laces it throughout with lush instrumentation, melancholy atmospherics and asmattering of evocative vocals. magic.''

    smallfish.co.uk ''they don't just rely on postal service-esque upbeat happiness either - there's a wealth of depth here from pacey numbers through to more soundscape-driven moments and plenty of lovely acoustic guitar playing, as well as an ever-present electronic influence. i'd check it out if I were you.'' well then.

    :: listen on tv: b. fleischmann

    "jeder schweigt von etwas anderem" bauderfilm 2005 (www.bauderfilm.de) a documentary about three families and the past/present stasi influence.

    music by b.fleischmann.

    sunday 12.11. at 21:15 hrs 3sat

    :: if you want to hear something just yell

    exhibition from the 10th november till 3rd dezember 2006 at galerie neurotitan in berlin. a visual exchange of music from the USA and Germany with the ARTISTS: jim avignon, melinda beck, albert bertolin, erica borboa, irene cho, chrigel farner, james gallagher, daniel givens, julia guther, cx huth, jordin isip, rich jacobs, juju's delivery, jan kruse, andrew kuo, matt leines, mawil, neckface, potipoti,patrick roacha, rinzen, juan varela, eric white, josh wildman, tobin yelland and many more.

    CURATED by: rich jacobs (USA) & julia schonlau (Deutschland)

    OPENING at friday the 10th november 2006 at 8pm

    liveconcert by jablonski slin meets saal-c

    djs millionas euros & pepe cravalho

    galerie neurotitan, haus schwarzenberg,

    rosenthaler strasse 39 in berlin


    :: another concert for masha qrella in ny

    well, new jersey - to be precise. she is opening for micah p. hinson at maxwell's, in hoboken, new jersey on november 11 at about 7:30 pm. solo!

    :: morr music label night in brussels

    the venue is already very promising, the music inviting as always - let sparkles fly at the planetarium of the royal obeservatory in brussels. isan, b. fleischmann and christiankleine are playing live on november 25th.further details: www.vkconcerts.be


    :: B. Fleischmann

    23.11.2006 Wien (A) - Rhiz

    25.11.2006 Brussels (B) - Planetarium w/ ISAN & C. Kleine

    26.11.2006 Rotterdam (NL) - Worm - w/ISAN

    :: Benni Hemm Hemm

    02.12.2006 Tokyo (Jp) - O-West

    05.12.2006 Kyoto (Jp) - Jittoku

    15.12.2006 Reykjavík - Tjarnarbíó

    :: Christian Kleine

    25.11.2006 Brussels (B) - Planetarium w/ ISAN & b.fleischmann

    :: Contriva

    23.11.2006 Berlin (D) - Volksbuehne w/ Electric President

    26.11.2006 Cologne (D) - Gebäude 9 w/ Electric president

    27.11.2006 Hamburg (D) - Uebel & gefaehrlich w / Electric President

    28.11.2006 Gießen (D) - Muk w/ Electric President

    29.11.2006 Dresden (D) - Scheune w/ Electric President

    30.11.2006 Munich (D) - Rote Sonne w/ Electric President

    :: Duo 505

    02.02.2007 Famalicão (P) - Casa das Artes

    :: Electric President

    22.11.2006 Lund (S) - Mejeriet

    23.11.2006 Berlin (D) - Volksbuehne

    24.11.2006 Utrecht (NL) - Ekko

    25.11.2006 Colmar (F) - Supersonic Festival

    26.11.2006 Cologne (D) - Gebäude 9 w/ Contriva

    27.11.2006 Hamburg (D) - Uebel&Gefährlich w/ Contriva

    28.11.2006 Gießen (D) - Muk w/ Contriva

    29.11.2006 Dresden (D) - Scheune w/ Contriva

    30.11.2006 Munich (D) - Rote Sonne w/ Contriva

    01.12.2006 Aarau (CH) - Jugendhaus Flösserplatz

    02.12.2006 St. Gallen (CH) - Kugl

    03.12.2006 Lausanne (CH) - La Romandie

    05.12.2006 Milan (I) - Plastic Club

    06.12.2006 Bologna (I) - Murato

    08.12.2006 Paris (F) - Fleche d`or

    09.12.2006 Paris (F) - Fleche d`or

    10.12.2006 Heidelberg (D) - Karlstorbahnhof

    11.12.2006 Hannover (D) - Spandau Projekt

    :: F.S. Blumm

    18.11.2006 Aalst (B) - Kunstencentrum Netwerk w/ Guido Möbius

    10.12.2006 New York (USA) - Epistrophy 'What if'- Festival

    :: Fat Jon & Styrofoam

    10.11.2006 Antwerpen (B) - Trix

    11.11.2006 Paris (F) - Mains d'Oeuvres

    12.11.2006 Lorient, (F) - Le Manège

    16.12.2006 Tokyo (Jp) - Club Asia

    22.12.2006 Brussels (B) - Ancienne Belgique

    :: ISAN

    25.11.2006 Brussels (B) - Planetarium w/ b.fleischmann & C.Kleine

    26.11.2006 Rotterdam (NL) - Worm - w/b.fleischmann

    :: Masha Qrella

    11.11.2006 Hoboken / New jersey (USA) - Maxwell´s w/ Micah P.Hinson

    19.11.2006 Berlin (D) - Postbahnhof w/ Yo la tengo

    21.11.2006 Hamburg (D) - Markthalle w/Yo la tengo

    22.11.2006 Duesseldorf (D) - Zakk w/ Yo la tengo

    14.12.2006 Prague (CZ) - Akropolis

    15.12.2006 Pardubice (CZ) - Divadlo 29

    ::Ms. John Soda

    09.11.2006 Vigo (E) - festival sonora @ teatro de la universidad

    10.11.2006 Barcelona (E) - Apolo 2


    02.12.2006 Reggio emilia (I) - Museo Civile

    :: Saroos

    25.11.2006 Grillen / Colmar (F) - Supersonic Festival w/ Electric President

    19.12.2006 Munich (D) - Rote Sonne