morr music news june 25th 2008


Giu 25 2008, 11:14

+++ electric president all over the place and on youtube +++

well,.... as a label, a very few times in your lifetime you're able to work with someone like ben cooper of electric president and instead of giving long explanations, we’d kindly ask you to check out these five video pieces that are selfexplaining electric president’s world and artistry. you could say it’s a making of but we say it’s a lot more. deep respect! have a look at our channel or in details:



its an ugly life <>;

scrapbook 1

scrapbook 2

+++ please welcome 'it's a musical' feat. ellinor blixt from bobby & blumm +++

.... our newest signing. if you'd like to see how a bad day in their life looks like, please got to .. they're located in lovely berlin, their debut release is just in the making and with they already have a partner to channel all their live efforts!

+++ morr music label night in bremen on july 4th +++

bremen is the hometown of morr music designer jan kruse and the hometown of our (jan human empire & tm) favorite football team werder bremen.... all in all reasons good enough for bobby & blumm, the go find, people press play, dj schege (tied & tickled trio) to team up for a label night at bremens cultural festival .. for those who’d like to get an idea about the venue, please have a look at this lovely boat .... we guess that´s reason number 3 and on top the night is for free!!!

+++ people press play live at steirischer herbst festival 2008 +++

people press play are scheduled for the opening party of renown austrian multi media festival on october 2nd at 10pm. ppp are followed by dj loopspool aka andreas gerth of tied & tickled trio. the party is admission free at helmut-list-halle <>; , waagner-biro-str. 98a, 8020 graz. more infos about the whole festival can be found here

+++ a number of small things +++

our shop, still worth a visit with new goodies (bags, shirts, posters....) from the human empire! go to

and If not there.... see you in the final :)!!!

+++ live dates +++

morr music labelnight with bobby & blumm, people press play, the go find and dj schege (tied & tickled trio)

04.07.2008 bremen (d) - breminale

b. fleischmann

25.07.2008 verucchio (i) - rocca malatestiana

bobby & blumm

04.07.2008 bremen (d) - breminale


12.07.2008 vienna (a) - donaukanalinseltreiben

butcher the bar

12.07.2008 manchester (uk) - night & day cafe

f.s. blumm

02.07.2008 sevilla (e) - museum of centemporary art


28.06.2008 toulouse (f) - les siestes electroniques
22.08.2008 zaragoza (e) - expo


18.01.2008 manchester (uk) - club academy
04.07.2008 roskilde (dk) - roskilde festival
15.07.2008 feldkirch (a) - poolbar festiva
16.07.2008 turin (i) - spaziale festival
17.07.2008 freiburg (d) - jazzhaus
18.07.2008 dour (b) - dour festival
22.07.2008 ferrara (i) - sotto le stelle @ piazza castello
03.08.2008 zaragoza (e) - expo
08.08.2008 oslo (nor) - rockefeller / øya night
09.08.2008 london (uk) - field day festival
15.08.2008 st. malo (f) - la route du rock
20.08.2008 jena (d) - kulturarena open air
23.08.2008 hamburg (d) - kampnagel (+ andromeda mega express
24.08.2008 amsterdam (nl) - paradiso (+ andromeda mega express orchestra!)
25.09.2008 geneva (ch) - alhambra
26.09.2008 feyzin/lyon (f) - epicerie moderne
27.09.2008 marseille (f) - marsatac
15.11.2008 straßburg (f) - la laiterie
16.11.2008 lille (f) - le grand mix
17.11.2008 bristol (uk) - thekla
19.11.2008 glasgow (uk) - king tuts
20.11.2008 birmingham (uk) - barfly
22.11.2008 esch/alzette (lux) - kulturfabrik
23.11.2008 frankfurt a.m. (d) - mousonturm
07.12.2008 berlin (d) - postbahnhof
08.12.2008 bremen (d) - schlachthof
09.12.2008 cologne (d) - live music hall
10.12.2008 paris (f) - trabendo
11.12.2008 brussels (b) - ancienne belgique
12.12.2008 mannheim (d) - alte feuerwache

people press play

04.07.2008 bremen (d) - breminale
23.08.2008 zaragoza (e) - expo
02.10.2008 graz (a) - steirischer herbst / helmut-list-halle

the go find

04.07.2008 bremen (d) - breminale


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