Mar 11 2010, 11:00

The undisputed winners of every drinking contest are still very much alive and kicking! And yes, we're talking about Debeli Precjednik, or Fat Prezident, as they are known internationally. Anyway, someone's recently pieced together a video for their song Waste Of My Time, which is basically a bunch of video clips filmed at the Pannonian Challenge contest back in 2009. View it in high definition of Vimeo.

Since the song in question was on their album Through The Eyes Of The Innocent, released by MoonleeRecords, we thought it'd be cool to remind you that we still have copies of said album in stock, so buy buy buy from the circle A! And in case you'd like to see them live, hop a plane/train and come to Zagreb, Croatia on 27th March, where they will play their first show at the Mochvara club in six years!

12 EUR postpaid

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