• They Might Be Giants Show

    Ott 27 2007, 16:02

    They Might Be Giants last night at the Carolina was a really great show.. several encores and confetti cannons were pretty standard.. Flansy was definitely more *ON* than I have ever seen him.. and the lights were much more elaborate than usual. They played all the Fingertips tunes as the final encore, and I was ecstatic that they played The Famous Polka.. although they didn't invite anyone up on stage for it this time, and so the stage didn't collapse..

    Oppenheimer opened up for the guys .. another duo from Belfast... a percussionist dude, and a guitarist/synth guy.. cool tunes.. their distortion pedal broke during the first song.. and they had some technical difficulties.. but they kept their cool, and it turned out pretty sweet.

    Overall, a *REALLY* great show!