Some songs are never loud enough!!


Feb 26 2007, 23:30

Some songs are never loud enough and just too exciting for your stereo/iPod/gramaphone/radiogram.

In the spirit of MattW's lust for lists I invite you add the favourite songs you just have to turn up and then turn up again and then again.

Here's mine and there is still not enough volume for them

Le Feel Internacionale
When My Baby's Beside Me
Swamp Thing
Baby's on Fire
Rock N Roll Suicide
Watching the Detectives
The Ceiling SpeaksSail On Sailor
Boys Keep Swinging
Day Tripper
Up Here In The North Of England
All Is Forgiven
and don't laugh
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
Don't Push Your Foot on the Heartbrake
Snow BrigadeCherry Blossom Clinic (revisited)
Hi-Speed Soul
Three Days
Dancing In The Street
Red Rain
Supper's Ready
President Gas
Father to Son
Faith Healer
This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us
x french t shirt
How Does It Feel

and after all that my ears hurt but I'm a happy man but my neighbours hate me.


  • raydoathome1

    yes i know what you mean

    Feb 26 2007, 23:37
  • SportModel

    Iggy Pop: I'm Bored Supergrass: Grace Dandy Warhols: Bohemian Like You The Jam: Start The Stranglers: Bitching Ash: Cherry Bomb Cheap Trick: Southern Girls Jason Falkner: Holiday

    Feb 28 2007, 7:10
  • MattWhitby

    A few as a warm up... Bleu - I won't go Hollywood Freddie Mercury - Barcelona Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky Elvis Costello - Shipbuilding David Doll = A little sign The Foundations - Build me up buttercup Fountains of Wayne - Denise Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Two Tribes Grandaddy - The Crystal Lake Guns 'N' Roses - Sweet child o' mine The Jam - Beat Surrender Regina Spektor - Us Rob Gonzalez - River of rain

    Mar 4 2007, 12:37
  • monkeymarc

    Aloha Guys! Bill - great call on Start! (even if it is Taxman) and 'I'm Bored' Matt - I'm with you on 'Won't Go Hollywood' and I'll raise you a 'Get Up' and of course major props and kudos for 'A Little Sign' :) any more for any more??

    Mar 4 2007, 15:50
  • MattWhitby

    Ok, another five... Elliott Smith - Coast to coast Ether - She can fly Sugarbomb - What a drag The Seahorses - Blinded by the sun The Velvet Underground - I'm waiting for the man

    Mar 4 2007, 18:28
  • SportModel

    But I'm on board. Nice list, especially Crystal Lake. Here's one that may not have crossed the Atlantic, but should have: Superdrag: Keep It Close to Me. Also: Queen: Flick of the Wrist If you haven't listened to Queen, you really should. Great band. ;)

    Mar 6 2007, 3:52
  • monkeymarc

    When I first got SHA by Queen I was obsessed with 'Flick of The Wrist' and played my copy into the dirt. I managed to do the exact same with 'Death On Two Legs' from ANATO. ...and don't get me started on Queen II I've owned (and own) more copies of that album than any other (at last count 9 copies closely follow by Ziggy Stardust which I have 8 copies). maybe the multiple copies fetish is ripe for a journal too??

    Mar 6 2007, 6:50
  • SportModel

    But why all the multiple copies? Did you wear them out? Do you keep one in every house you visit on a regular basis? Or did you give them to girls you were trying to indoctrinate? Or are we talking about having the original Japanese release, and the German, and the Dutch, etc.? Or is it a weird psychological abnormality? (You don't have to answer that last one.)

    Mar 7 2007, 7:03
  • SportModel

    Teenage Fanclub: Metal Baby

    Mar 7 2007, 7:04
  • monkeymarc

    It's a mixture of wearing copies out, searching for a perfect original copy and buying foreign versions (mainly Japanese ones for the quality of the vinyl). That and the fact I'm quite obviously ill ;)

    Mar 7 2007, 13:53
  • MattWhitby

    Ah... Flick of the wrist. I've listened to that piano intro so many times now. I freakin' love it.

    Mar 9 2007, 11:51
  • Slighthammer

    I'm surprised you've got any hearing or a home left if you've been playing All Is Forgiven at any level above moderately audible.

    Mar 9 2007, 13:06
  • monkeymarc

    oooh get you Mr. Cutting. Backing in the knife draw with you.

    Mar 9 2007, 18:07
  • Slighthammer

    [quote]oooh get you Mr. Cutting. Backing in the knife draw with you.[/quote] I'm serious. It's got the biggest drum sound I can think of off the top of my head. It's always made my ears bleed when played at about six. But while I'm in the knife draw, I'll see if there's anything in there that might do something for Roger Manning's hair.

    Mar 9 2007, 19:08
  • monkeymarc

    Sorry I misunderstood your comment (it's the problem with the interweb). I agree about the scale of the song it's HUGE! It's like Queen on scafolding!!

    Mar 9 2007, 19:22
  • Slighthammer

    [quote]It's like Queen on scafolding!![/quote] There goes the best description of anything I've read so far on this site. I'd never mock the muse of the mighty Jellyfish. I've loved them since I first saw them, doing Jools Holland with laughing Leonard Cohen way back when all the bands used to play the show out together, as well as doing that rambling on a riff business at the beginning.

    Mar 9 2007, 19:32
  • MattWhitby

    Jellyfish were on Jools Holland? Which songs did they play?

    Mar 21 2007, 17:01
  • zepmeister7

    I have the Jellyfish appearance on Later in 1993 on an old video somewhere. Not played it for a few months - as i recall they did two songs Ghost At Number One and Bye Bye Bye

    Mar 23 2007, 21:11
  • monkeymarc

    Is there anyway we could get a copy of the tape? :)

    Mar 23 2007, 23:04
  • zepmeister7

    I'm sure there is - i will attempt to copy it onto DVD - if my memory serves me correctly, on the same tape there is Aimee Mann singing I Should've Known on the Danny Baker Show and the Finn Brothers too. Not got access to tape at moment, but gimme a coupla weeks!

    Mar 24 2007, 12:59
  • monkeymarc

    :) all sounds good from here

    Mar 24 2007, 14:17
  • Slighthammer

    While you wait, I found the clips on YouTube. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] Jellyfish also played along over the credits to Dance Me to the End of Love, but the films on YouTube I've found stop as the credits begin, so you only get to see Roddy Frame shuffling along with the laughmeister.

    Apr 1 2007, 9:17
  • monkeymarc

    Thanking you very much sir!!

    Apr 1 2007, 20:43
  • TheRealMrQwerty

    For me The Who's '[i]Won't Get Fooled Again[/i]' can never be loud enough, particularly Keith Moon's drums when he first gets into the wonderful skipping rhythm in the intro - the anticipation is close to bursting and totally infectious. Likewise, but less well known, Moke's '[i]Down[/i]' cannot be anymore past 11 than physics allow when the guitars kick in. By the same token, anything by Coldplay, U2 or Post Syd Pink Floyd can never be quiet enough!

    Lug 15 2007, 22:17
  • monkeymarc

    By the same token, anything by Coldplay, U2 or Post Syd Pink Floyd can never be quiet enough! lol

    Ago 22 2007, 18:42
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