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Apr 13 2012, 15:27

My year 2011 in albums is here, a bit later than usual. Thanks knockergrowl for reminding. A lot of great albums this year, really, just look at it! Much diversity, I'd say. Most of them are familiar names with new albums.

In April I replaced my trusty Symbian phone with an iPhone, and upgraded back to Spotify Premium. Bye bye, Mobbler, and thanks for everything, it was a pleasure. Hello Spotify and scrobbling on the move! I canceled eMusic for good. Thanks for many great years, but the time for actually owning and physically storing mp3 files has come to an end for me.

Here are my album highlights for 2011 in the order of discovering them:

Long Distance Calling - Long Distance Calling
Demoraliser - Conveyance
Becoming the Archetype - Celestial Completion
Within Temptation - The Unforgiving
Long Arm - The Branches
Benighted - Asylum Cave
Katy B - On a Mission
Insense - Burn in Beautiful Fire
Facing the Swarm Thought - Damnati
Zao - The 2nd Era
Powder! Go Away - Laika Still Wants To Go Home
Maybeshewill - I Was Here for a Moment, Then I Was Gone
Seraphim - The Light in the Distance
Submotion Orchestra - Finest Hour
Glorie - Glorie
All Shall Perish - This Is Where It Ends
Ghost Brigade - Until Fear No Longer Defines Us
Hackneyed - Carnival Cadavre
Mare - Mare
This Will Destroy You - Tunnel Blanket
Textures - Dualism
Blueneck - Repetitions
Emmure - Speaker of the Dead
Long Arm - Organic
Molotov Solution - Insurrection
Russian Circles - Empros
Sophie Zelmani - Soul
One Morning Left - The Bree-TeenZ
I Declare War - I Declare War
A Hope for Home - In Abstraction
Huldra - Signals from the Void (EP, name your price at Bandcamp)
Destroy Judas - Wake (name your price at Bandcamp)

I collected most of the albums as a Spotify playlist.

Thanks for the amazing music. Already one third of 2012 passed, and some great discoveries at hand.


  • knockergrowl

    Hahaha! Big smile from the not always so sunny southeastearn Spain. Sure I'll give those recommendations a try :)

    Apr 13 2012, 16:02
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