Albums of 2008


Gen 5 2009, 22:17

Year 2008 was mostly a year of post-rock, post-metal and sludge for me; slow in melodies but strong in emotions.

The albums of year 2008:
BurstLazarus Bird
MaybeshewillNot for Want of Trying
Cult of LunaEternal Kingdom
Russian CirclesStation
MorcheebaDive Deep
Becoming the ArchetypeDichotomy

In addition, I really want to mention The Ocean's album Precambrian and Ulver's album Shadows of the Sun, even though those were released already back in 2007. I consider them as my top albums for 2008 anyway (or any year to that matter) due to the amount of rotation they got on my player.

Some of the best tracks from the the albums mentioned:
Rhyacian and Statherian by The Ocean
Harper Lewis by Russian Circles
Eos by Ulver
(We Watched) The Silver Rain and Cripple God by Burst
He Films the Clouds Pt. 2 and Not for Want of Trying by Maybeshewill
Ybe 76 and Away by Subheim

Some other discoveries I enjoyed:
Steak Number EightWhen the Candle Dies Out...
Swallow the OceanSwallow The Ocean
Infected MushroomVicious Delicious
Swallow the SunPlague of Butterflies

Some albums I waited for, but did not really reward in the end:
SlipknotAll Hope Is Gone
MetallicaDeath Magnetic

Edit 6-Jan: Totally forgot to put Subheim - Approach to the list. Found it via AkebonoNoMyojo's journal. Go check it out, loads of excellent stuff listed there.
Edit 10-Feb: Ulver - Shadows of the sun was released back in 2007. Corrected this. Thanks Apollyon_ for pointing this out.


  • TapparMust

    Burst - Lazarus Bird is so fucking good!

    Gen 5 2009, 22:47
  • Apollyon_

    Wasn't Shadows of the Sun released in 2007? lol

    Feb 9 2009, 20:35
  • mmsi

    Apollyon_, yes, you are correct; Ulver's "Shadows of the Sun" was released back in 2007. My mistake. I corrected it. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Feb 10 2009, 10:41
  • Apollyon_

    No problem. I work out.

    Feb 14 2009, 19:55
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