Rhett Miller @ The Paradise, Boston, MA


Mar 13 2007, 14:55

I tried to recruit people to come see Rhett Miller with me last Friday for over a month but, because half of my friends are still students and the show overlapped with spring break, I almost had to do this one alone! Fortunately for me, I was able to convince a friend Friday afternoon that this was a show NOT to be missed. And, of course, I was correct, although I'm not so sure how much my friend agreed!

Todd Thibaud opened up with a solo acoustic act. Pleasant, but a bit boring. Still, easy to listen to and got me ready to hear some good music.

Rhett's set, however, was anything but boring. He also played a solo acoustic set, but from the first strum of his strings, Rhett rocked the venue. Besides Ben Folds, I have never seen a solo act give enough sound and energy to come off as if he were a full band! Rhett admitted halfway through the set that there were times during his solo tour that he missed having his band back him up. But he certainly compensated, even banging his fist on his guitar to in order to produce a drum sound. I also really dug the fact that he did not feel the need to quiet his voice just because he was up there alone. A lot of acoustic guitar acts end up singing softly and safely, but Rhett went right on screaming and wailing as always. I even thought he sounded more like he does on the Old 97's records than his solo recordings. But I guess this is an acquired taste, as my friend who I dragged along determined that Rhett cannot sing. I firmly disagree.

The set itself was amazing, full of Old 97's stuff and more recent solo hits. I wish I had a set list, but I swear he played at least 20 songs, if not more. He fudged the lyrics on a couple, but that never really bothers me much... it usually means the band is playing something that they don't play often, as Rhett admitted when he began his encore with Terrible Vision. Other highlights for me were Question (he sang an extra verse and chorus in french, so great), Rollerskate Skinny, and Fireflies. Since Rachel Yamagata wasn't there, Rhett sang both parts is two distinctly separate voices, citing Jaime Lee Curtis as his inspiration for the performance. I also loved his intro into Singular Girl where he explained how he had tried to get get the Old 97's to put this song on a record for years and they refused but now that Rhett has recorded it, they totally wished it was an Old 97's song.

Great show. I'm so happy I got to check it out. Now I will be restlessly awaiting the new album from the Old 97's even though it probably won't be out for another year!


  • ChudleyCannons

    Jealous. Me. End of story. And random, as you're my Alternate Routes Last.Fm friend... I was walking through Walmart yesterday and their video for Time is a Runaway came on, and I nearly peed myself. That's about it.

    Mar 25 2007, 22:51
  • mm83

    Yeah, the Time Is A Runaway video makes me laugh so hard everytime I see it. They all look so awkward, it's adorable! Tim is all like Do I really have to lipsync through the whole video!? And the part with the goldfish, when he picks it up and then just throws it on the ground like its nothing... oh man, definitely a rookie performance! Which makes me love them even more. Can't wait to see them on Friday!!

    Mar 26 2007, 15:04
  • ChudleyCannons

    Haha. It's weirding me out, I got an email from the Chicago Mix radio station, like I do every week (they have some nice presales) and their Up-and-coming Artist of the month of April is our good buddies. How strange! Specially seeing when they played here there was barely 20 people there. Shame. And lucky! I'm hoping to catch them when their in Chicago over the summer.

    Mar 30 2007, 11:07
  • pixiesforever

    Hey,does anyone know when Todd Thibaud was born?

    Lug 19 2008, 16:45
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