My own Arcade Fire gig


Lug 19 2007, 14:49

Arcade Fire finally (they cancelled their previous gig in Lyon) came to lyon to see me, so I couldn't avoid being there. ;)

I needed at least Arcade Fire to have me move & go in a gig. Can you imagine I've been only to a couple in the last 10 years ????

Anyway, more on this later, but in short:

* I enjoyed it, too bad I was a little bit to far.

* A nice reprise of France Gall's Poupée de cire, poupée de son, here's the crappy extract I could "film":

* Another highlight: Win Butler saying something like "We're so happy to be in this beautiful place [Fourvière's Roman Theatre, Lyon], it's unbelieveable."

* I like the way the public asked for more, too:
. Did you guess they had just played Rebellion (Lies) before? :)

* And one last extract, it was Neighborhood #3 (Power Out):
When I told you I was a bit too far, it was no joke. :)

* And finally Herman Düne was a good surprise for a first part, definitely on my radar now. Some super-nice guy, caring to tell to an impatient crowd in how many of his songs it would be Arcade Fire's turn. Speaking of him, a cute video clip of I wish that I could see you soon:

Some pics on flickr. More later when I'm finished sorting them out.

P.S.: I couldn't see well what Win did when he crouched near the front row ; also, what happened earlier with the megaphone guy ? They had a neon fall, did they have a fight or were they just having fun ?
Will try to find & post pics about these moments.


  • ellisis

    Win just touched/shook some hands, that's at least all I managed to see. Concerning the two folks, they were just fighting for fun, but t'was quite impressive ^^

    Lug 19 2007, 15:11
  • mll

    Hey I knew someone would know; is an awesome place. Thanks! :)

    Lug 19 2007, 15:15
  • lovedezign

    Sympa ton compte rendu ! ça me fait du bien vu que je les ai loupé aux Eurocks (trop de pluie :( )

    Lug 31 2007, 11:27
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