• Nouvelle video de Watoo Watoo | Watoo Watoo new video

    Nov 25 2011, 14:30

    (English below)

    Plus de 5 ans après "La fuite", Watoo Watoo sort enfin un nouveau disque. Le Tourbillon ep est un CDep qui contient 6 titres, à savoir 2 morceaux originaux & 4 reprises.
    Pour l'occasion, le groupe a enregistré à la maison un des morceaux figurant sur le disque, Whirlpool Of Pride.

    Nous vous invitons à le regarder... Nous reviendrons rapidement vers vous pour vous parler de la sortie du CD, qui aura lieu le 12-12-11!

    Watoo Watoo sur facebook : https://www.facebook.com/watoowatoo.pop

    Pascale & Michaël


    Five years after the release of "La fuite", Watoo Watoo is back with a new record. Le Tourbillon ep is a 6 tracks CDep, that includes 2 original songs & 4 covers.
    This was the right occasion to record a new video in our living-room. Whirlpool Of Pride. will be the first song on the forthcoming record.

    So now sit-down & watch it... We'll talk to you again soon about the release of the CD, which will take place on the 12-12-11!

    The video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdLc_EvJGfw
    Watoo Watoo on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/watoowatoo.pop

    Pascale & Michaël
  • How to buy Watoo Watoo records? Comment acheter les disques de Watoo Watoo

    Nov 12 2008, 10:15

    (english version below)

    Le moyen le plus simple d'acheter les disques de Watoo Watoo, c'est de les commander directement auprès de nous. Cela permet d'éviter d'engraisser les distributeurs & de limiter notre déficit structurel!
    Les albums longue durée coûtent 8 €. Les frais de port sont limités au minimum.
    Vous pouvez aussi nous les acheter au format mp3, même si c'est dommage :D. L'album au format mp3 coûte 4 €.
    Enfin, vous pouvez passer par Itunes, même si je n'aime pas trop ce site!

    Pour cela, envoyez moi un message personnel. Vous pouvez payer par paypal, chèque ou virement bancaire.



    english version

    The easiest way to buy Watoo Watoo records is to order them directly from us. This way, as much money as possible goes to the artists, not to the distributors.
    The lp CDs cost 8 € (12$). Postage is as low as possible.
    You can also buy the music as mp3, but this is a pity :). The lp, in mp3 format, cost 4 € (6$).
    You can also use Itunes even though I do not like much this tool.

    Just send a personnal message to Pascale or to me (mk). You can use paypal or make a bank transfer.
    You can also order from our label, Letterbox Records


  • Watoo Watoo - new album "la fuite" is out!

    Giu 13 2007, 14:20

    (oh, spam!)
    (pour le texte en français : voir plus bas)

    Our new album was released 2 days ago! See what our label wrote about this:

    "Watoo Watoo's previous natural Felt-esque and / songwriting abilities have now been wrapped in a fancy production and completed with many other influences : jazz hints (Si tu me crois), 70's funk (lpb) + an epic last trip-pop trip (Un Ami)...and yeah, I almost forgot... Pascale's voice has never been so beautiful..." Pop 'n' Cherries.
    There'a also a cover of Luna's Chinatown.

    In an exclusive package deal, available only from Letterbox Records, purchase Watoo Watoo's new album la fuite plus previous album le fumalin for the special price of £9.99 (19$). This offer is available only while limited stocks last, so head towards the Letterbox online shop http://www.letterboxrecords.com/shop.htm to take advantage of this opportunity.

    perdu and ne pas croire can be downloaded from la fuite last.fm page.

    Many thanks everyone,
    Letterbox Records


    Notre nouvel album sort aujourd'hui! Voici la note écrite par notre label :

    "On appréciait les qualités d'écriture de Watoo Watoo pour ses morceaux Felt-esque ainsi que pour ses chansons /... A cela s'ajoute aujourd'hui une production classieuse complétée par d'autres influences : du jazz (Si tu me crois) au funk 70's (lpb) en passant par un morceau de bravoure trip-pop (Un Ami)... Et j'allais oublier... La voix de Pascale n'a jamais été aussi belle..." Pop 'n' Cherries.
    A noter aussi une reprise de Chinatown, de Luna.

    Letterbox Records vous propose le nouvel album de Watoo Watoo (la fuite) ainsi que le précédent (le fumalin) pour 15 Euros . Cette offre limitée n'est disponible que sur la boutique en ligne de Letterbox http://www.letterboxrecords.com/shop.htm.

    perdu et ne pas croire peuvent être téléchargés à partir de la page last.fm de la fuite.

    Merci à tous,

    Letterbox Records
  • 36 - 6 - watoo watoo news

    Mar 4 2006, 12:59

    hi all,
    here are some news.
    1. today i'm 36 and 6 days. it's an important day, so i decided to make an offer: pay 10 $ (or euros), & get both of our CDlps: le fumalin + curiosites?, postage included. This special offer will last till I'm 36 and 13 days.
    2. it took some time, but you can watch two new ww videos. in november 2004, we played 4 songs live on a tv local channel. Here are 2 of them, the other two will be online next month.
  • mumbly

    Feb 19 2006, 22:03

    Michaël is a nice young man from the sad northern suburbs of the Paris area. He is very proud of himself because he wears glasses. He spends most of his time looking out of his window at the giant mushroom in the yard. Very young, he earns a little money by travelling about in the country and exposing his enormous tongue at freak shows in village fetes. Back in Paris, he goes to a record shop and spends his money on a Felt album. It is like a revelation. Michaël then decides that from now on, he will stop wearing pink socks. He is known for being always at least 20 minutes late at rehearsals. His inability to ride a bicycle earns him renown throughout Belgium. Later, his inability to ride a quad (a sort of motorbike on four wheels) earns him renown in a Tunisian hospital. Also, he is the only man I know who can shave in more than 6 hours.

    Pierre (aka Pit) is also from the Paris area, but nobody ever quite understood exactly where from. A master at cooking, he perfects during his years of unemployment the recipes of tuna couscous and pasta with sardines. His major musical influences are Bonney M and Pascal Obispo (he will kill me for writing this), but he occasionally listens to Therapy? to show off. Most of the time, he practices tapping on the guitar, an art he's become amazingly skilled at.

    Aurore grew up in an igloo in the shade of the Grenoble mountains. She likes to spend her days unsorting the shelves in record shops (and calls that "revolution"). One night, as she is unenthusiastically doing her homework (which tells you how long ago this was), she hears St. Christopher on the radio, and swears she will buy all of their records. She later moves to Paris, where she quickly becomes incredibly knowledgeable about Irish pubs in the Latin Quarter. It is also in Paris that she meets a stuffed pig called Bob. She is known for having once started playing a song at a gig, and only realised during the chorus that the rest of the band was playing something else. She occasionally plays the guitar with Maurice Deebank, which makes Michaël very jealous.

    The early days of Mumbly
    (told in less than 200 words)

    The legend says they met outside a bar after having been kicked out of the bar for excessive rudeness, but you know what we think about legends.

    After leaving the band "Christine" because their songs were too long (or another poor excuse like this), Michaël formed Mumbly with the hope to play some nice songs and spread the word of POP. Little did he know he would spend more time looking for musicians than actually playing songs. Forming Mumbly took some five years.

    But, somehow, things settled. Michaël was very impressed that Pierre could play the six strings of his guitar at the same time. Even though Aurore had been a beginner for 10 years at the guitar, she was easily accepted in the band because she wore short skirts. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to keep the drummer who unexpectedly disappeared one day and was never heard of again.

    After this blow, the band easily survived. It wasn't long before the German label Marsh-Marigold records contacted them to release an album (Being Ernest, 1998). Pierre and Aurore were then promoted singers and there they stayed ever after. Drummers came and went.

    Michaël still plays with Watoo Watoo, Aurore learns the Celtic harp and Pit plays guitar with Bleeker.
    The band is still on but hasn't rehearsed or recorded anything for 4 years at least.
  • Watoo Watoo news

    Gen 9 2006, 1:01

    Hi all,

    first, here is my 2005 top 10 :
    1. Brisa Roché - the chase. Fantastic first album by this cute american girl who lives in Paris. A great mix of 60's pop, rock, cinematic & jazz.
    2. philippe Katerine - Robots après tout. This man is mad, this record is insane, full of weird groovebox & silly lyrics
    3. Albin de la Simone - je vais changer. This is how good 'chanson française' can be.
    4. Julien Baer - notre-dame des limites. i adore this album even if it's not as fantastic as his 1st two, which were released last millenium. Betwen chanson, funk, pop & reggae.
    5. Morrissey - live at earl's court. We would have preferred more songs from his 1st solo album, nevertheless this is a real great live record, Morrissey sings better than ever.
    6. Saint Etienne - Tales from Turnpike House. This is a beautiful pop album, don't expect to dance much on this saint etienne record... but expect a big smile on your face.
    7. Mathieu Boogaerts - michel. Stripped down, minimalistic french chanson record. You feel mathieu is sitting next too you whispering slowly his beautiful & sad song.
    8. Alain Chamfort - impromptu dans les jardins du luxembourg. 1st live record for this 57 years old French crooner. He has written some wonderful songs in the last 30 years, including the hit "manureva" with serge gainsbourg. His voice when he sings live is so-so, but the songs are perfect and the brit-pop arrangments are very effective.
    9. Rosa Passos - amorosa. Portuguese bossa nova singer, her voice is so sweet.
    10. The Clientele - Strange Geometry. as always, they sound between felt, any 60s obscure pop band, & galaxie 500.
    11. Tarwater - The Needle Was Travelling. I prefer their earlier recordings, but their mixture of new wave, pop, post rock & idm is still really nice.
    (ok, that makes 11).

    2nd, we (Watoo Watoo) played 3 songs at a concert that some of my students organized last month. that was great fun. We played one song from le fumalin (l'attrait) & 2 new songs (ne pas croire & perdu). I was at the bass, pascale sang & we had a backing track playing on a computer.

    3rd, I've written lots of new lyrics. This will help me finish some old songs waiting in my hard drive.

    4th, Didier Duclos, who has already played guitar on many of our songs, will play again with us. he now has a computer with a decent soundcard and an internet connection (he's in paris, we're in bordeaux, 600 km s-w).

    5th, here are some new photos: http://www.watoowatoo.net/photo

    6th... http://a.korchia.free.fr/2006.jpg

    thx for reading
  • small gig

    Dic 5 2005, 20:02

    hi all,
    watoo watoo will play 3 songs on wednesday night, at a student show. there will be 31 "groups" to participate.
    When i say group, i mean dancers, actors, bands, etc.
  • Watoo Watoo biography

    Nov 14 2005, 15:20

    Watoo Watoo is Pascale & Michaël. Michaël usually records new songs on his computer, calls friends to help with the guitars, and then asks Pascale to add her lovely voice. But Pascale is always busy doing something else, so Michaël often needs to ask her some time in advance.

    Watoo Watoo latest release is le fumalin, in 2003. The songs are a capricious mix of pop dashed with jazz, bossa, or even "chanson française", depending on the mood. It was released by Clover Records in Japan and on LeS DiSqUeS MaLaDrOiTs, the « home » label, for the rest of the world.

    Watoo Watoo has about ten new songs ready for a new label. Among the four songs on the enclosed CD are a melancholic waltz, a pop song with 60’s orchestral arrangements, an electronic tune and even a funk number sounding like a 70’s movie soundtrack. Pascale’s soft voice and the apparent softness of the melodies pull everything together, stamping the Watoo Watoo brand on the entire production.

    Short discography:
    * Le fumalin, 13 tracks CD, 2003 (LeS DiSqUeS MaLaDrOiTs / France)
    * Le fumalin, 13 tracks CD, 2001 (Clover Records/ Japon)
    * Curiosités ?, 13 tracks compilation CD, 2000 (BBPTC/ USA)
    * Picture of a Lost Friend, 6 tracks Cdep, 1999 (Radio Khartoum/ USA)
    * Un Peu de Moi, 9 tracks Cdep, 1997 (BBPTC/ USA)
    * Many appearances on compilations CD.
    Although they have played few concerts (this is exhausting), the band played two "Popfests" (New York 1997, Paris 1998) and two concerts (one was radio broadcasted) in San Francisco in 1999. In 2004 the band was invited on TV7 Bordeaux, where 4 songs were recorded live for the TV station.

    Watoo Watoo likes and may be inspired by: Astrud Gilberto, Belle & Sebastian, The Beatles, Blur, The Buzzcocks, Charles Trénet, The Cure, David Bowie, The Feelies, Felt, Iggy Pop, Julien Baer, Keren Ann, The Kinks, Lali Puna, 70’s soundtracks, Luna, The Pale Saints, Peter Astor, Serge Gainsbourg, Sergio Mendes, The Smiths, St Etienne, some jazz (Stan Getz, Keith Jarrett…), Tarwater, The Velvet Underground, The Wedding Present