• not mine!

    Set 30 2008, 12:18

    so why, if i may ask, is music showing up on here that... i didn't listen to? i didn't listen to spineshank at 7pm last night. i wasn't even on this computer at 7pm last night. i was at work. i don't even know who spineshank -is-. what the hell. >:[
    also it says that i 'love' tracks that i've never heard before. maybe i didn't hate them the whole like, one time i listened to lastfm radio, but that doesn't mean i -love- them... this place is weird. o__O;
  • heystuff

    Ago 19 2005, 18:04

    wooowwww this place got revamp'd.
    okay, anyway, if you've noticed, my music hasn't changed since the end of may. that's because the computer i have all my music on isn't connected to the internet during the summer. which means that come aug 27th or so, it'll be updated. in the meantime, i have been listening to a LOT of mars volta [de-loused in the comatorium], denali [st], muse [absolution], fiona apple [when the pawn...], cocteau twins [heaven or las vegas], wolf eyes [burned mind], fantomas, michigan [ultimate sky], nine inch nails [with teeth], modest mouse [3rd planet or whatever], múm [summer make good], sonic youth [sonic nurse], and other stuff i can't think of, but mostly those. i also plan on getting the new vnv nation album soon. and. stuff. @__@ yay.