Shuffletastic, Part II


Feb 20 2007, 2:06

Last week I had a moment of genuine fear and panic. Tragic as it may seem, this was inspired by the freezing of my iPod. Nothing seemed to cause it. I was simply in the gym, pumping iron (ha!!!! more like feebly trying to lift thirty pounds above my head) when it simply froze. I was listening to the Future Sound of London... I was extraordinarily distressed.

Nothing seemed to work. I couldn't turn it off or on. Reset didn't work. Plugging it into the computer didn't work. Plugging it into the wall neither.

Then, just as I was preparing myself for having to shell out the $350 for a new one... It came back to life! Miraculous!

Therefore, in honour of my wondrous pod, which I do love dearly, more SHUFFLE news...

1. Bicycle Race - Queen. Ok, so I'm embarrassed by this. Queen was something I grew up with, like the Beach Boys, Beatles, Buddy Holly - always on in the car. My mother loves them. This is one of the better ones... but it's one of those weird things: I know ALL the words to this, and will always, and it's a part of my childhood. It's just that... well... they're a bit naff, I suppose.

2. Down Down Down - Tom Waits. I have friends who deeply love Tom, and I think I would probably enjoy him. Along with Johnny Cash, he's one of those artists I know I should like, but just never seem to pick when I am looking for an album to listen to on the old pod... However, I loved this, so it should inspire me.

3. Waiting on You - Weezer. I own a surprisingly large amount of Weezer, but really, all I listen to is the blue album. Because it's the best. They're interesting because they have an instantly recognizable sound, in the way that the Pixies did... but with less variety and, for me, interest...

4. The Spark - The Roots. The Roots... one of the hip hop acts that I know I should like but, again... never seem to select to listen to, despite me always liking their stuff when it comes on. Instead, I listen to stupid (but great) stoner stuff like Busted in the Hood by Cypress Hill.

5. Bring the Drama - Rae and Christian. Ah, R&C. This takes me back to the days where I used to borrow cds from Bromley Library and tape them - yes, tape them. That long ago, people. One day I found a mixmag mix album, called Blazing the Crop. And from thus came the tape that formed the soundtrack to many, many, many car trips in Rufus, the red beast. Grandcentralrecords provided many good uk hip hop albums, but I never really got on that well with R&C's stuff. But Blazing the Crop is excellent.

6. Romeo & Juliet - Malcolm McLaren. This clearly came from the pod of KTB. I really don't like him as a person, but love Buffalo Girls... and Double Dutch, which was on a really early NOW that's what I call music! album that I listened to repeatedly... it had Total Eclipse of the Heart. Brilliant.

7. Naive - The Kooks. A friend lent me this and I've not listened to it as much as I should, particularly as I really like this song. Another listening resolution...

8. Kizmet - Lelonek. This comes from a Talvin Singh album, "Sounds of the Asian Underground", featuring drumnbass and various other dance music stylings. It's cool, but again, not something that I stick on that often. Unsurprisingly, not recognised by bit obscure, for once, not something I really consider my taste to be.

9. Jumping Jumping - Destiny's Child. Ah, Destiny's Child, when they were quality. Remember that? Hard to, really... my favourite is still No No No, although I also have a lot of time for bugaboo... and get on the bus... and independent women. And now they're just a bit pants.

10. Water from a Vine Leaf - William Orbit. William Orbit will always be cherished by me due to his stunning work on Madonna's Ray of Light album (although loses some of that good will for the heinous American Pie cover)... but his Strange Cargo stuff is excellent, and this is actually possibly my favourite song of his.

There we have it - some cool, some decidedly less so...

Love the shuffletastic thing!

ExpanderBicycle RaceDown Down DownWaiting On YouThe SparkBusted in the HoodBring the Dramablazing the cropRomeo And JulietNaiveKizmetJumping JumpingWater From a Vine Leaf


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