Mix Tape 29th May


Mag 29 2011, 19:15

Yes, a late posting today, though the playlist has been up since 12 30pm... Been revising for an exam tomorrow so you'll need to forgive me there.

So this week it's back to being a real mixture of genres so as not to isolate some of the listeners. A couple of choices are random, but as always there are a couple in there for a reason.

Silverchair feature on this weeks playlist as they announced this week that they are pausing and going off to do their own individual things. They have said if it feels right they will be back, but for now they are putting Silverchair into hibernation. There is a new track from DJ Shadow, who is someone I have a great respect for as a solo artist and while he was in UNKLE. The Enemy track is what I'm feeling just now with 3 exams this week, haha (you'll understand if you check it out). And finally, there's a song on there dedicated to a certain football team who played last night. As a Liverpool fan, I am very greatful to this team, so a bit of a dedication to them!


As always, please feel free to hit the "like" button, and if you DO like it, you can leave a comment at the bottom of the playlist's page ^_^

Philip Sayce - blues, blues rock
The Police - rock, classic rock, 80s, new wave, pop
DJ Shadow - trip-hop, electronic, hip-hop, turntablism, electronica
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - indie, post-punk, indie rock, post-rock, alternative
Silverchair - grunge, rock, alternative rock, alternative, australian
Bush - grunge, rock, alternative, alternative rock
Forest Silence - black metal, atmospheric black metal, dark ambient, ambient black metal, ambient
Kill the Romance - melodic death metal, thrash metal, finnish, finnish metal, metal
Pain Confessor - melodic death metal, finnish, death metal, metal, finnish metal
Månegarm - viking metal, folk metal, black metal, pagan metal, swedish
Editors - indie, indie rock, british, alternative, rock
The Enemy - indie, indie rock, british, rock, alternative
Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé - opera, classic rock, rock, freddie mercury, queen


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