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I'm interested in anime/manga and politics (Christian Democracy) and I am also now a Catholic.

Google Talk: minutz3
Live/MSN: minutz3@msn.com

Track No. 1:
"Weird Al" Yankovic – Why Does This Always Happen to Me?

Track No. 1 000;
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama

Track No. 2 000;
The Music – Getaway

Track No. 3 000;
Dr. Evil – Just the Two of Us

Track No. 4 000;
Rascal Flatts – Stand

Track No. 5 000;
Michael Jackson – Thriller (remix)

Track No. 6 000;
Kenny Rogers – Ticket to Nowhere

Track No. 7 000;
Johnny Cash – A Thing Called Love

Track No. 8 000;
Oomph! – Im Licht

Track No. 9 000;
The Chordettes – Mr. Sandman

Track No. 10 000;
Disney Channel Circle of Stars – A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Track No. 11 000;
Weird Al Yankovic – Headline News

MySpace: www.myspace.com/minutz3

aznsupragrl182 said:

Hey man, how's everything going? I meant to reply to your private message, but i didn't get a chance. Don't feel as if I was offended by anything you said !! Any more details revealed to you about WYD08? =) I wonder what iHATEapril hates about the Catholic faith.. =\ OK. God bless you, minutz3.
aznsupragrl182 shouted in June 2008

DanteCore said:

Wow, thanks for the video you posted in the Christian group. Moved me to tears, wonderful <3 God bless =)
DanteCore shouted in January 2008

Enmity_Thrives said:

Sure :) I have MSN, I'll private message you my MSN address. I completely agree about atheism, it's a shame that state and religion have been torn apart and it seems atheism has taken it's place.
Enmity_Thrives shouted in January 2008

Enmity_Thrives said:

Hello there minutz3 :) Congrats on becoming leader of the group. Just a quick note: Glad to find a fellow conservative on this site. There's not many of us around at our age.
Enmity_Thrives shouted in January 2008

Jeremiaas said:

hard-core conservative? Good to see such a person in Scandinavia! In my mind, Protestant countries should be strictly conservative in order to maintain their domination over those pathetic lazy-ass catholic countries. And never, never read any libertinic stuff- its all hippy bullshit ;) By the way, congratulations on becoming a new leader.

Aryo said:

you are such a naive person and have such childish views on society, that I can only recommend you read some classic libertarian literature, before you sink too deep in irrational superstitions. Never in the history of humankind were the social controls effective. The case of prohibition in USA is one in many, proving the incompetence of government control maniacs. They all should die, BTW

Gesagtzor said:

HAHA, du vet alltså inte om du har barn ;) smidigt

Aryo said:

Liberalism (libertarianism) does not lead per se to degeneracy, filth and etc. It leads where the people want to go. And you can't just change people with a government decree. In a libertarian society degenerats, drug users, sociopaths and other filth would be quickly declared outlaws by private courts, and killed on sight by vigilantes. You don't need a conservative central government 4 it

MotherFist said:

Thank you for your kind, but misguided, comments within my shoutbox. I think I'll pass on visiting the lovely Roman-Catholic church this and every Sunday if it's okay by you. I kind of have an issue with any organisation that covers up internal child abuse in order to protect its reputation. Do feel free to put your feet up on my vacant seat though, because you're worth it.

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