Ô Paradis interview (2006/07)


Mar 19 2012, 4:26

I made this interview with Demian during 2006/2007 for the now dead e-zine ušušur.org.

Ô Paradis' mission has proved itself to be stabbing into one's heart so precisely and deeply that the flesh and skin will grow themselves back and heal in a moment - because this is the exact moment when the miracles happen. Ô Paradis' music is so determined to be sa/i/d that it doesn't have to hurt you at all, if you're ready for it. Its strongest weapon is the most scary and destructive of them all - our own heartbeat and the way it really works. Demian calls this "honesty", but I'm tempted to believe that by this he doesn't mean being honest towards others, but strictly being honest to oneself, which results in all kinds of changes.

"The philosophy of Ô Paradis is complete truth and honesty. Other people can succeed (at) pretending to be someone else, I can't."

"I like to think of myself as a medium, the story hangs in the air and when I pick it, it speaks through me. I believe that we represent a higher being, and that the quantity of our thoughts determines the quality of the higher intelligence that is shown."

When did you start seeing yourself as a music medium? Before or after the start of Ô Paradis?

There is no before, or after, or coincidences, nor time, nor words that change anything. Everything was always there and showing itself. From a human's point of view, where years are making us older, it could be said that music is the medium in which I express myself, just as the sea is the medium of a jellyfish on its way.

Can you listen to your songs the way you would listen to someone else's? Do you ever play your music at home?

I am the contrary of a chameleon, when standing on a black wall, I turn to white, and if my household doesn't want to stop playing nice songs, I feel obligated to put Whitehouse on. When someone tells me that Ô Paradis is a good project, I listen to it to suppose what could this person see in my music, but the rest of the time I listen to Killing Joke, Ait! and Nový Svět. I find it easier to listen to the music created by people I know - after that, all other music seems rather cold.

Which is your favorite song to perform live, and which is the hardest one? Why? Is there a song that you could never play again?

I like singing pop songs. I like the feeling that creates in myself during the shows, I'd love to kiss and hug the audience. I like to surprise with my sincere appearance. There is no song that could make me feel sad, Ô Paradis, a search for the gold with which we will buy grace for our hearts.

Do you like the Swans? Do you believe in "Real love", have you ever met it? Do you think it lasts forever? How much is honesty connected to it?

I've always been in love, truly in love with the world, with all of its terrible and wonderful things. That dark game is both cruel and gorgeous...like death, it doesn't pick, doesn't know of compassion or sensibility. We can follow its rules or stand up to them, but always from the inside. There is no air outside of it, only gods and the dead can stay there. I like the Swans.

If you had to send or leave a box for someone you've never and never will see, where you would put everything that means something, what would it be?

I'd leave it empty so new things could be put inside, there should be always left space for the future, I can see it now.

You seem happy. Are you?

The moment that determined my life: I fell down the stairs with a training wheel cycle as a three year old commune youth. Five years later, I became extremely shy, and during the big break I'd do shows playing with my imaginary friends. My parents once left me locked in a car and I slowly passed onto some other state. Everything around me became scarily beautiful and enormous tears were running down my face. I wanted it to stay that way forever.

What was it like later?

I used to listen to classic things as a teenager, Sex Pistols, the Clash, Marc Bolan, Lou Reed, Bowie, post punk... Don't ask me about the emotional aspect of my childhood. I'd rather talk or do anything else.

...in example get undressed, like in the hidden picture of the "La boca del infierno" CD pack?

Yes, it wasn't a problem for me. After deciding to put such an explicit image on the front, my sister and a lot of my female friends felt offended, even exposed. That's why I made the decision to expose myself, too.

How do you feel after having finished an album? Like a part of your life is over or is it just starting? What's the difference between keeping the album for yourself and giving it to others?

When I finish an album two things happen, something's done and something's starting. It also happens with the rest of thing I do, without a seizure nothing dissapears in whole, everything comes back to make us happy or to hurt us. Noone can escape the circle of their deeds.

What was it like to finish"Las nubes que mueren"? Are you finally done with them or have they just been awoken?

Clouds that are dying (Las Nubes Que Mueren) are a small success inside of great failures. To collect everything that could have been beautiful and leave it to freely realize itself in fiction. Music is one parallel reality in which we can give final happiness, or smaller value, to stories.

Do your lyrics arise before or after the music? How long does it take you to write a lyric?

I'm always writing. Later I listen to music and connect the ideas.

How and when did you start playing? Which instrument? Is there anything you would like to play, and you can't?

I started by playing bass and I hadd a small trumpet at home which didn't want to sound good in my lips. I wouldn't be able to create my music without digital machines.

In the scene it is quite obvious which role is whose. Which one is Demian's?

Funny, I was just thinking about this the other day and I couldn't find the answer. I hope this means that I have no specified role, which is nice because it leaves me more freedom, but on the other hand it spoils my image.

What's the difference in playing with Comando Suzie? What are the band's plans?

Comando Suzie is Raul's project, I help him live and while recording at the studio. His lyrics seem very honest to me, not provocative, Raul is loyal to his thoughts and that's what makes something special of Comando Suzie.

What's your relationship with Nový Svět like? What have you learned from them?

When I listened to Nový Svět for the first time, I thought that it was the group I've been waiting for a long time, like a big love. From our first recording together a valuable friendship has risen up.

How did Ô Paradis develop, did it have its ups and downs or does it only climb higher or higher?

It only climbs. I find it less important each time that people listen to it, I don't want to make money with it, and I need less appreciation.That makes me record freely and that the music and the lyrics get better each day.

What was your first show live like?

My first concert was with Rosa "Circe";. We were very young, but the audience was quiet and treated us carefully, it was a very weird and beautiful experience.

Why did you smash a watch on stage in Leipzig?

To explain a story that stops the time, because songs don't engage in time. To feel something extraordinary, we should emerge from the usual life. We should break a watch and listen to its parts.

What are serpiente de luna and serpiente de sol?

Serpiente de luna and serpiente de sol are two confronted parts in our insides, two beasts in the eternal light from our ass to our head. They help us evolve with their visions contrary to the world, but they can also damage us.


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