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  • rougenoir

    That's why it took me so long to answer too, haha. Okay, not really. I'm just being very slooow and think there are better times for answering and then I forget I wanted to do it. ;) My little angel has no meaning except it's one of them things I took pictures of that I liked ... although I found others too, but am too lazy to sort out all the pictures I have and use another one. It belongs to a family grave of the Oetkers, but I'm not quite convinced if they are the pudding ones (who are from ... eeeeh another city but not so far off either) and it looks like it got damaged, which I like. It has a hole going right through its neck. So violent ;). (If it was meant to be so, that makes it less special).

    4 Mag 13:06 Rispondi
  • yksisarvi

    No, sä oot menny vähän apeshit :DD

    3 Mag 20:29 Rispondi
  • rougenoir

    The soundtrack composer people (one was also tagged as contemporary classical, but ... tags ...) would be Dario Marianelli, Rachel Portman and Samuel Sim as far as I am concerned. But I found a lot of Bach and stuff in them things I liked. (I find myself writing weird words and blame lack of sleep for any you can find, hehe).

    16 Feb 5:28 Rispondi
  • rougenoir

    Uuh, I don't think I know much about it actually. There are so many different eras that are not classic classical music that I can't tell what would be contemporary. I mean Ravél and Prokoview (eeh, or so) would be last century, but still rather 'traditional' I'd say. And apart from that I hardly know any but composers of film music and they 'steal' a lot from classical composers. I think the only ones I know are Julia Kent and Zoe Keating. They both play cello ... maybe I just like that. Now I feel like researching it ;).

    16 Feb 5:17 Rispondi
  • Spectre08

    so, i listend to Tohuvabohu, i got to say it's a really nice album. Looking for strange and Fait accompli are my favourites so far. i'll definitely get more into the KMFDM stuff. I don't know why i ignored them this much in the first place.

    31 Ott 2013 Rispondi
  • Spectre08

    thx, i'll check it out :)

    28 Ott 2013 Rispondi
  • Spectre08

    i think the same about Closer, it's a decent song for sure but there are way more better NIN songs. Same deal with Hurt. In my opinion hurt is one of the most "uninteresting" ones of NIN... KMFDM is nice yet i didn't get into this much. I only have a few songs of them. They got so many albums. i don't know where to start, any recommendation for a first album to listen to ?

    27 Ott 2013 Rispondi
  • Spectre08

    yes, i always think that when i hear the ending of head down. Sounds very gohsts to me or the four of us are dying... As for the industrial music, mhh i guess i made my first contact with industiral or let's just say NIN style music back in 2007. A former friend of mine introduced me to NIN by sending me a link to the happiness in slavery music video. I found it pretty gross and disturbing at that time, in fact it still is very weird i think... anyway, i did not care too much about NIN until he gave me a few songs of the fragile. I liked it but it was 2008 with the slip i really fell in love with reznors stuff... so i explored the other albums and it just was like a revelation to me. The Smashing Pumpkins got replaced as my number 1 artist by Nine Inch Nails and with the nails came other industrial and electronic rock stuff like Filter and Skinny Puppy. So, how do you got into this ?

    26 Ott 2013 Rispondi
  • Spectre08

    hi, thx for the add...It's the artwork for "An Omen EP" by how to destroy angels... another great band. well, obviously it has to be good because trent reznor and atticus ross are involved. Do you know the song "38 Ghosts" from NIN ? It's kind of a hidden track on the ghosts album. It sounds very similar to demon seed.

    26 Ott 2013 Rispondi
  • Spectre08

    hi there, nice demon seed picture...this song is so awesome

    25 Ott 2013 Rispondi
  • PrinceAmled

    Most definitely! I don't like any of the other stuff Matt Groening has made either, but Futurama is the best. I'm starting from the beginning, and going all the way through.

    27 Set 2013 Rispondi
  • PrinceAmled

    I owe you a thanks for reminding me of Futurama. It's part of my childhood, and it's beyond awesome to be able to watch it again.

    27 Set 2013 Rispondi
  • LonelyPoem

    "The Downward Spiral" is, so awesome album! Thanks for motivated me to listening NIN in calm. :)

    18 Mag 2013 Rispondi
  • LonelyPoem

    Ok, ok. I'll try to make it better. ;)

    18 Mag 2013 Rispondi
  • yksisarvi


    8 Mag 2013 Rispondi
  • LonelyPoem

    I need more time to listen NIN in peace. I always need peace to check out new music, and they're really good. Why there's no mijji in last post? ;)

    6 Mag 2013 Rispondi
  • LonelyPoem

    Because of you I started to listening Nine Inch Nails.

    26 Apr 2013 Rispondi
  • rougenoir

    Ohh ... well, I'm working on it ;). It takes me some time to fall in love. And lots of time spent together too ... with songs in this case, hehe.

    18 Apr 2013 Rispondi
  • Too-Loud

    Well, brad doesn't suck. :P

    9 Apr 2013 Rispondi
  • Birdeatsbaby

    Hi! So sorry about the re-post, didn't mean to spam I don't know why but sometimes Last FM send us recommendations twice in a row. Have deleted it from your wall and it won't happen again. Thanks! x x

    6 Feb 2013 Rispondi
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Watch the Sun
as it crawls across the final time
and it feels like
like it was a friend

If it's watching us
and the world we set on fire
do you wonder
if it feels the same?

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5   KMFDM                                      1,578
6   Flogging Molly                            1,394
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8   Steen1                                        945
9   Zen Café                                    794
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