• Vertigo Cero

    Dic 20 2009, 0:06

    Al insecto parece no importarle la altura y se dedica a descansar a la sombra de mi ventana... a 5 pisos de altura.
  • Legend of the first taiko in the world

    Giu 24 2009, 20:08

    Amaterasu is the Sun Goddess in Japanese Myth. One day she became angered by the teasing of her brother, Susanowo, the God of Thunder. She went into a cave and vowed never to come out.

    While in the cave, the world was in complete darkness. Other Gods pleaded with her to come out and brought magicians and others to roll back the stone she was using to block the entrance, but nothing would make her come out.

    If the Goddess of the Sun kept her light hidden, everything on earth would die. Uzume decided to lure Ameratsu from the cave.

    Uzume opened a barrel of sake and turned it upside down and began to play and beat upon it. Everyone began to laugh and rejoice as she danced and played on the barrel.

    Filled with curiosity, Amaterasu came close to the entrance and rolled away the stone so that she could join the others in the festivities.

    Thus sunlight returned to the world and it has been handed down that the drum made by Uzume was the first taiko in the world.

  • Taiko is… | 太鼓は…

    Giu 24 2009, 14:29

    Kokoro (心 ~ Spirit)– play with your entire spirit engaged.
    Waza (技 ~ Action)–strive for skill and technique.
    Karada (体 ~ Body)–build endurance and physical strength.
    Rei (礼~ Etiquette)– respect and courtesy to the teacher and all of the students; unity and harmony in the group.
  • Midoridixit bilingüe

    Apr 29 2009, 14:43

    De ahora en más, voy a intentar postear en castellano y japonés. Parte de mi estrategia para asimilar el idioma. Deseenmé suerte! (y corrijanme si hay algo que no tiene sentido)

    今から, この ブログ に スペイン語 と 日本語で 書き込みます。
    あやまりが あったとき, どうぞ 知らせて 下さい!

    Repost @ Midoridixit
  • Back!

    Nov 14 2007, 13:24

    Now scrobbling... ! :D
  • Rant: No scrobbling for now...

    Set 12 2007, 15:03

    It's so not cool that I don't have admin access to this computer! I can't install Last.fm :(