Review First Semi Final Eurovision 2010


Mag 26 2010, 17:04

These are my thoughts about the performances and songs in the First semi final of the eurovision songcontest 2010. I will also note which countries I predicted to reach the final.

01. Moldova: Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira - Runaway
Moldova opened this year’s eurovision songcontest and it wasn’t that bad at all. Based on other performances by Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira I didn’t expect them to sing very well, but I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not saying it was perfect, but good enough in my opinion. I liked the song as well. Very modern, very uptempo, I especially like the trumpet-parts. I still don’t get why she painted her face blue, though…
My opinion: 7
My prediction was: Qualifier
Turned out to be a: Qualifier

02. Russia: Peter Nalitch & Friends - Lost & Forgotten
This song really didn’t do it for me. I thought it was a bit boring and his singing wasn’t my cup of tea either. The act with the picture in his hand was a bit stupid. I didn’t like this at all! Maybe I just don’t understand it, but I can’t appreciate it.
My Opinion: 4,5
My prediction was: non-qualifier
Turned out to be a: Qualifier

03. Estonia: Malcolm Lincoln - Siren
This song is a bit weird. It isn’t catchy at all, so it’s not easy to ‘understand’ it after one listen and that never works out well in eurovision. His singing is ok, but he dances a bit weird. Not really my cup of tea.
My Opinion: 4,5
My prediction was: non-qualifier
Turned out to be a: non-qualifier

04. Slovakia: Kristina - Horehronie
I like this song a lot. It has got that typical eurovision-sound and it is catchy. The performance is good with the dancers, but the singing wasn’t that great. Not bad, but not very good either. The song maybe misses something like a climax, but still very nice to listen to!
My opinion: 7,5
My prediction was: Qualifier
Turned out to be a: non-qualifier

05. Finland: Kuunkuiskaajat - Työlki ellää
I heard this song was considered a favourite in this semi final, but I don’t get why. The song is a bit folky, but it’s a bit lame. It doesn’t go anywhere and the so-called happiness of the two singers is a bit too much for me. But I shouldn’t be too negative, I already seen two songs worse than this.
My opinion: 5
My prediction was: Qualifier
Turned out to be a: non-qualifier

06. Latvia: Aisha - What For?
Well… I think only mr. God knows why Aisha took the stage to ‘sing’ a song. And only mr. God knows why the Latvian people choose her to represent them. Only mr. God knows why this woman was chosen to sing this song, because the song itself ain’t that bad. It’s a cliché ballad, but not the worst in it’s genre. But her voice is definitely the worst of the evening. She can’t even sing a note in tune, horrible.
My opinion: 4
My prediction was: last position with no points at all (well maybe some points from neighbour Estonia)
Turned out to be a: non-qualifier

07. Serbia: Milan Stanković - Ovo je Balkan
Serbia was considered one of the favourites in this semi-final and I understand that. This type of Balkan-song is really popular in Eurovision. And to be honest the song isn’t one of my personal favourites, but the melody is contagious and the stage-performance is nice with the dancers and happiness all over the place. Milan sings this song quite good, although I wouldn’t want his hairdresser to touch my hair..
My Opinion: 6,8
My Prediction was: definitely a qualifier
Turned out to be a: Qualifier

08. Bosnia & Herzegovina: Vukašin Brajić - Thunder and Lightning
Vukasin from Bosnia & Herzegovina has one of the best voices of the whole evening. His performance is very good and it looks nice on screen. The song is a poprock-piece and isn’t bad as well. I wouldn’t vote for it, but it is a quite nice one in it’s genre, but Rock isn’t something that works well in eurovision most of the time.
My Opinion: 6,5
My prediction was: Misses the final with a few points, non qualifier.
Turned out to be a: Qualifier

09. Poland: Marcin Mroziński - Legenda
Strange things happening on stage now. This act is a little to chaotic, too many things going on with to many people participating in the centre of the stage. His voice isn’t bad, but the song becomes also a little chaotic, with the backing singers singing parts that are quite loud. It just doesn’t work well on stage, while the idea may be nice.
My opinion: 5
My prediction was: non-qualifier
Turned out to be a: non-qualifier

10. Belgium: Tom Dice - Me and My Guitar
Nice song this year from Belgium. It works really well after the chaos from Poland; a young man with a guitar singing a beautiful song. His voice is good and the performance is very pure. I love it and so does the audience who are already applauding after the first chorus. Well done, Belgium!
My opinion: 8
My prediction was: Definite qualifier (even for Belgium!)
Turned out to be a: Qualifier

11. Malta: Thea Garrett - My Dream
A classical ballad from Malta. Thea has a very good voice and sings her song with passion. I’m not sure though about the wings appearing behind her, it’s a bit dull. It’s something we’ve heard and seen before on eurovision, but it is still quite good.
My Opinion: 7
My prediction was: Qualifier
Turned out to be a: non-qualifier

12. Albania: Juliana Pasha - It's All About You
This powerful, danceable song works really well after some ballads. Juliana is a very good singer and she looks really nice and charming on screen. The song is catchy as hell and the stage-performance is quite good too, although I’m not a big fan of the hyperactive violin player. But overall a very good song this year from Albania.
My opinion: 8
My prediction was: Definite qualifier.
Turned out to be a: Qualifier.

13. Greece: Giorgos Alkaios & Friends - OPA
Greece participates with a typical Greek eurovision-song this year. It’s nice to hear the Greek language again in this contest. Giorgos sings well and the overall performance with the dancers works on screen, although it is a bit of a cliché. Greece is one of the most successful eurovision countries over the last years and this will not change in 2010.
My Opinion: 7
My prediction was: Definite qualifier
Turned out to be a: Qualifier

14. Portugal: Filipa Azevedo - Há dias assim
A beautiful woman takes the stage now. She looks perfect on screen and she sings quite good. Her ballad is very classical and typically eurovision (just like Malta this year). This ballad isn’t a song that immediately gets you, but the juries will love this.
My opinion: 6,8
My prediction was: Qualifier thanks to the juries.
Turned out to be a: Qualifier

15. FYR Macedonia: Gjoko Taneski feat. Billy Zver & Pejcin - Jas Ja Imam Silata
Gjoko sings a rock song this year for FYR Macedonia and he comes across as an experienced singer. He sounds good, but I can’t stop wondering what the hell these dancers were doing on stage. They don’t belong there on stage with an older man singing a rock song. And then suddenly some rapper appears and makes it worse. Rap doesn’t belong in a rock song. Gjoko’s parts are ok, but the overall performance is not good at all.
My opinion: 5
My prediction was: definitely not sailing through to the final.
Turned out to be a: non-qualifier

16. Belarus: 3+2 - Butterflies
Now this is tragic. The song is boring, their voices sound off-tune together and most of the solo’s aren’t any better. Well, this is not as bad as Latvia, but hey, that is a league on it’s own. Still very bad performance from Belarus and no way some spreading butterfly-wings at the start of the chorus will change that.
My opinion: 4,5
My prediction was: Definitely not sailing through to the final.
Turned out to be a: Qualifier (!!!:S)

17. Iceland: Hera Björk - Je ne sais quoi
This sounds very good after Belarus, but not only because that was so bad. Hera sings very good and her song is one catchy dance-number. It is very eurovision, with a slow start building up to an explosive chorus, but there is nothing wrong with that! Very good to end this first night of eurovision with.
My opinion: 8
My prediction was: Definite qualifier
Turned out to be a: qualifier

Now these were my thoughts of all the 17 performances from the first semi-final. I didn’t expect this semi-final to be good after hearing most of the songs, but it wasn’t that bad really. Well, there were some horrific performances (Latvia, Belarus, Estonia), but also some very good things (Belgium, Albania and Iceland). I expected to go through: Moldova, Slovakia, Finland, Serbia, Belgium, Malta, Albania, Greece, Portugal and Iceland. So I scored 7 out of 10. Bosnia & Herzegovina as a finalist was a surprise for me, but they deserved it! Russia must be something I don’t get in some way, but Belarus was just awful. Slovakia’s Kristina deserved their place in the final. To bad she didn’t make it. I also thought Malta deserved a place in the final, but I’m glad Finland didn’t make it ‘cause I didn’t like it at all. So overall, most finalists deserved it, but I will miss Slovakia!

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  • Collar93

    Only mr. God knows why the Latvian people choose her to represent them. + 500 :D :D :D The song was really terrible, especially her facial expressions. P.S. I'm from Latvia, and I hated it :D

    Mag 26 2010, 18:41
  • Baszjuh

    Cool I like your thoughts. Though I do love hyperactive violin players (probably why I liked Moldova & albania in the first place). I do not understand why Serbia is in the final. I do not like it at all. The boy is irritating and the song even more! Was really surprised to see Slovakia not getting through and thought that Malta might have a chance as she sang it well and it was a tradional ballad that I thought would do good with the juries. Iceland definitely was my favourite, though the song itself is quite easy. I was getting nervous when with 9 enveloppes reveiled they were still not mentioned. Crossing my mind was that maybe the juries do not like such a easy euro disco track and therefore it would not have gained enough votes. That is why I think in the future with the juries (who bring a lot of positive things) a song like Iceland or Ukraine's 2008 Shady Lady can never win the contest. But since it is only the 2nd year with the juries, we'll have to see what kind of songs will win in the coming years before we can really say something about that.

    Mag 26 2010, 21:49
  • Wesszz

    mm well i partly agree with your choices, i didn't like Belgium at all, it's too simple, too boring and me and my guitar, well a no no for me :P and then Greece, really loved them every year the past years but this year they definately lost it lol I guess i can understand why both (Belgium and Greece) went on to the final, Belgium sounds like a simple and pure song which always does well on Eurovision and Greece, well let's just say, it's traditional :P about the rest, Moldova, Albania and Iceland where my absolute favourites, they did go through the final. But i miss Slovakia, still don't get why it didn't make it, her performance was way better than many others and her singing too! And well, Latvia, we already talked about that, she can't sing, i agree, but the song, it's good, in studio version. I got a deja vu with Tereza Kerndlova, from a couple of years ago, she killed the song with her performance, the song is good, but she couldn't sing live either! And well Portugal is ok but i think Malta has a better classical ballad, Portugal is in my opinion a disney ballad :P So overall, it was a good show, some singers weren't that good and this was the weakest semi final, the second one is much better and therefor will be harder too choose who will go on!

    Mag 26 2010, 21:51
  • Baszjuh

    Oh yeah and I thought Finland would qualify as they did a lot over the past few years with songs I didn't understand to be good enough for the final (waldo's people?! ;s) Plus I also do not get the Belgium entry. I am really happy for them to reach the final as they need it to give eurovision a positive vibe again in their country. Though I believe we in NL need it more as the Belgians are more into Eurovision than the Dutch. Me & My Guitar is a song which is not my thing, but I dont really understand why people are all voting for it? It is not sung spectacularly well. Same with Portugal, not sung well, not a strong song, but finals. Then I'd say NL should be in the finals as well tomorrow. Not a very strong or refreshing song, but probably sung quite well or at least ok. Those are apparently the ingredients a song should have to easily reach the final. Or am I missing something here?:D

    Mag 26 2010, 21:54
  • michielVmusic

    Thanks for your reactions guys! I think Serbia is through because of the eastern european countries voting for it. It is somewhat more appealing to them I think, because it really got that balkanvibe. Although I liked it to and the boy looks very comfortable and happy on stage, which works well. Portugal going through I believe is because of the judges. I didn't think she sung bad (especially compared to Belarus), but without judges she wouldn't have reached the final I think. I personally prefer Malta based on the song, but that act with the wings wasn't all that great to be honest:P And Belgium is just pure song. Boy and guitar, I think that is why many people like it. And the chorus is quite rememberable and I believed his performance, pure is the right word for it. I'm glad he made it through. And I agree with you on the second semi. That one is just better quality so it will be difficult for 'our' Sieneke:P But I wouldn't say she doesn't stand a chance, you never know. Bookmakers aren't always right, that is what you saw last night. Nobody gave a damn about Portugal, Belarus and Bosnia and guess what, they made it through. I hope favourites like Azerbeidjan, Israel and Croatia will still make it through but I guess that won't be a problem!

    Mag 26 2010, 22:04
  • Happerson

    Nice review! I mostly agree with you, but not on all points :P First of all, you are being very hard on the Latvian girl... Okay, the lyrics were awful (I've asked my uncle Joe, but he can't speak :S) but the song wasn't that bad... I think she deserved to qualify over some other horrible songs! For example Russia and Serbia were awful! I had to laugh about the thing you said with his hairdresser :P I hated Finland too, so I'm happy we will never see those K3-wannabe's anymore ;) My favourites last night were Moldova (bad for them they had to start the Semi-Final, but it turned out to be way better than a lot of the rest :P), Belgium (nice and simple and well.. it's our neighbour Belgium!), Portugal (unexpectedly liked this one! great ballad!) and Iceland (she owned the night :P)! And they are all through to the final so I'm glad with that! :D Tonight the second Semi Final! Let's hope Sieneke makes it, but I still think she doesn't stand a chance (A) Let's hope I'm wrong :P And Israel tonight! Got to go through and hopefully win it in the end! ;) The rest of the songs I will hear tonight for the first time so I'm very curious! I am already waiting for your next review about tonight ;) Nice to read other people's opinions :)

    Mag 27 2010, 8:10
  • DESTIJLtheory

    I agree with most of the statements that you made especially Macedonia's performance. Those dancers and the rapper just weren't necessary. And I so agree with saying that the Belarussian song was tragic. The vocals just didn't work. P.S I would want Milan's hairdresser to touch my hair.

    Mag 31 2010, 4:18
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