The Incredibly Loud Wailer Vow Lure...


Mar 29 2011, 19:06

or, Evil Cuddly Urine Wheelbarrow Toil
or, Your Heavenlier Worldwide Lit Club
or, Bouncily Drive Our Dill Waterwheel
or, Rewire a Wily Untroubled Lovechild
or, The Unruly Brocaded Willowier Veil
or, I Overrun the Lurid Willowy Debacle...

...are all anagrams for Mogwai's latest album Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. And like the album's title, you can rearrange its contents to bracing effect. Plus, while reordering you can throw in the two concurrent B-sides and mix them in together with the album. Here's a fun track order:

1) How to Be a Werewolf
2) Hasenheide
3) Too Raging to Cheers
4) White Noise
5) San Pedro
6) Slight Domestic
7) Death Rays
8) Mexican Grand Prix
9) Letters to the Metro
10) You're Lionel Richie
11) Rano Pano
12) George Square Thatcher Death Party

(can also put RP after MGP since that's a great transition in the original track order)


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