• My eclectic score.

    Giu 24 2007, 17:11

    Take your top 20 artists. For each of these artists, collect the top 5 similar artists. The resulting number of unique artists is your eclectic score. If the score is small (extreme = 5) your musical preferences are very limited, and if it is large (larger than 80, extreme = 100), then you have an eclectic musical preference. You can compute your own score at http://anthony.liekens.net/pub/scripts/last.fm/eclectic.php

    My eclectic score is currently


    The 84 related artists for my profile are 65daysofstatic, A Perfect Circle (3), Agalloch, Anathema (2), Arch Enemy, Arcturus, At the Drive-In, At the Gates, Ayreon, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Blackfield, Brendan Perry, Burzum (2), Caspian, Cień Borsuka (2), Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains, DJ Shadow, Darkthrone (2), Dawid, Deftones (2), Deicide, Deli Creeps, Dream Theater (3), Dødheimsgard, Emperor, Entombed, Eric Johnson, Fates Warning, G3, Hypocrisy, Immortal (2), In the Woods..., John Petrucci, Katatonia, King Crimson, Lamb, Lisa Gerrard, Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke, Maczek (2), Marduk, Marillion, Massive Attack, Mayhem, Meshuggah, Moonspell, Mr. Bungle, Mroczni Bracia Grom (2), Muse, My Dying Bride, Nevermore, Nile, No-Man, Paradise Lost, Pogańskie Żelki, Porcupine Tree, Portishead, Praxis, Pure Reason Revolution, Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine (2), Red Sparowes, Riverside (2), Satyricon, Shadow Gallery, Slayer, Solefald, Spock's Beard (2), Steve Vai, Symphony X, System of a Down, Thanatopsis, The Great Satanic Sex Monster (2), The Mars Volta, Theatre of Tragedy, This Mortal Coil, This Will Destroy You, Tomahawk, Tricky, Ulver, Vader, Ved Buens Ende, Yndi Halda, Yngwie Malmsteen

    Is Nice.