• I Love...

    Nov 29 2007, 16:05

    The Color of the Fire

    This song takes me to another place, a place that I like to be. It evokes a certain emotion from me that is familiar. Other songs have taken me to this place before. But I can't put my finger on it...
  • Everytime I Listen to Dead Can Dance...

    Nov 8 2007, 11:16

    Everytime I listen to Dead Can Dance

    I feel like I am being exorcised of my monotony,
    like I am being transported to another world.

    My world disintegrates and I am somewhere unknown, somewhere beautiful.

    It inspires me.

    It makes me want to experience all that life has to offer.
  • Fodder

    Apr 7 2007, 23:37

    I've realized that a lot of the songs that I have on my iPod are just fodder. They're mediocre or they're just "okay." I don't look forward to listening to them; I don't even remember half of them, but I keep them in my music collection because I don't hate or dislike them. But I think I should change that. My music collection should consist of only songs that I actually like or love. I think that I am keeping a lot of "fodder" songs partially due to the fact that I don't have as much songs that I really love, since I still haven't finished uploading a lot of my songs. Also, some songs I keep just because they're "ambient" or "instrumental" and they help me read, but once I get all of my music collection in there, I'm sure I'll have more instrumental songs that aren't mediocre. When I finish uploading and rating all my songs, and I have a lot of 4's and 5's, I am going to go over my 2's and 3's and start deleting them for good.

    By the way, I don't have any 1's, because for me a 1 means that it is "to be deleted."
  • Listening to Music Throughout the Day

    Mar 4 2007, 3:27

    It's so interesting to look at all of my recently played music at the end of the day. It's funny because I have songs listed for every hour on the hour. I don't stop listening to music! The only time that I see a gap is an hour after I go to sleep up to the time I wake up. (I say an hour after because I even listen to music to fall asleep.) I love tracking all of the songs I listened to and identifying when I listened to them. I look at songs and see what I was listening to getting ready for school, on my way to class, during class, going home from class, while studying, while sleeping, during work, during any event, etc. It's really fun. :)

    Sometimes I can even use this to track time, because I can go to and say find out when I got home or when I left to go somewhere, because I know what I was listening to at that time. :)
  • Uploading New Music

    Feb 25 2007, 19:29

    I'm in the process of adding all my music to my iPod.
    First I uploaded close to 300 songs, all of which I downloaded straight from, but never listened to until recently. The thing is, I listened to all of them and rated them all. Then, since I was new to iTunes, I was messing with my iTunes library, and all my ratings got deleted. (I naively assumed the ratings stayed with the mp3 itself like in Windows Media Player, instead of being saved on the iTunes Library file.)

    Later, I added all of my "music downloads" which I had in my computer already. This was about 1,000 songs. With the chiptunes songs which I had to re-rate, it was almost 1,300.

    I listened and rated all of my songs accordingly. Songs that I didn't like were rated with one star and later deleted. But it was still recorded as being listened to on Now, my "slump" is documented on as well. Listening to all this music, and having to listen to it all over again caused me to have very high ratings with artists. I do like , but it's not really my favorite genre, it's just that I had a disproportionate amount on my iPod.

    Now, that I finally have all of those songs rated, I am in the process of ripping all of my CDs. I had ripped almost all of my CDs already over a year ago, but I later found out that they were all "wma" files and eventually deleted them all. But now I'm ripping them again in mp3 format. So for I've ripped about a dozen CDs or so. When I'm done I should have about 2,000 songs.

    Also, I have another "big source" of music, which is my , which I keep in a seperate file. This also consists of about 1,000 songs, although they are short. I am iffy about this folder because, since a lot of the songs are really short and a lot are from the same artists, it will give me high "scores" for those artists. This has already been documented when I initially downloaded these songs and was listening to them on my computer on Windows Media Player to study. I have 99 plays for Jun Ishikawa, which is my highest rated artist because of this, among other artists.

    But I am going to add all of the music I have eventually; the thing is making sure all of the tags are correct.

    For the in particular, I would have to go through the same process as I did with by rating all of the songs individually and deleting the ones I don't like. This has happened recently because I had a shift from only downloading songs at an individual basis to downloading songs from an entire album (or website, etc.) and listening to all of the tracks, keeping the ones I liked and deleting ones I didn't like. I've grown to like this other form better, because I get a better feel for the artist instead of having hundreds of random songs from different people which I know little about. I just have to change my habits accordingly by taking the time to listen to each track of the album and deciding what to do with it.

    Now after I have all my 3,000 songs or so, and I've rated through all of them, deleted the ones I didn't like, and start listening to them on a normal basis, my "scores" should better reflect what I really like. We'll see if the artists that were here in the beginning are really my "true" favorites. Despite my initial hesitation, I know Jun Ishikawa will stay up there, he is the composer to various soundtracks, a game series which I grew up with and love.

    I really like because now I can see my musical tastes and listening habits manifested in their totality (regardless if it's music for sleeping, reading, exercising, novelty, curiousity, recommendation, nostalgia, or for just plain listening).
  • Sleep Music

    Feb 13 2007, 21:44

    A few days ago I made a new playlist on my iPod called "Delta Waves." It has relaxing songs that help me go to sleep. I connect it to my TV and listen to it while I'm sleeping.
    Then when I connect it to my computer the next day, it gets scrobbled. Now does music that you listen to in your sleep count?
    The only thing is that it might skew my charts with those handful of artists and songs. It only has 42 songs as of right now. Maybe if it had over 100 it would be better. I'm going to look through my music and see if there are any more songs suitable for sleeping.